Artist: ╔lodie

Country: Sweden
Genre: Instrumental/Postrock
Reviews: Overload (mp3)
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Check out Inuit, a new Norrland-based indierock act featuring ex-members from Elodie, Appleforth and more:

The playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Kaizers Orchestra - Ompa til du d°r
02. TALK 1
03. Logh - Thieves in the palace
04. ╔lodie - At the end of the line
05. Beem - Ducker
06. TALK 2
07. Hell On Wheels - Alexander
08. Isolation Years - Albino child
09. Honey Is Cool - Bolero
10. TALK 3
11. Mob - Wait for me
12. Skywriter - For heaven's sake
13. Menfolk - Zero is also a number
14. TALK 4
15. Plain Fade - Datura
16. Division of Laura Lee - Dirty love
17. Det Gamla Landet - Det heliga landet
18. TALK 5
19. Elope - Black eyed citizen
20. Fontńn - You, me & a tree
21. Gehenna - Touched and left for dead
22. TALK 6
23. Mustasch - I hunt alone
24. Cobolt - The Atlantic Ocean takes her back
25. Blinders On - Blinders are on
26. Madrugada - Higher
27. TALK 7
28. Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - I could have sworn I heard them SING
29. Notre Dame - Into the coven
30. TALK 8
31. The Motorhomes - The man

MP3: ╔lodie - Overload

A good follow-up to yesterday's post on Under Byen is today's mp3 from ╔lodie. Both bands are female-fronted and could be considered post-rock by the way they embrace slow-building dynamics. The main difference however is that ╔lodie is more of a pop band. Where Under Byen is unique for their heavy percussion, ╔lodie soothes with lush, gentle melodies. It's a shame that their new EP "At the end of the line" is the last we'll hear from them - the band recently played their final show at Trństockfestivalen in their hometown of Skellefteň. If you've been at all into any of the other dark and dreamy pop I've been raving about this year such as Lampshade or Namur, then this is definitely up your alley. Not only is there a ton of similar music in this vein being released now, a very high percentage of it is remarkably good. There's more on the way too - keep an eye out for posts on new music Sonores and The Grand Opening in the near future, both amazing bands (and also both IAT.MP3 artists releasing their first official full-lengths).
Buy "At the end of the line": [click here]

╔lodie - Overload

Look for new CDs from ╔lodie, Tar... Feathers and Knife and Ape in the webstore now! Also note that all Hello Saferide CDs and back in-stock and ready to ship.

╔lodie's final EP "At the end of line" is out now via Jezebel Recordings/A West Side Fabrication/Music is My Girlfriend. The band's final show was a few weeks ago at Trństockfestivalen in their hometown of Skellefteň and this is their last recording. I'll be getting a few copies for mailorder soon, but here's a sample in the meantime:

New signings for A Westside Fabrication include Mattias Alkberg BD, ╚lodie, Partik Berglund and La Masa. La Masa's debut album "Nu Eller Pl÷tsligt" is due out March 30 and rest are said to have new stuff "coming soon". Also in the works before the end of the year is a new one from Bear Quartet. It's tentatively due out around September, but nothing's 100% confirmed quite yet.