Artist: Amalie Riis

Country: Denmark
Genre: Pop/Rock
Reviews: Safe and sound
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Amalie  Riis - Safe and soundAmalie Riis
Safe and sound
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Safe and sound is right, this record takes no risks. Amalie Riis has a nice voice and I'm sure she's got a great heart, but her emotional resonance is close to nil. In a world filled with aspiring singer/songwriters, it takes much more to stand out from the pack and simply being "nice" is never enough. No amount of talent can make up for lack of creativity, though sometimes that can be overcome by force of personality or sheer energy. Sorry to say, her skills are not being put to good use. Which is not to say this album is entirely lacking highlights, it's just that they shine so dimly. I enjoy the ethereal Emmylou Harris-esque opener "Nothing you can do about it" and the John Prine homage "My heaven" is also decent (even if it is actually a Laurie McClain song), but the rest passes by without leaving much of a wake. Perfectly pleasant, though also perfectly forgettable. Say no to mediocrity.
- Avi Roig