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Romantiken, documented

A bit of Tomas Andersson Wij behind the scenes, working his new album "Romantiken" with producer Andreas Mattsson and others (engineer Pelle Gunnerfeldt plus Johan Berthling who I presume is arranging strings). As mentioned before, the new record (and lyric book) comes out January 25 via .

David Myhr - Looking for a life (video)

A new single from ex-Merrymaker David Myhr featuring lyrics by Andreas Mattsson. Hook up a free download by liking him on Facebook:

This week's chart

Here is the It's a Trap! listening group top 10 artists of the week unique to our group:

01. Andreas Mattsson
02. Håkan Hellström
03. Kent
04. Syket
05. Säkert!
06. The Radio Dept.
07. The Bear Quartet
08. Bright Eyes
09. Veronica Maggio
10. Lykke Li

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Firefox AK confirms new album, single

Firefox AK has announced that her new album "Colour the trees", produced by Andreas Mattsson, Lasse Mårtén and Björn Yttling, will be released in April via . The first single "Boom, boom, boom" comes out February 4.

Andreas Mattsson to release new album in February

will release the new Andreas Mattsson solo album "Kick Death's ass" on February 18. Look for the first single "AA" to be released on January 14.

The new Olle Ljungström tribute comp "Andra sjunger Olle Ljungström" is streaming at myspace:
As mentioned before, artists featured include Joakim Berg (Kent), Thomas Di Leva, Andreas Mattsson, Tomas Andersson Wij, Ane Brun and more.

Skivkoll has the tracklist for the new Olle Ljungström tribute comp "Andre sjunger Olle Ljungström", due out September 24:
A few of the artists participating are Joakim Berg (Kent), Thomas Di Leva, Andreas Mattsson, Tomas Andersson Wij plus a duet with Ane Brun and Emil Jensen.

The new Andreas Mattsson-produced Hello Saferide album (title tba) is currently being mixed by Pelle Gunnerfeldt.

Bonnier Amigo Music has signed Anna Maria Espinosa (Moder Jords Massiva, Club Killers) and will be sending her into the studio with producer Jari Haapalainen (The Bear Quartet, Laakso, etc.) to record her debut album. As for the actual songs she'll be doing, she's lined up an illustrious cast including Ellekari Larsson (The Tiny), The Concretes, The Plan, Mattias Hellberg, Andreas Mattsson, Moder Jords Massiva, Nicolai Dunger and of course, the aforementioned Jari Haapalainen. Expect a fall release.

Montt Mardié - Clocks/PretenderMontt Mardié


One always hopes that the sophomore album is an improvement, a realisation, and when it is just that, the results can be glorious. Such is the case with the second proper full-length effort from Montt Mardié (and it's a double-disc nonetheless). With the two CDs clocking in at a hour combined, there is no filler attached, yet one can choose just thirty minutes of listening enjoyment at once should they desire. The first disc, "Clocks", is where David Pagmar's vision of everything swinging is pulled off properly, with the instrumentation and vocals working so well. Take note of the pitch-perfect harmonies on "Birthday Boy (drama)", the sad spoken word of "Set sail tomorrow (strings)", and the stellar minimal instrumentation of "Travellers". Disc two, conversely, is comprised of collaborations, and harkens more to the 80s in its sound. Montt Mardié not only delivers ballads ("Surprised" with Andreas Mattsson and "Pretenders" with Hello Saferide), dance numbers ("Metropolis" with Fredrik Hellström of Le Sport and "My girlfriend is in the Grand Prix finals" with Mr. Suitcase) and even one in his native Swedish with the always-stellar Vapnet ("När ni gett dom våld ska vi ge er kärlek"). "Clocks/Pretender" is the sound of a matured Montt Mardié, and this album floored me with how much every single thing has been improved. Lastly, I'd recommend picking up a physical copy of this, as the packaging amazing.
- Matt Giordano

The tracklist for Montt Mardié's forthcoming double album "Clocks/Pretender":

01. In which we meet the clocks and a song is reveled (Too many songs unwritten)
02. Set sail tomorrow
03. Birthday boy (drama)
04. I will write a book
05. Let's get away from it all
06. 1969
07. Travelers
08. The windmill turns all the same
09. How I won the war
10. In which a sailor returns and we say good-bye for now (Set sail tomorrow)

01. Surprised (with Andreas Mattsson)
02. Metropolis (with Fredrik Hellström of Le Sport)
03. Once I was so in love that I followed (with Bobby Baby)
04. Castle in the sky (with Jens Lekman)
05. Hurry home (with The Legends)
06. Daughters (with Peder Stenberg of Deportees)
07. Hacienda (with Christian Zellinger)
08. När vi gett dom våld ska vi ge er kärlek (with Vapnet)
09. Grand Prix finals (with Mr Suitcase)
10. Pretenders (with Hello Saferide)

As mentioned before, it comes out April 18 via Hybris. Buy the first single "The windmill turns all the same" and download a free track here:

The winners of this year's Manifest Awards, Sweden's alternative to the Grammis:

Hip-hop/R&B/soul: Ison & fille
Pop/rock: The Radio Dept.
Hard-rock/punk: Asta Kask
Folk/worldmusic: Ranarim
Singer/songwriter: Andreas Mattsson
Dance/house/techno: The Knife
Best newcomer: Lo-Fi-Fnk - Boylife
Digfipriset (best unsigned artist): The Wonderful Guinea Pigs
Postrock/electronica: Ebb
Jazz: Lennart Åberg with Peter Erskine - "Free Spirit"
Best live artist: The Knife

Read more:

The nominees for the 2007 Manifest Awards, Sweden's alternative to the Grammy:

Up Hygh! - Venus - The Album (Raw Fusion/Border)
Ison & Fille - Stolthet (Hemmalaget/V2/BAM)
Supersci - Pinetrees On The Pavement (Flyphonic/Lights Out/Border)
Lazee - It Is What It Is (Skrilla Music)
Promoe - The White Mans Burden (Burning Heart/BAM)
Covenant - Skyshaper (Subspace Communications/Playground Music)
Ebb - Loona (Gaymonkey Records/Border)
FAP - Malekasino Dondolo (Stupid Dream Records/Musicspot)
System - Sample And Hold (Progress Productions/Border)
The Idealist - I Am The Fire (AA/Nosordo/
The Radio Dept. - Pet grief (Labrador/Border)
Nicolas Makelberge - Dying in Africa (*Rico/Border)
Fibes, Oh Fibes! - Emotional (Pluxemburg/Playground Music)
The Concretes - In Colour (Licking Fingers/Playground Music)
Ebba Forsberg - Ebba Forsberg (EBOTH Production/BAM)
My Engström Renman - Abdominous (Footprint Records/CDA)
Jonas Kullhammar Quartet - Son of a Drummer (Moserobie/BAM)
Oddjob – Luma (Amigo/BAM)
Oskar Schönning - Happy Jazz, Please (Amigo/BAM)
Lennart Åberg with Peter Erskine - Free Spirit (Amigo/BAM)
Andreas Mattsson - The Lawlessness Of The Ruling Classes (Hybris/Playground Music)
Britta Persson - Top Quality Bones And A Little Terrorist (Amigo/BAM)
The Lancaster Orchestra - Never Cried Once When I Could Have (
Loney, Dear - Sologne (Dear John Recordings/
Nina Ramsby & Martin Hederos - Jazzen (Amigo/BAM)
The Knife - Silent Shout (Rabid Records/Border)
Unai - A Love Moderne (Force Tracks/Intergroove)
Dibaba - samlad produktion 2006 (Plong!/Kompakt mfl)
Pluxus - Solid State (Pluxemburg/Playground Music)
The Studio - West Coast (Information/Border)
In Flames - Come Clarity (Nuclear Blast/Sound Pollution)
Fingerspitzengefühl - Happy Doomsday (Kooljunk Communications/CDA)
Asta Kask - En För Alla Ingen För Nån (Burning Heart/BAM)
Wolverine - Still (Candlelight Records/Sound Pollution)
Memfis - The Wind-Up (Dental Records/TMC Nordic)
Bosse Skoglund – Groovesopor (Rub-a-dub Records/Border)
Göran Månsson - Mon (Nordic Tunes/CDA)
Bebo Valdés – Bebo (Calle 54/BMG Dist)
Lena Willemark - Älvdalens elektriska (Amigo/BAM)
Ranarim - Morgonstjärna (Drone/CDA)
Best live act:
The Radio Dept.
The Knife
The Je Ne Sais Quoi
Best newcomer:
Vapnet - Jag Vet Hur Man Väntar (Hybris/Playground)
Britta Persson - Top Quality Bones And A Little Terrorist (Amigo/BAM)
The Kid - La Société Nouvelle (Hybris/Playground)
Loney, Dear - Sologne (Dear John Recordings/
Lo-Fi-Fnk - Boylife (La Vida Locash/
Best unsigned act (Digfi Prize):
The Wonderful Guinea Pigs (Linköping)
Denver Mod (Jönköping)
The Open Up And Bleeds (Stockholm)
Trucker Cleavage (Stockholm)
Ikons (Göteborg)

Fläskkvartetten will release their new album "Voices of Eden" on January 31. As always, the record will feature a host of high-profile guest vocalists including Andreas Mattsson, Anna Ternheim, Titiyo, Johan Renck (Stakka Bo), Theodor Jensen (The Plan) and, on the new single "This one's for you", Robyn. That song comes out January 10.

Hybris has the new Andreas Mattsson single "So old it's new" available for free download: