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Also in the works from Häpna is the third and final installment of Nicolai Dunger's A Taste of Ra trilogy "Morning of my life". That one comes out September 19. That's not all either, there will be also be new releases from Anna Järvinen and Tenniscoats (JPN) in October.

Swedish singer/songwriter Richard Wilson aka Racingpaperplanes has started to write songs in his native Swedish for the very first time and has posted his very first "låt på svenska" online:
The first song (a-side?) is called "Alltid på väg" and features ex-Granada vocalist Anna Järvinen. The second returns the favor and is a cover of Anna's song "Kom hem". Look for more new songs to be posted every month.

Swedish indie act Pinto has posted a new version of their song "Iron and rust" on myspace, this one featuring guest vocals from ex-Granada vocalist Anna Järvinen:

Anna Järvinen has a new track posted on myspace:

Ex-Granada frontwoman Anna Järvinen is now on myspace with some new solo demos: