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Biker Boy - Where do you go to?

There's a new single + video from Biker Boy and it's a cover of "Where do you go to?" by Peter Sarstedt and Hybris has it available for free download:

Hybris has the new Biker Boy single for November posted as a limited free download:

Hybris has the new Biker Boy single posted for (limited) free download:

Biker Boy's new single for July is out now:

Hybris has now posted Biker Boy's new June single for (limited) free download:

Discobelle has new music from Sophie Rimheden's new sideproject Alela & DJ Fi:
Also at Discobelle, the Licky remix of Biker Boy's May single:

Here's this week's radio show playlist:

01. Desert Planet - Riot sector 68
02. TALK 1
03. Grande - We did it all
04. Sara Berg - Crawl back from under
05. Dialog Cet - Buckfighter
06. TALK 2
07. Doktor Kosmos - Doktor Kosmos släpper en skiva
08. Halph - Weight
09. Bright Oak - The undertow
10. TALK 3
11. Juvelen - They don't love you
12. Frivolvol - Take it from the beginning
13. Little Jimmy Reeves - Sidetracked
14. TALK 4
15. Keith Canisius - Omorose
16. The Kid - Mayhem troopers
17. Lognhalsmottagningen - Bodybuilder
18. Markus Krunegård - Rocken spelar ingen roll längre
19. TALK 5
20. Firefox AK - Techno tears
21. Biker Boy - April song (Mr Bananas remix)
22. Thomas Denver Jonsson - Saved by the bell
23. TALK 6
24. Nina Kinert - Pets & friends
25. Familjen - Hög luft
26. Brainbombs - Down in the gutter
27. TALK 7
28. Anders Persson och Carl Smith - Morgonsol i April
29. Abduktio - Uutisia rintamalta
30. Nordvargr - Rektal B
31. Karin Holmberg + hab - Who we are
32. TALK 8
33. Lapko - Killer whales
34. Madrugada - Lift me
35. Kristofer Åström & Hidden Truck - What I came here for
36. TALK 9
37. Sambassadeur - Subtle changes
38. Dreamboy - What have I done
39. The Tough Alliance - Lucky
40. TALK 10
41. Logh - Saturday nightmares

Biker Boy's new April single is now online:

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Figurines - The wonder
02. TALK 1
03. CS Nielsen - Happy
04. Superfamily - Teens of the 70s
05. Winter Took His Life - Oh
06. TALK 2
07. Frivolvol - Out come the knives
08. Bogus Blimp - Untitled jazz no. 1
09. Firefox AK - Pushing
10. TALK 3
11. Disfear - Get it off
12. Biker Boy - March song (Kalle J remix)
13. Eskju Divine - Darkness all around
14. TALK 4
15. Dogday - New romance
16. Mew - Am I wry? No
17. Det Är Jag Som Är Döden - Hello!
18. TALK 5
19. Familjen - Huvudet i sanden
20. Darkthrone - Skald av Satans sol
21. Caesars Palace - (I'm gonna) Kick you out
22. TALK 6
23. Lack - Behead
24. Bertine Zetlitz - Fake your beauty
25. Hebosagil - Old prophet
26. TIAC - OTW
27. TALK 7
28. Marybell Katastrophy - Hip
29. Strip Music - Never die
30. The Social Services - Electric brae
31. TALK 8
32. At the Gates - All life ends (live)
33. Fireside - Jupiter
34. Ulver - Funebre
35. Paper - They're gonna keep me
36. TALK 9
37. Convoj - Cultural legacy
38. Maia Hirasawa - Still June
39. Silverbullit - Run
40. TALK 10
41. Massgrav - Vuxenliv

The new Biker Boy single for March is now online and available for download:

Biker Boy's new single for February is up on myspace:
As mentioned before, Biker Boy will be releasing a new single every month of the year for all of 2008.

Hybris electro act Biker Boy will be releasing a new single each month for 2008, the first of which is posted for streaming on myspace along with its b-side remix:
Check out his website for more:

More industry woes from Hybris, including news of the demise of Nimson and Musicbrigade:
Also, read to the end for info on new releases on the way from Biker Boy, TIAC, The Kid, Vapnet and Juvelen.

Biker Boy - You got me wrongBiker Boy
You got me wrong

Ah yes, the Biker Boy EP. Peter Lundbergh devliers to his public four stellar tracks of electronic pop music. Akin to the Pet Shop Boys and The Smiths, Lundbergh's music possesses lighthearted playful melodies and danceable instrumentation with the vocal delivery combination of a Morrissey croon and the spoken aspect of Nick Cave, albeit in a slightly more pained aspect. While the four remixes of "You got me wrong" may seem a bit much, especially listened to in succession, each on their own is a standout track and a great bonus to those who purchase the disc.
- Matt Giordano

Biker Boy - You got me wrongBiker Boy
You got me wrong

I know I've said before, and I'll say it again. What so many Swedish electronic-based acts are gifted at is evoking a warmth that is normally absent from the icy cold genre. This is proven on Biker Boy's new EP, on which the title tracks bubbles along a jaunty pace with the narrator expressing his concern for his lover getting the wrong end of the stick. It is heavily influenced by the Pet Shop Boys, but it's not exactly Che Guevara set to a disco beat, and is more reminiscent of the British duo's more frothy moments. Not a bad thing at all. "Are you going to be the one?" adds as selection of synthesized strings to Biker Boy's palette and cumulatively is the most ballad-like track on this collection. "I was only joking" is a perfect song for the end of the summer. It's both euphoric and moody at the same time. The EP also features an excellent remix package courtesy of Le Sport, Vapnet, Bremen and Kalle J. Pick of the bunch is the Bremen remix which features beats and synths reminiscent of Audio Bullys.
- Nick Levine