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Rabbit Ilsn goes from OOP to MP3

Finnish label have posted a number of recently sold-out releases from acts such as Candy Cane, The Breed and 1234567890 for free download:

Candy Cane/Oranssi Pazuzu split coming in fall

Finnish pseudo-black metal acts Candy Cane and Oranssi Pazuzu will be putting out a split CD this fall via /.

Verdura to release new discs from Heroin and Your Veins, Candy Cane, Mother Goose

New releases on the way from Finnish label Verdura, including a few (edited) descriptions from the label:

April: Heroin and Your Veins - Nausea CD (melancholic instrumental music, RIYL Magyar Posse and Bohren)
April: Candy Cane - Jaula CD (majestic avant garde metal)
April/May: Mother Goose - Anna Lumena CD

Check out the various mouseover band links for samples.

Verilöyly/Candy Cane/Navigations/Cahier split review

Musique Machine on the 4-way split disc of Finnish underground acts Verilöyly/Candy Cane/Navigations/Cahier:

Finnish indie/experimental label Rabbit Ilsn (Candy Cane, Cahier, Frivolvol, etc.) has started a blog:

Finnish label Verdura will be putting out new albums from noiserockers Candy Cane, Mother Goose (with a newly revamped lineup) and Hetero Skeleton in the near future. No dates yet on any of them, but I'll keep you posted.

Musique Machine on the new release from Finnish act Candy Cane:
Also covered: Mattias Petersson's album "Floodlight" on iDEAL Recordings:

Finnish indierockers The Romes have posted a new EP for free download:
The band consists of members from Frivolvol, Candy Cane, The Odorants and The Prisondream.