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Cherry Overdrive - Shut 'em up (video)

"Shut 'em up" is the latest single from Danish garage-rockers Cherry Overdrive. Direct link:

Cherry Overdrive - Go prime time, honey!Cherry Overdrive
Go prime time, honey!
Heptown Records


It's an up-and-downer, this second full-length from the Kj°benhavn girls. You know, one of those albums where some tracks are great and some are just... pfft! That said, when this shines, it really does shine! Tracks such as "Lay me down" and "Leave my town" are wonderful, retro-fueled classics that are exemplary in their execution and, indeed, many of the 12 tracks on here can boast the same. Where the album falters a little is more in certain aspects of the vocals, which sometimes sound a bit out of place and not delivered in the same spirit as the tune in which they reside. It's a minor flaw that's only evident on parts of a few tracks, but it's there nonetheless. Add to that the inclusion of a few songs that seem like filler, and the standard reached by Cherry Overdrive on their debut fails to be bettered this time around. Still, it's solid enough for the most part, and the girls could well be on their way to bigger and better with future releases.
- John Norby