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Genre: Punk/Hardcore
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Painted Wolves - Poisoned words

Painted Wolves = new Swedish hardcore featuring members from Anchor, Death is Not Glamorous, Dead Vows and The Smackdown. This is a tune from the band's upcoming 7" coming out later this spring. Dig the music, especially the rhythm section, but not the vocals.

The true Blessings

Coming very soon, new music from Blessings -- an excellent new-ish hardcore/doom project featuring members from Dead Vows/Scraps of Tape/Chester Copperpot/more:

New Tsukimono material now online, lots more to come

Tsukimono, aka Johan Gustavsson (Scraps of Tape, Thee Gutted String, etc.), has posted tracks from his latest release "Heart attack money" up on myspace:
Said album is out now via Kalligrammofon. In other related news, Johan tells me that he's working on a split with Dwayne Sodahberk that's just about done and will be released via Stuporsonika later this year. Naturally, I'll give you a heads-up when it's ready. But that's not all! Restless soul that he is, Johan is also working on a new project together with Jasper TX as well as the dark drone act Crowned With Horns, featuring members from Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words and Dead Vows. Definitely looking forward to hearing both of those...

Aversionline on Gbg-based hardcore act Dead Vows:

MP3: Dead Vows - Off my chest

If you're into Integrity-style hardcore, you'll dig Dead Vows. Simple as that. It's heavy and metallic without ever really being metal and it's got chock-loads of chunky power-chord riffs to keep the floor moving. Plenty of evil, anti-xian lyrics too, not to mention the goathead man with batwings on the cover. I know a lot of people who'll be all over this.

On the other hand, I've never been an Integrity fan and while I appreciate what they did, I expected something more, something different from a band with members from Repoman and Seven Feet Four. They're going for the straight-ahead hardcore bruiser thing and I've gotta say, it's simply not my bag. The super clean and sterile recording doesn't help either. In fact, I'd bet they'd benefit from a filthier, Mötorhead-style approach. A few songs, sure, I'm all about it. I'd be stoked to see them live, too. But listening to a full album? I'm not interested. Discordant bits like on the chorus of "Off my chest" only serve to remind me how much I'd rather be listening to Repoman.

Dead Vows - Off my chest

MP3: The Eight Arms Around You - Guilt ridden

The Göteborg spotlight series continues! This week's guest: Mattias Carlsson, ex-drummer for The Smackdown and current member of Dead Vows, The VIII Arms Around You and Anchor.

How long have you lived in Gbg? What brought you there and what keeps you around?

I've been living in or close to Gothenburg all my life. It's a beautiful city. Small enough to make me feel like a human and big enough to not bore me out.

What's the current punk/hardcore scene like in Gbg? Is there much interaction with other indie music scenes or is it more insular? Is DIY culture alive and well? What about sXe, veg*nism and other related issues?

Yes, I definitely think Gbg is a city where people live their projects and make things happen. It's very inspiring. Unfortunately there's a lot of division though. The edge-kids support their thing, the indie-kids know where to go and the crusties go to their shows. It's a bit depressing when all of these kids are doing cool stuff, but don't get the attention or credit they deserve for their efforts. But that's what it's like everywhere, more or less.

There's there's a good amount of vegan and straight edge-kids around at the moment which makes me very happy and generally a lot people engaging in important stuff. Gbg is traditionally a working class city and politics have always had an important role in alternative music.

How does the legacy of Gbg's musical history affect you, if at all? Do you ever stop to consider the kids coming up in the scene now who may take your place in the future?

I don't really know. Even though Gothenburg has got a massive history of alternative music the only band I feel like I have some sort of relation to at the moment is At the Gates or Skitsystem. My sister and brother played a lot of Gbg punk-bands to me when I was a kid and all of them have meant very much to me, but I could probably not name many of them at the moment.

Since I hear you do a lot of booking, who are the bands to watch these days?

In my eyes there's quite a few new bands around that are awesome. Maybe not specifically from Gbg but in Sweden in general.The Cutting Edge are incredible, Scraps of Tape have always been unique and amazing. Repoman are awesome and Another Year too. Loads of things to be discovered!

Got a track you'd like to share? Either from one of your own bands or one you admire?

My projects can be found at, and Dead Vows are recording a full-length at this very moment. Should be out around August in time for our European tour! A band I admire, that'd have to be Scraps of Tape. Check out. Amazing band!

However, seeing as how Mattias didn't bother actually sending a track, I'm forced to go with something from one of his bands whether he likes it or not. Here's "Guilt ridden" from The VII Arms Around You.

The Eight Arms Around You - Guilt ridden

Gbg-based all-star hardcore act The Eight Arms Around You (feat. members from The Smackdown, Dead Vows, Anchor, Tsukimono, more.) have posted a couple new recordings on myspace:
The band is actively seeking a label, so all interested parties are encouraged to get in touch!

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