Bransjevelter 7 sampler

The first taste of the upcoming "Bransjevelter 7" comp, coming out July 7 via . Note the new Tremoro Tarantura track which features Andreas Larssen from Deathcrush on drums and Zweizz on bass. Recommended!

Reptile Youth - Speeddance (remake by Deathcrush)

Denmark vs Norway; hear the original version, Deathcrush's full-length cover and a b-side remix here:

Deathcrush - Lesson #1 (for Snoop Dogg) (live video)

Deathcrush perform a capella for InMyKitchen.

InMyKitchen interviews Deathcrush

InMyKitchen interviews Norwegian noiserock upstarts Deathcrush:
And as they say, don't forget the band is playing Debaser Malmö on November 5 for It's a Trap! Clubnights!

It's a Trap! Clubnights update

It's a Trap! Clubnight update! First, We are the Storm's gig on September 24 has been cancelled, but don't worry -- bigger, better things will be happening for the band to come. Details shortly! Secondly, Like Rats From A Sinking Ship have been forced to cancel our October show, but again, there's no need to worry! Excellent Swedish noiserockers Tennis Bafra will be taking their place! Third, we'll be hosting Deathcrush from Norway in November along with Danish duo Fossils as support! Awesome! Be there!

Sheep Chase to release Deathcrush split, more

will be putting out a split 7" featuring Deathcrush and American act The Paranoid Critical Revolution this spring with another 7" from the excellent Dark Times to follow soon thereafter.

Ja Ja Ja February: Kellermensch, Årabrot, Deathcrush

London-based Scandinavian music showcase Ja Ja Ja has announced that their next gig on February 24 will include the actually quite promisingly solid lineup of Kellermensch, Årabrot and Deathcrush as curated by The Quietus and The Stool Pigeon. Read more: