Artist: Dikta

Country: Iceland
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Thank you (mp3)
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Festival report: SPOT Festival 2011

Festival report: SPOT Festival 2011

MP3: Dikta - Thank you

The 4th volume of Iceland Music Export's "Made in Iceland" compilation series is out and, as always, it features a wide selection of artists including a few you may know (FM Belfast, Sin Fang, Ólöf Arnalds, Rökkurró, etc.) plus at least a couple you may not. All have released albums recently and are touring at home and abroad and, who knows? Maybe even a few will surprise you by not conforming to your usual expectations of Icelandic music -- I can tell you that this Dikta track certainly defies my prejudices. No ambient soundscapes, no other-worldly vocal swoops, no precious tweeness -- just straight-up solid, friendly pop/rock. Nothing wrong with that at all.
For more info, check out the comp's official microsite where they have the whole thing available for streaming:

Dikta - Thank you

Festival report: THE EVIL OF SÓDÓMA – Adventures in Icelandic Rock Over Iceland Airwaves

Dikta - Let go

Icelandic act Dikta is streaming their new single "Let go" at myspace:
Kinda reminds me of Lapko.

The lineup for the Iceland Airwaves festival in October has been announced:
Scandinavian artists include The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Annie and José González along with local Icelandic acts Nine Elevens, Ampop, Apparat Organ Quartet, Bang Gang, Brain Police, Deep Jimi, Dr. Discoshrimp, Dikta, Eberg, Forgotten Lores, Gus Gus, Hairdoctor, Hjálmar, Jagúar, Jan Mayen, Leaves, Kimono, Mínus, Rass, Sign, Ske, Vinyl and Without Gravity.