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UmeŚ-based punkrockers Disconvenience have broken up. Look for members to start new bands soon.

UmeŚ-based 70s punk rivivalists Disconvenience will spend most of April touring Europe and dates are posted here:

Download the new video for "UmeŚ punk city" from Disconvenience:

Norrland punk-rockers Disconvenience report that their new full-length album "UmeŚ punk city" is finished and confirmed for release on LP in July via Cage Match Federation/Wasted Sounds. CD format will be out later on and Malaysian label Cactus Records will be putting it out on cassette with tracks from the "War on wankers" 7" included as a bonus. The sound is described as early 80s British punk meets the speed and urgency of early American hardcore. Listen to some samples:

01. Mental meltdown
02. I'm a pervert

War on wankers 7"
Wasted Sounds

Female-fronted punk-rock from Northern Sweden with above-average vocal melodies and harmonies. The lyrical content relies almost completely on naive punk clichťs which is a bit disappointing, but while the subject matter is a bit tired, it's not handled so terribly. I know I've heard far, far worse, so if you don't think too hard about it, it won't bother you. Not bad for a debut release, but they'll need to step it up to keep people's attention.
- Avi Roig

Wasted Sounds is releasing the debut 7" from The Vicious, the new band from Sara of t(I)NC/Doughnuts along with members from Tristess, Regulations, DS13, Cult of Luna and Dead Ones. The band is set to release their debut full-length through Burning Heart later this year, but here's where you can hear 'em first. Check out a sample track:
For ordering info and more new Norrland punk releases such as Auktion, Reign of Bombs and Disconvenience, go here: