Artist: Drivan

Country: Norway
Genre: Electronic/Synth/Dance
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Pitchfork reviews Drivan

Pitchfork reviews the new album from Drivan, Kim Hiorth°y's full-band project:

Drivan details, plus a sample tune

XLR8R has posted a sample and some more details about Kim Hiorth°y's new project Drivan:
Definitely sounds way more pop-oriented than any of Hiorth°y's previous work that I've heard. I'm optimistic.

Drivan, featuring Kim Hiorth°y

Norwegian artist Kim Hiorth°y has a new band called Drivan that just finished recording an album for release on Smalltown Supersound. The group got together when Kim was asked to create music for a dance performance put on by Swedes Lisa Ístberg, Louise Peterhoff and Kristiina Viiala and Kim enjoyed their vocalization so much, they decided to continue the collaboration. All of the lyrics are in Swedish and the music is described as "folky hip-hop loops meet Marine Girls." No official release date yet, but I'll keep you posted.