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Albin - En timme kvar

Now available for streaming/paid download via Bandcamp, the new Albin album "En timme kvar", out now via . As mentioned before, this is the solo debut from multi-instrumentalist Albin Johansson, best known for backing a number of artists such as Solander, Big Fox and Edda Magnason. If the idea of mellow organ jams sounds like a good time, you'll be way into this.

Psychic Malmö to release EP from Albin Johansson

will be releasing the debut solo EP "En timme kvar" from Albin aka Albin Johansson, a multi-instrumentalist who has backed a multitude of artists such as Solander, Big Fox and Edda Magnason in addition to performing with his own band Madmans Moustache. Said record will be purely instrumental, minimalist and organ-based, with elements of Swedish progg, Krautrock and jazz. No release date yet, just "soon".

Edda Magnason - Jona (video + more)

"Jona" is the new Familjen-produced single from Edda Magnason. To round out the release, label asked fellow Malmö resident Vidderna to do a remix and the result can be seen/heard at PSL right now. Then they had Niva remix the remix without having ever heard the original. And then Justus Köhncke contributed by remixing the remix of the remix. There's also some sort of demo version/remix/mashup from Simian Ghost too, but it all starts to get quite confusing. Anyhow, expect them all to be online shortly?

Starring Edda Magnason as Monica Zetterlund

Up-and-coming artist Edda Magnason has been selected to play the title role in an upcoming Monica Zetterlund biopic to be directed by Per Fly and written by Peter Birro. Read more at DN: (in Swedish)
Shooting begins in 2012.

The Arts Desk on new Scandinavian music

UK site The Arts Desk has posted a roundup of new Scandinavian releases including Tiger Baby, Splashgirl, Sacred Harp, Siinai, Jens Lekman and Edda Magnason:

Edda Magnason - Blondie (video)

This is Edda Magnason's new video for the song "Blondie", the 2nd single off her album "Goods". Directed by her drummer Jens Jansson who also happens to play with Brainpool and Roxette.

Edda Magnason - Magpie's nest (video)

"In-between singles and in-between shows Edda sits at home restless. Welcome to Edda's home, she lives in a round and small place." The song "Magpie's nest" comes off of Edda Magnason's debut album "Goods", out now via .

Edda Magnason - Beatle

A brand new track from Edda Magnason courtesy of , just posted for streaming/free download.

New Edda Magnason gets release date, single posted for download

has confirmed that the new album "Goods" from Swedish singer/pianist Edda Magnason will be released on March 30. Download the lead single "Handsome" here:
Look for a video for the track to appear soon.

Edda Magnason - Have a heart

has posted a new track from Edda Magnason for free download:
Look for her debut album "Goods" to be released soon.

Adrian signs Edda Magnason

has announced the signing of Edda Magnason, an artist whose self-titled debut album was released in January via jazz label . She will be recording a new album with producer Christoffer Lundqvist at AGM Studio in November. Read more here:

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