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Emil Jensen wins Hoola Bandoola award

Poet/musician Emil Jensen is the recipient of this year's Hoola Bandoola Bands pris, honoring the memory of renown Swedish artist Björn Afzelius.

New Emil Jensen single in February

Emil Jensen will be releasing "Allt jag gillar upphör" as a single this coming February along with some undisclosed bonus material.

Download the latest Emil Jensen single "Hör dåligt fattar trögt":
Buy his new self-titled album right here: [click here]

This week's top 20 Swedish album chart:

01. Eva Eastwood - Well well well
02. Bullet - Bite the bullet
03. Sophie Zelmani - The ocean and me
04. Drifters - Tycker om dig - Svängiga låtar från förr
05. Jeremias Session Band - Trastland
06. E.S.T. - Leucocyte
07. Takida - Bury the lies
08. Flamingokvintetten - Bästa!
09. Roland Cedermark - Pärleporten
10. Smurfarna - Smurfparty
11. The Fantastic Four - The Fantastic Four
12. Lasse Stefanz - Rallarsväng
13. Veronica Maggio - Och vinnaren är...
14. Ammotrack - Ammotrack
15. Detektivbyrån - Wermland
16. Backyard Babies - Backyard Babies
17. Miss Li - Best of 061122-071122
18. Amanda Jenssen - Killing my darlings
19. The Refreshments - Jukebox - Refreshing classics
20. Emil Jensen - Emil Jensen

New in stock from Adrian Recordings:

Boeoes Kaelstigen - Communting colour (12" EP)
Emil Jensen - s/t (CD)
Familjen - Huvudet i sanden (CDEP)

It should go without saying, but yes, this is all killer stuff well worth your hard-earned cash.

Download a new track from Swedish singer/songwriter/poet Emil Jensen:
His new self-titled album comes out September 3 via Adrian Recordings.

Skivkoll has the tracklist for the new Olle Ljungström tribute comp "Andre sjunger Olle Ljungström", due out September 24:
A few of the artists participating are Joakim Berg (Kent), Thomas Di Leva, Andreas Mattsson, Tomas Andersson Wij plus a duet with Ane Brun and Emil Jensen.

Emil Jensen's new self-titled album, his third full-length overall, will be released on September 3 via Adrian Recordings. It will also be available for sale in advance at all live shows this summer and can be preordered for delivery 10 days in advance of the street date..

Adrian Recordings is offering the new Emil Jensen single "Så får du mig ändå " as a free download:

Check out a live video clip preview of the new Emil Jensen single "Så får du mig ändå":
The studio version of said track was produced by Lars Halapi (Bo Kaspers Orkester, Sophie Zelmani) and will be released on June 11 via Adrian Recordings to be followed by a new full-length this fall.

Adrian Recordings has announced the signing of Cato, a mysterious artist they say "is the mastermind behind artists like Familjen, eMiL Jensen and David & the Citizens and one of the most talented persons we have ever met." But instead of any sort of regular physical release, much less a myspace page, Adrian will only be posting his music for streaming at their website, a new track every Wednesday for the next full year. Read more:

Top 10s for 2007: Magnus Bjerkert (Adrian Recordings)

Adrian Recordings artist Emil Jensen will make his debut as a film star when the new Jan Troell film "Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick" premieres at Cannes in 2008.

The tracklist from this week's radio show featuring special guest Magnus Bjerkert of Adrian Recordings:

01. TALK 1
02. Familjen - Huvudet i sanden
03. Andreas Tilliander - Untitled
04. TALK 2
05. Printer - Minds Out
06. Boeoes Kaelstigen - Flir
07. TALK 3
08. Björns vänner - Isoleringskvall
09. The Fine Arts Showcase - Chemical girl (Familjen remix)
10. Laakso - Truck Driver
11. TALK 4
12. Breach - Diablo
13. Kent - Ingenting någonsin
14. Stina Nordenstam - Crime
15. Stardog - Lack of time
16. TALK 5
17. Bob Hund - Förträngda problem
18. Den Svenska Tystnaden - Reaktor
19. Björk - Venus as a boy
20. TALK 6
21. Honey is Cool - If I go
22. The Knife - We share our mother's health (Trentemøller remix)
23. Silverbullit - Buddy
24. TALK 7
25. Sharif - E.A.A. (Eagerly awaiting anytime)
26. TALK 8
27. eMiL Jensen - Bud från April

Emil Jensen is blogging his tour-by-bicycle: (in Swedish)