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Sirius playlist week #39

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU:

01. Simian Ghost - Beat on the brat
02. TALK 1
03. End of All - Folkhemmet
04. In These Woods - Bear
05. The Bells - Outside
06. Britta Persson - Some girls some boys
07. TALK 2
08. Kråkesølv - Nordavind mot varme kinn
09. Tomas Halberstad - The pendulum swings again
10. WhoMadeWho - Left hand of the boxser
11. TALK 3
12. Säkert! - Köttet är svagt
13. Next Life - Battle tactics
14. Kaka - Candyman
15. The Fine Arts Showcase - Spanish kerosene
16. TALK 4
17. Kimono - Black
18. Axe - Up against common sense
19. NNDC - Mouthful of diamonds
20. Slöa Knivar - Anticimex
21. Enforcer - Take me to hell
22. TALK 5
23. Ikons - Imperiet

Reminder: my show airs every week on Sundays and Mondays at 11pm ET on Sirius XMU. That's channel 26 on Sirius, 43 on XM and 831 for DirecTV subscribers.

End of All - Folkhemmet

Swedish crust act End of All have posted their track "Folkhemmet" in protest of the election of right-wing racist/anti-immigrant party Sverigedemokraterna to the Swedish parliament:

End of All - Into the abyss

Swedish crusties End of All just finished recording four new tracks for a 7" called "Places" and have just added one of them to their myspace page:

End of All recording next week

End of All will be going to Studio Hoborec next week to record a new 7" called "Places". Expect samples online as soon as the material is ready.

New End of All 7" in May

Halvfabrikat will be releasing the Euro version of the new End of All 7" "Places" this coming May. Hale of Flies will handle the US pressing.

M:40 has started to line up a lot of tourdates for next year:

01/20 - Tvo, Turku (FIN)
01/21 - Vastavirta-Klubi, Tampere (FIN)
01/22 - Lutakko, Jyväskylä (FIN)
01/23 - Club Tsokol, St. Petersburg (RUS)
01/24 - Pub Porshen, Petrozavodsk (RUS)
04/08 - Köpi, Berlin (GER)
04/09 - Zoro, Leipzig (GER)
04/10 - Gerberstrasse, Weimar (GER)
04/11 - Ajz, Neubrandenburg (GER)
06/11 - Be-Part Festival 6, Stuttgart (GER)
07/03 - Packebusch Festival, Packebusch (GER)
07/16 - Obscene Extreme Festival, Trutnov (CZ)

Finnish act Büfo will be joining them for the Finnish and Russian dates and fellow Swedes End of All will accompany them in Germany. Also, keep an eye out for a new split 7" with Dutch act Sand Creek Massacre early next year.

Swedish crusties M:40 have started to line up 2009 tourdates:

01/20 - Tvo, Turku (FIN)
01/21 - Klubi, Tampere (FIN)
01/22 - Lutakko, Jyväskylä (FIN)
01/23 - tba, St. Petersburg (RUS)
01/24 - tba, Petrozavodsk (RUS)
04/08 - Köpi, Berlin (GER)
04/09 - Zoro, Leipzig (GER)
04/10 - Gerberstrasse, Weimar (GER)
04/11 - AJZ, Neubrandenburg (GER)

All Finnish and Russian dates are with Finnish act Büfo and the dates in Germany are with fellow Swedes End Of All.

Swedish crustpunk act End of All has announced the addition of Rikard Häll as their new guitarist. Listen to a new track off "The art of decadence" at myspace:

Swedish crusties End of All have decided to continue on as a band after all, 'cept that they have now parted ways with guitarist Björn. No word yet on if they plan to replace him, so I'd just assume they'll be a three-piece for the time being.

End of All is going on an extended hiatus, citing "personal reasons" as the cause:

Swedish d-beat act M:40 will be going into HoboRec Studios in March to record some tracks for new split 7"s with fellow Swedes End of All and Dutch act Sand Creek Massacre. In other news, look for a cassette version of their "Historiens svarta vingslag" album via Malaysian label Pissed Off Records soon.

Swedish crusties End Of All have posted another raging new track on myspace:

There's a new End Of All track up on myspace:

Almost every date for End of All's upcoming European tour have been confirmed:
The Swedish crust band plans to go into the studio this weekend to finish up work on their second album "The art of decadence" which should be out in time for the April tour.

End of All will be going back into the studio later this month and again in February to record their second full-length album "The art of decadence". They also plan to record a split with an as-yet-unnamed Swedish act. In other news, look for them to tour Germany in early April.