Artist: Eurosport

Country: Sweden
Genre: Electronic/Synth/Dance
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Interview: Terry Ericsson

La Vida Locash

I have to be honest, I wasn't that keen on Lo-Fi-Fnk's debut EP "...and the JFG?" that came out last year. Amid brilliant releases from other Swedish "electro duos", such as The Tough Alliance, Three is a crowd, Cat5, and Le Sport (then known as Eurosport), Lo-Fi-Fnk just didn't cut it. Now, with no new TTA material around, a dissapointing album from TIAC, Cat5's album yet to be released, and an album from Le Sport that's got a lot of great songs although I've heard most of them before - "Boylife" comes as a true saviour. The first half of the album is superior to the second, but that's mainly due to starting off with the two magnificent tracks "City" and "Adore". If you're into any of the bands I mentioned above, you should check this one out as well; it's one of my favourites of the year so far.
- Simon Tagestam

The new Le Sport (nee Eurosport/Eurospot) CDEP "Tell no one about tonight" has been confirmed for an August 31 release via Songs I Wish I Had Written.

Eurospot nee Eurosport is now simply Le Sport. After much bickering with lawyers and much self-discovery, the Swedish Europop act has decided that the new name a la François is truly the way to go.

Swedish synthpoppers Eurosport are now to be known as Eurospot.

s/t EP
Songs I Wish I Had Written

Sweden already got The Embassy, The Knife, Three Is A Crowd, The Tough Alliance etc, and now they got Eurosport to add to the list of bands that make great electronic pop music. This CD has three tracks on it, and two of them ("Tell no one about tonight", "Shaking a lot") are near perfection. This is music for lazy Sunday afternoons, this is music for drinking lots of alcohol to, this is music to fuck to. Does that sound contradictory? It's not.
- Simon Tagestam

Swedish indie mailorder Songs I Wish I Had Written has just released their first CDR on their own label, a 4-track single from technopop duo Eurosport. More info and samples:

Go here to download some tracks from Swedish Europop act Eurosport: