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DJ Fenriz 40th anniversary "Slow Black Death" mix

Check out a new mix that Fenriz did for the blog AFITFOG in honor of his 40th birthday:
Quite a few Scandinavian selections on this, including cuts from Execration (best of 2011!), Rippikoulu, Faustcoven, Saturnalia Temple and Bathory.

Top 10s for 2011: It's a Trap!

Top 10s for 2011: It's a Trap!

Aversionline on Execration

Aversionline covers Execration's "Odes of the occult" which is my pick for the best metal album of the year:

by:Larm 2012 jury selections revealed

The 25 jury-selected up-and-coming acts for by:Larm 2012 have been revealed:
Can't say that I'm familiar with a lot of them, but both Dark Times and Execration are fantastic.

Mr. Death album preview

Stream the entirety of Mr. Death's excellent new album "Descending through ashes" for a limited time:
If you dig chunky old-school Swedish death, you'll be way into this. Besides Execration, it's a definite metal highlight of 2011.

Duplicate offers up free sampler

Norwegian label has a new digital sampler available for free download:
Featured acts include recent stuff from Virus, Execration, Solstorm and more as well as a few tracks from up-and-coming bands such as Repellent and Viğr who will have new releases on the label in 2012.

Execration - Odes of the occultExecration
Odes of the occult
Duplicate Records/Vendlus


In the short space of time that Oslo's Execration have been around they've managed to build a reputation as being one of Norway's heaviest bands. With their feet planted firmly on old-school death metal ground, they have nevertheless managed to create something of an enigmatic body of work in their second full length, "Odes of the occult". Right from the beginning -- and in various other sections of the album -- they give off a heavy stoner vibe that blends with their death metal overtones to perfection. It's an effortless combination that makes for one of the most interesting albums to come out of the country in years and, above all, it works. From the predominately mid-paced opener "Ode to obscurity", through the dronetastic "Intermezzo I" and "Intermezzo II", to the relentless blasting of "Grains", the band manages to cover all corners of the extreme metal spectrum in an utterly convincing manner. Slightly reminiscent of Autopsy in places, where "Odes of the occult" really shines is in its ability to create an overwhelming atmosphere throughout. The production is bang on the money; it's tight, but far from clinical; dirty, but far from sloppy. It ticks all the right boxes and it's an album that truly captures the essence of what the early death metal movement was all about.
- John Norby

MP3: Execration - Ode to obscurity

Down with Norwegian right-wing extremists, up with Norwegian extreme death metal! It's impossible for me to articulate just how horrible last week's events make me feel. The best I can do is extend my deepest sympathies to the people of Norway along with everyone else affected by this tragedy.

As for Execration, there will not be a better death metal album released in 2011.

Execration - Ode to obscurity

Execration - A crutch for consolation

is offering up a track from the new Execration album "Odes of the occult" for free download:
If you're into brutal old-school-favored death metal ala 2009's brilliant Obliteration LP "Nekropsalms", you'll probably want this too.

Fenriz' Band of the Week: Execration

Fenriz' new band of the week is Execration from Norway:

Aversionline on the new album from Norwegian death metal band Execration: