Artist: Figurines

Country: Denmark
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: s/t / The wonder (mp3)
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Christian Hjelm - Lang vej igen (live video)

Watch Figurines frontman Christian Hjelm perform a live version of one of the songs from his upcoming solo record.

Christian Hjelm - Scenen skifter nu

The first taste of (ex?) Figurines frontman Christian Hjelm's debut solo album, due out September 3.

French Films - You don't know (video)

New Finnish indie with somewhat of an 80s vibe, apparently making waves in Germany. The album "Imaginary future" comes out November 11; RIYL Figurines or maybe Jaill.

Figurines give away live EP

Danish indie act Figurines have a new 5-song live EP that they are giving away as a free download:

Free Scandinavian music samplers at Amazon

has a 5-song Scandinavian music sampler comp available for free download at Amazon:
Not the usual selection of just-Swedes either, this collection has stuff from The Deer Tracks, Figurines, Wildbirds and Peacedrums, El Perro Del Mar and I Was a King. And likewise, by perusing the top free downloads chart, I also see that has a label comp for download as well:
Featured artists on that one include Delay Trees, Oh No Ono, Regina and The Concretes.

Pitchfork reviews Figurines, Acid House Kings

Pitchfork reviews Figurines new self-titled album as well as Acid House Kings' "Music sounds better with you".

PopMatters reviews Figurines

PopMatters reviews the latest album from Danish act Figurines:

Figurines - New colors (video)

Under the Radar has the premiere of Figurines' new video "New colors":

New Figurines album in mid-April

The Line of Best Fit reports on the new album from Danish indie act Figurines called "Hanging from above", due out April 12 via :

Figurines - s/tFigurines
Morningside Records/The Control Group


As with "When the deer wore blue", the dreamy echoes of '60s pop continue on through Figurines' self-titled release, coloring the album in nostalgic, sun-bleached tones and textures and casting strange shadows across their music. As fans of the band have come to expect, the swells of the compositions, both with respect to instrumentation and emotion, are layered and intricate, but not inaccessible or pretentious. The bright, clean production is subtly subverted by pop songs that are not reliant on guitar or vocal hooks, and tracks that evoke a summery feel often turn from the sun to explore the shade created by so much light -- "Have you always been someone that you've never been?" This perspective does not feel staged, as if the songs were deliberately crafted to include funhouse mirrors distorting the images reflecting back out of the music -- there is a natural, effortless flow to the compositions, even when a track turns corners that, at first, take the listener by surprise. On "We got away", what opens as a "Pet sounds"-inspired track evolves into something else: a love song that feels distanced from its central premise, and painfully aware of this detachment, as the subtle, clever refrain "I love her like a lover should love her" suggests. There is something this band brings to the table that so many other acts just cannot, an originality that is hard to pin down, but is nonetheless on full display on "Figurines".
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

Morningside turns 10, turns off the lights

Danish indie label mainstays (Figurines, Oh No Ono, etc.) turns 10 years old in 2011 and will mark the occasion by throwing a celebratory show at Loppen in Copenhagen on April 15 and then shutting down for good. Read more: (in Danish)

Figurines - Hanging from above (video)

Head over to the site to peep Figurines' new video for "Hanging from above":

Figurines album preview

Soundvenue is streaming Figurines' new self-titled album for a limited time:

New Figurines album in late September

Danish indierockers Figurines will release their new self-titled album on September 27.

Figurines - Lucky to love (video)

Figurines now have a video for their new single "Lucky to love":