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José Gonzáles has quite a few live dates lined up around Sweden for the near future:

08/30 - Hovstocksfestivalen, Huskvarna
08/30 - Riddarholmsfestivalen, Stockholm
09/04 - Mejeriet, Lund
09/05 - Trädgårdsföreningen, Göteborg
09/06 - Café MIC, Vänersborg
09/12 - Cafe Schwartz, Norrköping
09/13 - Smedjan, Köping
09/18 - Gump @ Jazzhuset, Göteborg
09/24 - Backbeatbolaget, Sandviken w/Love Antell aka Florence Valentin
09/25 - Pipeline, Sundsvall w/Love Antell aka Florence Valentin
09/26 - Pinkerton, Skellefteå w/Love Antell aka Florence Valentin
09/27 - Tingshuset, Östersund w/Love Antell aka Florence Valentin
10/02 - Herrgårn, Linköping
10/03 - Klubb Desierd @ Fly Bars, Borlänge
10/04 - Voxmusik, Edsbyn
10/16 - Palladium, Växjö
10/24 - Kalmar Nation, Uppsala
11/01 - Kulturhuset (Hörsalen), Stockholm
11/15 - The Tivoli, Helsingborg

His debut full-length comes out in October on Imperial Recordings.

New bands confirmed for Hovstock: Florence Valentin, Min Pappa Är Starkare Än Kungen, Platitude, Satirnine, Whyte Seeds and Östermalm. The fest takes place August 30 at Huskvarnas Folkets Park in Sweden. More info:

Artists confirmed for the Skyltenfestivalen in Linkoping, Sweden on August 22-23: Le Je Ne Sais Quoi, Logh, Florence Valentin, Soviac, Slagsmålsklubben, Planet Superfly, Raison d'être, Roswell, IRM and many more. Details available here:

The full list of bands for the Blow Up a Panda Fest has been confirmed: Florence Valentin, Östermalm, Yukon AK, The Hommos, The Dontcares, Dreamboy, Coyote, Chloe, Andres Stellan, Captain Murphy, Dialog Cet, Logh, Sick Oakes, Tubular Bells, Moder Jords Massiva, The Grand Opening, Carpet People, The Je Ne Sais Quoi, Fraction of My Former Self, Isolation Years, Nebos, Endivia, The Leeches, The Heartattacks, Satirnine, Slagsmålkubben, The Micragirls, Satriel, Ane Brun, Sewergrooves, Dirty Savants

The event takes place July 26-27 at Levande Zon in Stockholm. More info:

De Stijl reports they have signed with Prescription Records to put out their record in the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia. Congrats. The only other band on the already-hyped label is The Kills.

Christian Kjellvander (solo), De Stijl, Empire Dogs and Florence Valentin are some of the bands confirmed for the Tullakrok festival in Ängelholm, Sweden. More info here:

Empire Dogs also say they will be playing the Trästock fest. They'll also be going into Studio Vaxholm in Stockholm on June 30 for three weeks with Adam Kviman.

Listen for tracks from The Virtues album "Ruminate" during upcoming episodes of Real World, Road Rules and Extreme Challenge on MTV. The band also plans to film a video for the song "Alarm Call" soon.

Gluecifer got their long-awaited new website up and running. In other news, the band is working with cameraman Inge von Schreuder on putting together a DVD for release sometime next spring. They already have a bunch of footage shot, but still plan on getting more before editing it together.

Rolling Stone Senior Editor David Fricke recently attended the Spot9 Festival in Århus, Denmark where he said his favorite acts were the Norweigan groups Jaga Jazzist and Supersilent. "Supersilent has also a good chance to get a good cult audience in America," he said (albeit poorly translated), "They have a very psychedelic sound. When one of their song was out on a compilation in America, I had thought to review it. After I saw them live, I should have done it in any case." Read more. (mostly in Danish)

Matti from Bear Quartet told Norrbottens-Kuriren that the new album is ten songs in under thirty minutes and it sounds like 'fotbollspunk'.

Labrador Records releases are now available in Mexico via Noise Kontrol Distribution.

Junior Senior will be releasing a new Denmark-only EP called "Boy Meets Girl" that will include some new remixes and re-recorded tracks along with a couple videos. Get the full details here.

Delusion of Adequacy reviews "The Raging Sun" from Logh. Even though they have yet to secure a US label/distributor, I agree with the reviewer - US fans of the first Deep Elm-released album should definitely seek it out.

Roskilde fest is officially sold out.

A number of Norweigan bands are aggressively promoting their music via TV over here in the US. First off, Cato Salsa Experience will reportedly be heard on MTV's 'The Osbournes'. And now Ephemera is making a go at it, too. (in Norweigan) has posted a number of live videos from Stockholm Calling, including a few Cardigans tracks.

MIC Norway has posted their rundown on the top Norweigan summer music festivals.

Aftonbladet's Hultsfred wrap-up:

The various demo bands appearing at this summer's Kalas tour have been announced:

Norrköping - The Rawhypnols
Kalmar - The Stuckups
Visby - Gilmour
Örebro - Firestone
Skövde - Hundarna
Lysekil - Dog Almighty
Malmö - Sandy Mouche
Varberg - Whitesilver
Göteborg - Olivia
Säter - Soardy
Stockholm - Kungers

HIM has posted a 22-minute video clip documenting the filming of their latest video for the song "Sacrament". Check it: Real / Windows

Mayhem has booked time in November at Puk Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark to record their next album, tentatively titled "Chimera". Look for it early next year from Season Of Mist Records.

NME reports that over 100 people were arrested at Hultsfred fest on Saturday when they, horror upon horrors, formed a conga line. "They ran round and destroyed fencing. There was a risk that both people and property would be damaged. We decided therefore to remove people in order to avert any further crime," said Reverend Moore, I mean Ulf Karlsson, the information chief for Kalmar District police.

Check out the latest Aquarius Records New Release List featuring reviews and samples from Pharoah Overlord, the all-instrumental "stoner rock" side project of Finland's Circle, plus much more.

Added the rest of those Madrugada live mp3s on the right. Enjoy.

That charming young Norweigan, Sondre Lerche, just posted a new tour diary entry on his website.

Rec90 artists Lorraine are heading to Germany on tour this month with the band Delaware:

06/08 - Berlin, Magnet
06/09 - Hannover, Gig
06/10 - Leipzig - Moritzbastei
06/11 - Hamburg, Tanzhalle
06/12 - Kassel, K19
06/15 - Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei
06/16 - Köln, MTC
06/17 - Frankfurt, Nachtleben

Those of you in Deustchland can look for a track from the band on the sampler CD from the May edition of Zillo magazine, too. They also play the Working Class Hero Festival in Drammen Norway on August 6 and expect to have their debut full-length "The Perfect Cure" out in September.

Some news from Norway's Jester Records, the label of Ulver mainman Garm aka Kristoffer Rygg aka Trickster G:

September 15 marks the day that both Ulver's soundtrack to the film "Svidd Neger" and Virus' new album hit the stores. The other upcoming Ulver release, "A Quick Fix" EP, is now slated for August. Ulver even got a write-up in the Village Voice awhile back, too.
The new single and video "Sleepers" from Kåre João is out and getting spun NRK2 and ZTV. I haven't seen it myself, but they say it was shot on 16mm b&w film and resembles "such fine pieces of art as Jim Jarmusch's "Stranger than Paradise" and Gus Van Sant's "Drugstore Cowboy".
When's new album is due to be mixed in July with a release sometime this winter.
And lastly, the label is in negotiation with Tigerbeat6, the label of Kid606 for licensing of Jester's "cut-cool electronic" catalogue. The other part of their catalogue (or however you want to refer to it) is currently distributed by The End Records in North America.

The Crown has finished the recording of their album "Possessed 13" and is currently taking a three-week break before entering the mixing stage back at Studio Fredman. This release will be the band's sixth album and is the first one back with original vocalist Johan Lindstrand after a one-off with Tomas Lindberg (ex-At the Gates).

Due to singer Maja Ivarsson's bronchitis and over exhaustion, The Sounds have been forced to cancel a number of upcoming gigs. THe following dates are affected:

06/07 - Nuremberg, Germany
06/08 - Eifel, Germany
06/12 - Hultsfred Festival, Sweden
06/13 - Norwegian Wood, Norway
06/14 - Nyköping, Sweden
06/17 - Gothenburg, Sweden
06/18 - Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden
06/20 - Wiesen, Austria
06/21 - Southside, Munich, Germany
06/22 - Hurricane, Hannover/Hamburg, Germany
06/27 - Kiruna Festival, Sweden
06/28 - Skellefteå Festival, Sweden

The band plans to recover at their home in Helsingborg, Sweden before setting back out on the road again.

Amorphis has posted a video interview with vocalist Pasi Koskinen and guitarist Esa Holopainen as part of their electronic press kit.

The UK's XL Recordings (Electric Six, Badly Drawn Boy, White Stripes, The Prodigy, etc) imprint Rex Records will put out the Radio Dept.'s album "Lesser Matters" this coming fall.

All six bands representing Finland's Popcity 2003 will perform at the Provinssirock festival in their own hometown Seinäjoki and takes place June 13-15. They are: Georg Kalliola & JooJoo Miehet, Kayah, Kuolleet intiaanit, Stigma, Trigon and Velvetcut. The Finnish Music Information Centre launched the Popcity project as a way to promote as-yet unknown bands from a different annually chosen town. Read more.

Saami artist Mari Boine has won the 2003 Nordic Council Music Prize of 47k EUR. "Mari Boine is one of the leading lights on the new Saami music scene. Boine's music defies facile attempts at labelling. It is based on joik but the complimentary stylistic ingredients include African rhythms, world music and rock-funk." Read more.

Confirmed bands for Festival Mission Impossible which takes place August 23 at Smedjebacken in Dalarna: The Hellacopters, The Ark, Pugh Rogefeldt, Docenterna and The Mainliners. At total of 16 acts will perform and tickets will cost 200 SEK.

The full lineup for Göteborgskalaset: Looptroop, Fireside, Moneybrother, Raised Fist, Mory Kante, Christian Kjellvander, Franke, Hammerfall, Evergrey, Cult of Luna, Her Majesty, Isolation Years, Florence Valentin, Shout Out Louds, Mando Diao, The Latin Kings, Advance Patrol, Ison & Fille, The Ark, Komeda, Paola, The Concretes, Satirnine, Thomas Rusiak, Dub Sweden, Kajsa Grytt, Kamera and Kristian Anttila.

The Maggots' new album "Do The Maggot" doesn't come out until August 25, but they're already heading out on tour in the UK:

06/12 - Sheffield, Casbah
06/13 - Aberdeen, Dr Drakes
06/14 - Edinburgh, Studio24
06/15 - Day off
06/16 - Newcastle
06/17 - York, Fibbers
06/18 - Nottingham, Junktion7
06/19 - High Wycombe
06/20 - London, Dirty Water
06/22 - Stockholm, Debaser/Gearclub

In case you were unaware, Timbuktu addressed stateminister Göran Persson in his song "Ett Brev" and now Göran is just about ready with his response. Apparently he wrote something together with an unnamed colleague in rap form (!!!) and it will be published in SSU's magazine Frihet on June 18. What comes next is anyone's guess.

The Killers, Gaffaman, Crash, Ziggy Kropp & Karma, Sirqus Alfon and Soul Source have all been added to Hultsfred fest.

Wired for Mono reports they will be heading back over to England in mid-July for a few dates, details to be posted on their website soon. They'll also be back in the studio recording some new material this month along with playing Friday at Debaser in Stockholm. declares that Solefald's new album "In Harmonia Universali" positions them as "as leaders of the avant-harde, depth metal movement." Sure, that works for me I guess. Read the full review.

The first slew of bands confirmed for Trästocksfestivalen which takes place in Skellefteå from July 17-19: Christian Kjellvander, The Concretes, Monastir, The Bear Quartet, Totalt Jävla Mörker, Peter Bjorn And John, KVLR and Darcy.

Here's the bands confirmed to play Mit Nästa Liv which takes place July 18-19 at Ljungnäs, just north of Kalmar in Sweden: Rocky Dennis, The Kid, Ed Greene, Dialog Cet, Handsome Train, Myredpocketbook, Dorotea, Eisenhower, Hormones in Abundance, Rough Bunnies, Cat and Dog Dialogue, and Javelins. More info:

The Sounds will be on WXRK 92.3 in New York this Sunday at 11 pm. The band's official site says "KROQ", but they're just confused because the station goes by the name "K-Rock." Visit the station's website here.

Villa Records, in conjunction Johnny Bråttom Records, just put out an anti-war comp entitled "Support". The tracklisting:

01. José González - Heartbeats
02. Alarma man - Fuck you, you fucking fuck
03. Boy Omega - Come to my house
04. Sin närmiljö - Rudad
05. Björn Kleinhenz - A day and a night
06. Niccokick - I drink to get thrilled
07. Bremen Brotröster GmbH - Main theme from Mr Kaputt's birthday party
08. Songs from the empire - You are my sunshine
09. The book of Daniel - Soultraffic through friday
10. Kubot - Regnvals
11. I am Ferguson - Right hand pain
12. Music 77 - Snow white
13. Chelsea's corner
14. DJPJGJ - Gutt trumset
15. Quit your dayjob - Look! A dollar!
16. Dorotea - Let's give it a shot
17. Johan Norefalk - Never ends

View the cover art here.

In other Villa news, the label has said that the Boy Omega/The Book Of Daniel split 7" has been delayed, but they hope to have it by June. They will also be releasing a new CDr called "Blues for Papa Nyll" from The Appalachian Foothill Brothers, a new band featuring Gustafsson-brothers: Daniel from The Book Of Daniel and Martin from Boy Omega.

This week's roundup of new records from features releases from Carola, Colony 5, Crystal Blue and many more. They also have a focus piece on the new Lost Patrol record. (in Swedish)

Aftonbladet reports that Per Gessle (one half of Roxette) is planning on touring in support of his new solo album. Read more. (in Swedish)

Fireside, Brolle JR, The Mo, Florence Valentine, De Stijl and Elin Sigvardsson are now on the bill for Piteå Dansar Och Ler fest.

Even more bands added to Hultsfred: Timbuktu w/Damn!, Discharge, Junior Senior, Florence Valentin, Phunky Drakes, Soundclash: Topaz vs. Axxion Pack, Elin Sigvardsson and Johan Borgert.

And for the We & Yous fest we now have The Radio Dept., Dr. Higgins, José Gonzales, Sandy Mouche, Speedmarket Avenue, Ant, Gisel, Hospital, The Winston Solution, Adria, The Dannys Says and Homeland.

By way of comes word that the coming UCP box-set will be entitled "Career Opportunities 1986 - 1993". The webmaster over there also says he's gotten some new videos and photos recently and will be posting them online in the near future. I'll keep you informed.

Now streaming in mp4 format over at Black Box Recorder is Niko Skorpio's "Delta Amoeba" and "the SKORPIOns" EPs. The music is described as "the sonic experimentation and aesthetic of an underground noise album but somehow channels recent "electronica" without compromise. Imagine if trip-hop star Tricky gave up the reefer, moved to Finland, and got depressed and lost his mind... and you'll be on the right path." Sound intriguing, does it not?

Backyard Babies have confirmed that Joe Barresi will be the producer on their forthcoming album. Some of his previous credits include artists such as Sheryl Crow, Limp Bizkit, Monster Magnet, Kyuss, QOTSA, Hole and L7. Recording starts in Sweden in June with mixing to follow in LA.

Christian Kjellvander's new video for "Homeward Rolling Soldier" is now available for viewing: low / med / high

I fixed a typo in one of the Madrugada mp3 links. Sorry about that. They should all work okay now.

Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg will be holding a club three times a week all summer long called, ahem, Sommarklubben. Besides the usual DJs spinning there will also be live music. Scheduled so far:

06/06 - Royal Beat Conspiracy, Sparks of Seven
06/28 - Shout Out Louds, Homy
07/12 - David & the Citizens

More info when I get it.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy report that they are featured on a DJ Spooky mix that comes with the latest edition of Adbusters Magazine. Other artists including on the comp include Fugazi, Bad Brains, Sun Ra, and Public Enemy so check it out.

More entries on the ongoing media blitzkrieg from The Sounds - here's a number of upcoming American TV appearances they have scheduled:

05/22 - Last Call with Carson Daly on NBC, recorded in Las Vegas last week
05/26 - The View on ABC
TBA - Subterranean on MTV, more info to come

The Hellacopters have published their complete summer tour schedule:

05/31 - Donigton (GB) Download
06/07 - Nurburgring (D) Rock Am Ring
06/08 - Nurnberg (D) Rock Im Park
06/13 - Hultsfred (S) Hultsfredsfestivalen
06/14 - Berlin (D) Berlinova
06/15 - Oslo (N) Norwegian Wood
06/21 - Scheessel (D) Hurricane
06/22 - Neuhausen OE (D) Southside
06/27 - Kiruna (S) Kirunafestivalen
06/28 - Bonn (D) Rheinkultur
06/29 - Roskilde (DK) Roskildefestival
07/04 - Oulo (SF) Oluoln Yöt
07/05 - Turku (SF) Ruisrock
07/16 - Helsinki (SF) Olympiastadion w/The Rolling Stones
07/22 - Stockholm (S) Cirkus w/The Rolling Stones
08/02 - Korso (SF) Ankarock
08/30 - Jerez / Cadiz (ESP) Serie Z
09/12 - Stockholm (S) Gröna Lund
09/13 - Vitoria Gasteiz (ESP) Azkena

Burning Heart's latest signees Sparks of Seven have finally updated their website.

This week's MTV Up North Nordic video chart:

01. The Rasmus - In The Shadows
02. A-Teens - Perfect Match
03. Outlandish - Guantanamo
04. HIM - Funeral of hearts
05. Darude - Music
06. Jennifer Brown - Weak
07. Kwan - Shine
08. Mew - Comforting Sounds
09. The Sounds - Rock n´ Roll
10. Equicez - Live From Pass It
11. Melody Club - Cover Girl
12. Kristofer Åström & Hidden Truck - One Good Moment
13. Timbuktu - Ett Brev
14. Bertine Zetlitz - Girl Like You
15. The Jessica Fletchers - Let´s Go
16. Paragon - Försök Förstå
17. Surferosa - Neon Commando
18. Moon Gringo - Buzz Aldrin
19. Homy - Bus Stop
20. Pauline - Runnin´ Out Of Gaz

01. D-Coy feat. Acorn - I´ll Be There
02. The Cardigans - You´re The Storm
03. Charlie´s Magazine - Something That I Missed
04. Her Majesty - F.U.N.E.R.A.L
05. Elin Sigvardsson - Where To Start

Go to the site to watch and vote for your favorite.

Project-X will be having a record release show on May 31 for their new album "Modus Operandi" at Ground Zero in Växjö.

Here's the lineup for the 5th Fucking North Pole Festival which takes place over the next three days in Tromsø, Norway.

5/15 @ Driv: Amulet (Oslo), Turdus Musicus (Tromsø), Dominic (Bodø)
5/16 @ Driv: Misvær Ska Forening (Bodø), Lame Ducks (Oslo), Square (SWE)
5/16 @ Tvibit: Gatas Parlament (Oslo), Amulet (Oslo), Drunk (Oslo), Turdus Musicus (Tromsø)
5/17 @ Driv: DK (US), Os Replicantes (Brasil), Drunk (Oslo)
5/18 @ Driv: Mohammed(Horten), Los Fastidios (Italia), Nikkeby Lufthavn (Tromsø)

FNPF is the biggest independent rock festival in northern Norway and takes place twice a year. The next occurance is scheduled for sometime around September/October. More info here.

The German Phono Academy recently awarded Norway's Midnight Choir with a best album award in the rock/pop category for the album "Waiting for the Bricks to Fall". The award is given every quarter by "key industry representatives and respected music journalists" and qualifies the band for the album of the year competition.

This year's Nordic Council Music Award will be granted to an ethnic music artist. The nominees who will be competing for the 47k EUR prize:

Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra (DK)
Outlandish (DK)
Kimmo Pohjonen (FIN)
Gjallarhorn (FIN)
Kári Sverrisson (Faroe Islands)
Sigurður Flosason and Pétur Grétarsson (Iceland)
Steindór Andersen, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson and Sigur Rós (Iceland)
Mari Boine (NOR)
Solo Cissokho (NOR)
Ellika Frisell (SWE)
Ziya Aytekin (SWE)
Anna Thastum Kuitse (Greenland)

Read more. Previous winners of the prestigious award have been Sunleif Rasmussen (2002), Palle Mikkelborg (2001), and Kaija Saariaho (2000).

Here's the top 20 Swedish albums of the week, as reported by Aftonbladet:

01. Robert Wells - Rhapsody in rock the complete collection
02. v/a - Fame Factory volym 5
03. The Cardigans - Long gone before daylight
04. Glenmark Eriksson Strömstedt - Den andra skivan
05. Timbuktu - The botten is nådd!
06. Lisa Nilsson - Samlade sånger 1992-2003
07. Simson Dupont - Simson Dupont
08. Jill Johnson - Discography
09. Antique - Blue love
10. Lars Winnerbäck och Hovet - Söndermarken
11. Cornelis Vreeswijk - Cornelis Vreeswijks bästa
12. Moneybrother - Blood panic
13. Kent - Vapen & ammunition
14. Siw Malmkvist - Siws bästa
15. Elin Sigvardsson - Saturday light naive
16. Gloria - People like you and me
17. The Refreshments - On the rocks
18. Roxette - The pop hits
19. The Sounds - Living in America
20. Mauro Scocco - Beat hotel

Aftonbladet has also published a short article discussing Magnus Carlson's (of the Weeping Willows) forthcoming solo album that he collaborated with Eggstone and film director Lukas Moodysson on. The record is called "Ett Kungarike För En Kram" and it hits stores on June 30. (in Swedish)

The Ark, Dom Galna Hundarna, The Narcissists, Shout Out Louds, Lola Barbershop and P-Danielsa are among the groups now confirmed for the Storsjöyran fest happening in Östersund this summer.

The guys from Looptroop are all hard at work on new projects. Promoe is in the process of doing a new solo album with a single to come in June. The other two guys, Cosmic and Embee aka Casual Brothers, have a new EP that also comes out in June that features a guest appearance by Christian Kjellvander of all people.

This week's Swedish college radio chart (from Dagensskiva):

01. (01) Badly Drawn Boy "All Possibilities"
02. (02) Bad Cash Quartet "Dirty Days"
03. (03) Dave Gahan "Dirty Sticky Floors"
04. (NY) The Postal Service "Such Great Heights"
05. (04) The White Stripes "7 Nation Army"
06. (06) Christian Kjellvander "Homeward Rolling Soldier"
07. (NY) Dada Flair Ft. Christian Dohbler "Freedom"
08. (NY) Gusto "Guns in the Ghetto"
09. (11) The Raveonettes "Beat City"
10. (08) Randy "A Man in a Uniform"
11. (NY) Solomon Burke "Soul Searching"
12. (05) Fireside "All You Had"
13. (10) Magnus Carlson "Jag ber dig"
14. (NY) The Black Keys "Hard Row"
15. (NY) Moloko "Forever More"
16. (16) Queens of the Stone Age "Go with the Flow"
17. (NY) The Donnas "Who Invited You"
18. (NY) The Go-Betweens "Caroline And I"
19. (20) David & The Citizens "New Direction"
20. (ÅT) Hot Hot Heat "Bandages"

Leaving the chart:
(07) N.E.R.D. "Things Are Getting Better"
(09) Miss Universum "Fertilize"
(12) Millenia Nova Ft. Iggy Pop "Rockicide"
(13) The Knife "You Take My Breath Away"
(14) Radiohead "There There"
(15) Florence Valentin "Allt dom bygger upp ska vi meja ner"
(17) Ed Harcourt "Watching the Sun Come Up"
(18) Audio Bullys "The Things"
(19) Zwan "Lyric"

The Dandelions have added one more date to their upcoming London tour. The full itinerary is now as follows:

05/22 - Gaz's Rockin' Blues
05/23 - Dragon Bar
05/24 - Cobden Club
05/26 - The Beachclub at Notting Hill Arts Club (new)
05/27 - Eyelash at Pop

Lullacry and Naglfar have both announced that they will be making their US debuts at this year's Milwaukee Metalfest which takes place July 25-26. The new Lullacry single "Alright Tonight" comes out May 23 on Spikefarm Records and Naglfar's latest album "Sheol" came out last month.

Ink19 declares "6" from Supersilent to be "a landmark album." Furthermore, they say "It is a harrowing work of jazz, electronica and ambient textures that is as exciting as it is mind-blowing." Read more.

Peaceville has yet again delayed the release of Beyond Dawn's forthcoming album "Frysh", this time to June 30. If the 3-song sampler is any indication, it's gonna be damn great. Can't wait.

Preorder a copy of the new Her Majesty album "Happiness" and receive an exclusive free pin. Go here.

The latest news from Värttinä, as posted on their website:

[We] just returned from a tour of Scotland, Turkey, Switzerland and France. Edinburgh, Stans and Bern were the highlights with great shows and incredible audience response. Big news from France is that "iki" [the new album] is the Number 3 Best Selling World Music album at the main FNAC shop (Forum) in Paris. Additionally, "iki" is named Album of the Week at Swedish Radio P2 Klingan and World Music Album of the Week on WDR Radio KC6ln. iki also reached Number 6 on the CMJ World Music Chart in USA. In England, "iki" was picked Number 9 in the Songlines magazine Top of the World chart. Finally, "iki" received a glowing review from Songlines Magazine: "From the exhilarating drive of "Nahkaruoska", its jostling rhythms and bristling close harmonies bringing to life a story of infidelity and leather whips, to the sheer beauty of "Maahinen Neito", a song of an unwanted earth maiden, Värttinä's tenth album (celebrating their 20th year) is their most radiant and satisfying to date. .. A totally desirable disc." (Songlines Jan Fairley)

Those of you in Denmark can check out The Cardigans on the 'Barend & van Dorp' show tomorrow night playing their new single "You're the Storm" live. The program starts at 10:30 pm.

Clawfinger's new album "Zeros & Heroes" comes out May 26. Singer Zak Tell says he is confident fans will like it. The band is also hitting the road this summer. Dates so far:

05/17 - Bengtsfors, S
06/12 - Crans-sur-N., CH
06/14 - Bolzano, I
06/18 - Zürich, CH
06/20 - Scharans, CH
06/21 - Burgum, NL
07/05 - Leipzig, D
07/19 - Eberschwang, A
08/01 - Óbudai Island, H
08/08 - Höchstenbach, D

Soviac has booked a number of dates around Sweden this summer:

05/24 - Ronneby, Uterock
05/26 - Stockholm, Debaser w/Paris, Marit Bergman
05/27 - Stockholm, Gula Villan Blowupapanda pre party
05/28 - Göteborg, Valand w/Fox´n wolf
05/29 - Västervik, Oasen
05/31 - Stockholm, Debaser w/7feet4
06/07 - Fredricia, Formanova03 w/The Price Of Ink, Switchblade

Look for a video from the band for song "Boogie Woogie" soon, too. has posted the new video for "Reconsider Me", the first single from Moneybrother's new album "Blood Panic".

The Norweigan musicians union and the Stavanger Symphonic Orchestra are raising money to send musical instruments to Iraq. So far about 60,000 NOK has been brought in for the effort. Read more. (in Norweigan)

The six finalists for the Roland/SAMI Artistpris 2003:

1. Steroids (rock)
2. Yukon AK (country/pop)
3. Ane Brun (singer/songwriter)
4. Peter Murphy (pop)
5. The Terrible Misstakes (punk)
6. Andreas Giri (pop)

They will all be performing at Alcazar (Nalen) in Stockholm on May 28 to vye for the various prizes in front of a jury of various music industry professionals. Read more. (in Swedish)

Proof that The Hives have reached a significant level of success: Weird Al has parodied them on the song "Angry White Boy Polka" from his new album "Poodle Hat". Congrats guys.

Ed Hartcourt that he will be making a Gröna Lund appearance on August 22.

The Amnestys endagsfestival on May 17 at Mondo in Stockholm will feature Florence Valentin, Shout Out Louds, Paris, Ane Brun and The Concretes.

Dagensskiva gives Logh's new album "The Raging Sun" a 9 out of 10 in their review today. I'd have to agree - I managed to find myself an advance copy and have been listening to it quite a bit. Easily one of the best records I've heard so far this year.

Arch Enemy has set "Anthems of Rebellion" as the title of new new record due out August 26 from Century Media, and in Japan on July 23 from Toy's Factory. Guitarist Michael Amott is quoted as saying "There is a thread of ANTI-establishment and REBELLION that goes through all the songs lyrics and also the artwork, but I wouldn't go as far as calling it a full-blown concept — that kind of stuff usually tends to get in the way of the music... It sounds thicker and more heavy than the last album." Read more. (from Blabbermouth)

Via the pHinnweb mailing list comes this glossary of various terms and items relevant to Finnish art and music.

Entombed's upcoming eigth album "Inferno" has now been delayed to an August 4 release date. Pelle Gunnerfeldt of Fireside produced and I for one am very curious to hear how it turned out.

As hinted at before, David & the Citizens are at Gula Studion (The Yellow Studio) in Malmö with producer Jens Lindgård working on their new record. Word has it that Pelle Ossler of Wilmer X guests on a track along with the klezmer band Tummel on another.

Cold Meat Industry acts IRM and Institut will play the Red Rose in London on May 9. More info here.

I seem to be experiencing webserver difficulties. No idea why, but I think we're good to go now.

Spendid E-zine reviews Radio Dept. As mentioned before, this band is generating quite a bit of buzz and is picking up quite a bit of steam around the UK even without a record label or proper release.

C.Aarmé has put up a new rehearsal mp3 for your perusal: "I am a Princess". As mentioned before, their new 4-song 7" just came out on Deleted Art.

The Rasmus recently allowed Swedish DJ/remixers PhatZoo and Vecorta to work over "In the Shadows" for clubs around Scandinavia to play. Apparently some radio stations have already added it to their playlists, too. They say it probably won't see a single release, but may end up on a comp sometime, so keep yours eyes open if interested. And in other news, the band also lent the track "Madness" to for use in their first episode. Looks a little like 'Jackass'-style stupidity to me, but check it out if you're curious.

The Cardigans, The Hives, and The Soundtrack of Our Lives are just three of the many bands featured on the new "Later...Louder" DVD that just came out in Europe. The disc features various BBC2 live TV performances from the program 'Later with Jools Holland' along with interviews and more. Details are here.

Supersilent will be heading over to Helsinki, Finland for the Jumo Jazzfest (part of the larger Helsinki Fest) on September 9. More info: Finnish / English

Nasum has announced that they will be putting on a record release show for their latest album "Helvete" at Contan in Örebro on May 24. Best of all, the first 100 attendees receive a free copy of said CD with their 40kr entry. Not bad, eh? And they also tease "remember that we have some guests on the album - they might show up, can you afford to miss it?" has posted a flawless review of Enslaved's new album "Below the Lights".

Sahara Hotnights report that they will only be playing two festivals this summer, the Kerrang! Festival in London on June 22 and the Siren Festival in NYC on July 19. The band is planning to spend the rest of the summer writing songs and working on the next album.

Bear Quartet has posted a new mp3 of the song "Disappearing Act" from their upcoming "All Your Life" EP. The band will be filming a video for the title track with Jejo in Croatia sometime this week.

Labrador Records has announced that is has now secured distribution to Iceland through Rafgrein and to Thailand by way of B2S. For more info contact either at Rafgrein and at B2S.

New Burning Heart-signee Sparks of Seven will release their first single and video for the song "Move Me On" on May 12. Read more. (in Swedish)

De Stijl and Kashmir have now been confirmed for the Stockholm Calling fest on May 31. Tom McRae is now on the bill, too.

"Detta är årets bästa svenska skiva." Musiklandet reviews "The Raging Sun", the new album from Logh. And yes, it really is brilliant. Sadly, there's no word on an American release yet, but we'll see. And here's another review from AndTheSound, too.

Now here's something a little different. Download this mp3 of Toivo Kaihero spinning a set of various classic Finnish tunes described as "melancholy and painful stories about how life sucks and then you die." It's all done live and is about 30 minutes long.

There's gonna be a Popaganda warm-up show at Mondo (T-Medborgarplatsen) on May 8 with Florence Valentin (solo) and Jose Gonzales plus various DJs. And just like the fest itself, entry is free. has announced the bands set to play the Popmate new music showcase at Alcazar in Stockholm on May 7, 14 and 21. Among the names mentioned are Picabo, Peter Hägerås and Sedventon. Read more.

The lineup for the big Accelerator shows in Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm (July 1-3, respectively) have been confirmed. No Scandinavian bands on the bill yet, but here's the list so far.

The German webzine Sellfish recently did an interview with Isolation Years. Check it out. They also review the latest from Fireside if you're curious. (in German)

Cato Salsa Experience's new album will be called "The Fruit is Still Fresh" and is coming out in Norway on June 2. Look for an mp3 preview coming soon.

Amulet reports that they have completed work on their new album "Danger! Danger!". The first single for the track "Breaking News" will be released in Scandinavia on May 15 with the b-side "Dollhouse".

Magnus from The Cardigans reports that "Long Gone Before Daylight" is currently being remixed for 5.1 sound systems at Medley Studios in Copenhagen. So yeah, those of you with home theatre stereo setups will be able to enjoy the record in full surround sound. No word on a release date yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Check out the Nordic Favorites compilation tracklist:

01. Bel Canto - You Rock My World Tonight
02. Eskobar - On The Ground
03. The Rasmus - In The Shadows
04. The Sounds - Living In America
05. Silje Nergaard - Be Still My Heart
06. Funkstar De Luxe W M Mann - Blinded
07. Gåte - Bendik Og År Olilja
08. Luke - Heavens On Fire
09. Grant - Just The Thing
10. Morten Abel - I'll Come Back And Love You Forever
11. Swan Lee - Tomorrow Never Dies
12. The Crash - Star
13. Maria Mena - Free
14. Kristofer Åström - All Lovers Hell
15. Cajsa Stina Åkerström - Himmel Över
16. Junior Senior - Move Your Feet
17. Lordi - Would You Love A Monsterman

Here's another mp3 from Randy's new album "Welfare Problems". The track is called "X-ray Eyes".

Fargo records has picked up Hederos & Hellberg's "Together in the Darkness" for release in the UK. The same label is also putting out the album in France and Spain this month. In related news, Silence is reporting that Mattias Hellberg is planning to record a solo album this summer.

I've already posted some of these dates, but here's a more complete list of the upcoming Gröna Lund shows this summer:

05/09 - Melody Club
05/23 - Dilba, Stephen Simmonds
06/18 - The Sounds
06/27 - Eric Gadd, Kaah
08/15 - Robyn
08/29 - Caesars Palace, Bad Cash Quartet
09/05 - bob hund
09/12 - The Hellacopters

Labrador Records will holding a mini-festival for the label featuring Chasing Dorotea, Laurel Music, Ronderlin plus Dj's: Pontus & Ramo (Douglas Heart) and Henrik Lyngåker (Sonic) at Bommens Salonger on May 9.

Here's an updated lineup for the 5th annual Nordic Roots Festival which takes place in Minneapolis from September 18-21: Filarfolket reunion, Ellika Frisell and Solo Cissokho, Maria Kalaniemi with Sven Ahlbäck and Johan Hedin, Gjallarhorn, Harv and the Swedish trio Nåra.

STIM reports that The Hives made it to #4 on the LA Times list of top 50 bands around today. Iggy Pop, White Stripes and Queens of the Stone Age took the top spots and fellow Swedes Soundtrack of Our Lives came in at a respectable 15.

Blood Music, Björns vänner, CK, Corduroy utd., Dub Sweden, Florence Valentin, Hell on Wheels, Paris and The Danny Says have all been confirmed for the Rundgångsfestivalen in Wämöparken on May 31.

P3 Musikjournalen has posted a whole slew of new confirmations for Kirunafestivalen, Storsjöyran, Spinnrock, Gatufesten. Midtfynsfestivalen and Norbergfestivale.

More on the Mando Diao drama, from Aftonbladet. (in Swedish)

Carnal Forge has announced that they have extended their contract with Centry Media for another two albums. Look for 'em on tour in America with the 2003 Metal Gods featuring Halford, Testament, Immortal, Primal Fear and Behemoth.

MTV Up North has moved to Thursdays with a new, extended format. Here's this week's chart:

01. HIM - Funeral of hearts
02. The Sounds - Rock n´ Roll
03. Mew - Comforting Sounds
04. The Rasmus - In The Shadows
05. A-Teens - Perfect Match
06. Kwan - Shine
07. Kashmir - Surfing The Warm Industry
08. Dub Sweden - Walk Me Home
09. Kari - Exile
10. Surferosa - Neon Commando
11. Paola - Interstellar Love
12. Moon Gringo - Buzz Aldrin
13. Melody Club - Cover Girl
14. Whyte Seeds - Slow motions
15. Pauline - Runnin´ Out Of Gaz
16. Bertine Zetlitz - Girl Like You
17. Jennifer Brown - Weak
18. The Cardigans - For What It´s Worth
19. Equicez - Live From Pass It
20. Thomas Rusiak - Unicorn
01. Empire Dogs - The Dogs
02. Timbuktu - Ett Brev
03. Nik & Jay - Elsker Hende Mere
04. The Knife - You Take My Breath Away
05. Jamie Meyer - Good Girl

Go to the site to watch and vote for your favorite.

Besides appearing on MTV Morning Glory back home in Sweden this weekend, The Sounds also have reviews published in US mags Billboard and Alternative Press. I'll try and track 'em down if I can.

Misconduct's video for their cover of Bob Marley's "Iron Lion Zion" will premiere on CTV's new program 'Nöjesnytt' on April 29. Singer Fredrik Olsson and bassist Andreas Wall will be on the show, too.

Here's the top 20 Swedish albums of the week, as reported by Aftonbladet:

01. The Cardigans - Long gone before daylight
02. Glenmark Eriksson Strömstedt - Den andra skivan
03. Jill Johnson - Discography
04. Lisa Nilsson - Samlade sånger 1992-2003
05. Cornelis Vreeswijk - Cornelis Vreeswijks bästa
06. Lars Winnerbäck och Hovet - Söndermarken
07. v/a - Fame Factory volym 4
08. Mauro Scocco - Beat hotel
09. Elin Sigvardsson - Saturday light naive
10. The Refreshments - On the rocks
11. Roxette - The pop hits
12. Kent - Vapen & ammunition
13. Siw Malmkvist - Siws bästa
14. The Knife - Deep Cuts
15. Fireside - Get shot
16. Buddaboys - Lost people areas
17. Fernandoz - Vem får din kärlek i natt
18. Dilba - Revolution
19. Emil Sigfridsson - Tillbaka till igår
20. The Sounds - Living in America

The Shout Out Louds are hard at work on their upcoming debut full-length which is now scheduled to come out September 29. They also have a new single coming out in May for the track "Hurry Up Let's Go" which will include an unreleased song as a b-side. And that's not all - they're even fitting in some touring:

4/25 - Borlänge, Klubb Desired
4/26 - Lund, Klubb Blender
5/7 - Oslo, So What
5/23 - Umeå Studion, Folkets Hus
5/28 - Örebro, Kåren
5/30 - Uppsala, Stones-festivalen
5/30 - Stockholm, Popaganda
5/31 - Linköping, Rocksensation, Herrgårn
5/31 - Kalmar, Skälby
6/6 - Göteborg, Pustervik w/Marit Bergman

This week's Swedish college radio chart (from Dagensskiva):

01. (NY) Bad Cash Quartet "Dirty Days"
02. (01) Fireside "All You Had"
03. (02) The White Stripes "7 Nation Army"
04. (11) Randy "A Man in a Uniform"
05. (NY) Miss Universum "Fertilize"
06. (07) Florence Valentin "Allt dom bygger upp ska vi meja ner"
07. (NY) The Raveonettes "Beat City"
08. (03) Her Majesty "F.U.N.E.R.A.L."
09. (NY) Queens of the Stone Age "Go with the Flow"
10. (04) The Dandy Warhols "We Used to be Friends"
11. (05) The Knife "You Take My Breath Away"
12. (NY) Zwan "Lyric"
13. (08) Hot Hot Heat "Bandages"
14. (10) Floetry "Floetic"
15. (09) Timbuktu "Ett brev"
16. (13) Turbonegro "F**k the World (F.T.W.)"
17. (18) Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Dark Wave"
18. (NY) Audio Bullys "The Things"
19. (NY) Anthony B "God Above Everything"
20. (15) The Coral "Don't Think You're The First"

Leaving the chart:
(06) Jurassic 5 Ft. Mya "Thin Line"
(12) Asian Dub Foundation Ft. Sinead O'Connor "1000 Mirrors"
(14) Sean Paul "Get Busy"
(16) Blur "Out of Time"
(17) Outlandish "Guantanamo"
(19) First Floor Power "Happy Endings"
(20) The Concretes "You Can't Hurry Love"

'Against All Evens' is the name of the upcoming Second Gothenburg Biennale to take place May 24 - August 24 at Gothenburg Konsthallen. The event is being billed as "a resistance against all that which is vapid, indifferent and toothless" and will be curated by artist/musician Carl Michael Von Hauswolff. 27 concerts are scheduled to take place including performances by Tommi Grönlund (Sähkö Rec.) with Petteri Nisunen (FIN), John Duncan, Kim Gordon, Russell Haswell, Florian Hecker, Phill Niblock, Pita, Franz Pomassl and more. More info here.

Get a preview of the new Hell n' Diesel single in RealAudio format: "Tears for the Wicked" / "Rebel" / "Speed Devil"
Preorders are already being taken over at the Shuffle Records website.

Live4Metal is reporting that Enslaved was forced to cancel their show at The Garage in London tonight as the promotor seems to have bungled the job. Their statement:

Only about 65 advance tickets were sold and the promoters could not afford to pay the deposit to bring Enslaved over from Norway and have pulled the gig. Live4Metal were happy to be official sponsors of the event, but we have not even had any official notice from them and are as mystified as the support bands, anybody who bought a ticket and no doubt Enslaved themselves. All I can say is that there is a lesson to be learnt here and budding promoters should most definitely learn to walk before they try to run. Being as we are fair, we are willing to listen to the promoters' side of the story... but we are yet to hear from them.

A little bird has informed me that the new C.Aarmé 4-song 7" and The New Mess 3-song gatefold EP are now done and ready for ordering from Deleted Art.

There's a new message board in town:
I'm still working out some kinks, but it should be up and running just fine for the most part.
UPDATE: Everything is pretty much good-to-go. Whatcha waiting for? Come say hi.

Satirnine has posted their upcoming European tour itinerary:

04/24 - Amsterdam, The MAX - NL
04/25 - Den Bosch, W 2 - NL
04/27 - Cologne, Live music Hall - DE
04/29 - Hamburg, Logo - DE
04/30 - Berlin, Columbia Fritz - DE
05/1 - Hannover, Musikzentrum - DE
05/2 - Schweinfurt, Alte Stadt bahnhof - DE
05/3 - Trier, Exil - DE
05/4 - Munchen, Backstage - DE
05/6 - Dornbin, Condrad Sohm - AUT
05/7 - Vienna, Arene - AUT
05/8 - Graz, Orpheum - AUT
05/10 - Milan, Leoncavallo - IT
05/12 - Zurich - Abart - CH
05/13 - Basel, Kaserne - CH
05/14 - Wil, Remise - CH
05/16 - Lyon, MJC - F
05/17 - Barcelona, Mephisto - E
05/18 - Madrid, Gruta 77 - E
05/20 - Valencia, Roxy - E
05/21 - Vigo, Nashville - E
05/22 - Gijon, Cafe albenitz - E
05/23 - Girona, Atzavara - E
05/24 - La Rouche Sur, Le fuzz - F
05/25 - Rennes, Mondo Bizarro - F
05/26 - Tours, Festival - F
05/28 - Portsmouth, Wedge wood room - UK
05/29 - Birmingham, Academy - UK
05/30 - Leeds, Jospehs Well - UK
05/31 - Glasgow, King Tuts Wah Hut - UK
06/3 - London - Garage – UK
06/12 - Hultsfredsfestivalen
08/2 - Augustibuller

Check out this review and pictures from Logh's show in Köln. (in German)

Pitchfork covers a couple joints from the cold, cold north today. They review both Turbonegro - "Scandinavian Leather" and Jaga Jazzist - "Animal Chin". The latter is a group I've actually been listening to a lot and can definitely recommend. The former, well... the less said the better I think.

Here's a streaming video interview with The Ark in English. It includes some political discussion along with behind-the-scenes footage from an acoustic TV performance.

The Sounds US press onslaught has begun. Are they the 'next big thing'? Can they be stopped? The band reports that they have articles in Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly, FHM, In Style (Dave Grohl Quote), Jane (The Donnas review the album), and W along with the previously mentioned Paper profile. They've also finally confirmed their upcoming dates with the Ravonettes and Vue:

05/24 - Minneapolis, 7th St. Entry
05/25 - Milwaukee, Vnuk's Lounge
05/27 - Chicago, Double Door
05/28 - Cleveland, Beachland Ballroom
05/29 - Detroit, Magic Stick
06/02 - New York, Bowery Ballroom
06/03 - Boston, Paradise Rock Club
06/04 - Philadelphia, North Star
06/05 - Washington DC, 9:30 Club

And don't forget that they're doing other headlining dates in the US, too. Keep your eyes peeled.

KVLR reports they are just about done with six songs for their new album which they have been working on in the studio with Marcus and Lena from Komeda. The material has been described as "poppy." Next up, they plan to hit the road for awhile after which they'll return to the studio to record the second half of the album. Dates confirmed so far:

05/31 - Umeå @ Scharinska Villan w/Logh
06/12 - (D) Trier, Ex House
06/13 - (D) München, Atomic Cafe
06/16 - (D) Frankfurt, Cookys
06/17 - (D) Marburg, Cafe Trauma
06/18 - (D) Hannover, Bei Chez Heinz
06/19 - (D) Berli, Magnet
06/20 - (D) Hamburg, Molotow
06/21 - (D) Kiel, Kieler Woche (Delta Radio Stage)
06/22 - (DK) Fredericia, Kulturmilitzen

The Klerks' new video for the single "Shame" premieres on Wimans ZTV on Monday April 28. They've also got a couple tourdates lined up for the near future:

04/27 - Göteborg, Chalmers Cortegen
04/29 - Örebro, Festivalborg
05/7 - Växjö, Studentkåren
05/8 - Kalmar, Studentkåren
05/9 - Hässleholm, Perrong 23
05/16 - Borlänge, Borlange

Bad Taste Records has posted an mp3 of the title track from Logh's upcoming EP "The Contractor and the Assassin". Check it out. Again, that'll be out May 5.

Check out the Fireside playing live on MTV Morning Glory. The extra guitarist is apparently Calle Olsson.

The lineup for the comp in honor of the Mjuk i Mössan fest in Emmaboda has just been released. Go to for more info. Otherwise, here's the tracklist:

01. Comet Gain - Never die
02. - Introducing the mechanical reindeer
03. Hank - Table 5 (and eating nachos)
04. Laakso - Sunday night
05. Speedmarket Avenue - You set the terms
06. Talking to Teapots - Me, you, Janie and Drew
07. Sagor & Swing - Popkarusellen
08. La Masa - Min megafon
09. Niccokick - I drink to get thrilled
10. Tullycraft - Miss Douglas county
11. The Radio Dept. - Lean back, lean forward
12. Björns Vänner - Tiden (egentligen "Den enda lögn du har kvar")
13. Surrounded - Exit serenade
14. Florence valentin - Haninge punks
15. Her Majesty - Rules to follow
16. Paris - Tonight
17. Bring me the fucking - Red wine riot
18. Sonny Crocket - Suppose
19. Dr. Higgins - Den vanliga människan

Misconduct just came back Studio Phlat Planet in Gothenburg with Fredrik Reinedahl (Passenger, In Flames, more) where they were working on their new album. The working title is "Fight Back" and the label describes it as "the best and most varied record Misconduct ever delivered." Also, if you preorder it now you can get a special limited edition digipack before the release date in May with extra songs, video and more. The first 250 orders also get "a Special Gift from the band," whatever that means. And as mentioned a looooong time ago, the band is heading out on the road this summer with NYC hardcore act 25 Ta Life. The dates so far:

06/12 - (GER) Bremen/Wehrschloss
06/13 - (GER) Hannover/Faust
06/14 - (GER) Chemnitz/Talschock
06/15 - (GER) Berlin/Knaack-Klub
06/16 - (GER) Tba
06/17 - (HOL) Tba
06/18 - (HOL) Leuwarden/Gloppe Festival
06/19 - (BEL) tba/tbc
06/20 - (FRA) Straßbourg/La Laterie
06/21 - (FRA) Paris/Street Fest
06/22 - (ESP) St. Feliu de Guixlos
06/23 - tba
06/24 - (POR) Lisbon/Tba
06/25 - (ESP) Madrid/Tba
06/26 - (ESP) Tba
06/27 - (FRA) Perpignan/Crockmore
06/28 - (FRA) Nantes, Hardcore Fury Fest w/Sick of it All, Suicidal, Madball,
06/29 - (FRA) tba
06/30 - (ITA) tba
07/01 - (AUS) Vienna/Arena
07/02 - (AUS) Dornbirn/Conrad Sohm
07/03 - (GER) Eisenach/Crocodiel
07/04 - (GER) Leipzig/Conne Island

Startracks/V2 has a DVD out entitled "Hidden Scenery". It features the video for "All Lovers Hell" from Kristofer Åström along with "How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me" and "Leaving Song" from a live performance he did in Berlin back in 2002. Other artists on it include Christian Kjellvander, Eskobar plus international acts Grandaddy, Elbow, Mercury Rev and more.

Bear Quartet have been confirmed for the free Pop Dakar music fest May 24 at Gula Villan in Stockholm. Other bands scheduled to play include First Floor Power, Grand Tone Music, Radio Dept., Hell on Wheels, Paris and more.

Here's a track-by-track review of that Finnish psych comp I mentioned yesterday.

Division of Laura Lee has a new CDS coming out May 26 for the track "Trapped In". B-sides will include the song "44" plus a live version of "Need To Get Some". Read more. has posted a review of Mika Vainio's new album "In the Land of the Blind The One-Eyed Is King". For those that don't know, Vainio is one half of the Finnish duo Pan Sonic.

Cult of Luna has unveiled their new website to match the cover art from the new album "The Beyond".

This year's pre-fest activities for Emmaboda have been cancelled due to organization problems. Here's a translated statement from the people behind the scenes at

Unfortunately we have some bad news. Our decision to run a pre festival fest again this year was taken in haste and we have therefore decided to cancel the event. We apolgise for this but we couldn't do anything about it as organisting it was proving more difficult than anticipated and there is not much we can do about it.

Sweden's best band? That's what Aftonbladet says. Check out these recent Fireside 4-star live reviews from the show at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg: Aftonbladet / Expressen (both in Swedish)

Here's the setlist:

Fernandez must die
All you had
Backwards over germany
Follow Follow
Blue Monday (New Order cover)
Throw it away
Problem (to you)
Thing on a spring

The band will also be appearing on MTV Morning Glory this weekend, so check it out when it airs.

Kalas-touring acts Marit Bergman and Her Majesty have now both been confirmed to play the Popaganda fest in Stockholm on May 29-31. The other two new bands confirmed are Midnight Monkeys and Kaada from Norway.

Here's the top 20 Swedish albums of the week, as reported by Aftonbladet:

01. The Cardigans - Long gone before daylight
02. Jill Johnson - Discography
03. Mauro Scocco - Beat hotel
04. Lisa Nilsson - Samlade sånger 1992-2003
05. Lars Winnerbäck och Hovet - Söndermarken
06. Cornelis Vreeswijk - Cornelis Vreeswijks bästa
07. v/a - Fame Factory volym 4
08. The Refreshments - On the rocks
09. Buddaboys - Lost people areas
10. Fireside - Get shot
11. Fernandoz - Vem får din kärlek i natt
12. Roxette - The pop hits
13. Dilba - Revolution
14. Kent - Vapen & ammunition
15. Emil Sigfridsson - Tillbaka till igår
16. The Knife - Deep Cuts
17. Rikard Wolff - Du får mig (om jag får dig)
18. Gloria - People like you and me
19. The Sounds - Living in America
20. Wahlströms - Allt jag vill ha

What are they thinking? Empire Magazine has put out a compilation entitled "Soundtrack of Our Lives" with tracks from artists such as U2, Orbital and Ash. Are they banking on confusion over the name or just totally clueless?

Revolution #9 has announced the creation of a new pop festival to occur this summer on July 18-19 at Bulltoftaparken in Malmö. It will be called the "We & You" fest and they expect to book about 25 bands, though no names have been revealed yet. More details soon.

Here's an interview with Jimmy Tenor in which discusses his new role of fatherhood along with his musical past, present and future. His upcoming tour dates were posted on the 14th.

The good folks at Chalksounds have revealed that they will reissuing Bear Quartet's classic album "Cosy Den" on vinyl this coming September. Keep your eyes peeled.And in even bigger BQ news, the band has announced that will also be putting out a new EP called "All Your Life" in May. Some of the other tracks to be included are"No More School", "Friend Friend" and "Disappearing Act". It was recorded and produced by the ever-so-talented Pelle Gunnerfeldt (Fireside) at his Studio Gröndal. Look for a brand new full length around August.

Denmark's The Alpine will be entering a studio in Sweden shortly to record their second demo. They'll also be playing at Lava/Kulturhuset in Stockholm while over they're there. The band is already receiving regular airplay on Danish P3 radio with the track "Ground Beneath Me" so things are definitely looking up for them. Check em out live, if you are so inclined:

4/18 - Paraplyen, Vejle (DK)
4/26 - Lava/Kulturhuset, Stockholm (S)
5/5 - Stidsholt Ungdomsskole (DK)
5/23 - Skråen, Aalborg (DK)
5/24 - Kulisselageret, Horsens (DK)
5/29-31 - SPOT09 fest, Århus (DK)
6/7 - Cafe' Von Hatten, Randers (DK)
6/25 - Nibe Festival (DK)

This week's Swedish college radio chart (from Dagensskiva):

01. (02) Fireside "All You Had"
02. (01) The White Stripes "7 Nation Army"
03. (06) Her Majesty "F.U.N.E.R.A.L."
04. (03) The Dandy Warhols "We Used To Be Friends"
05. (04) The Knife "You Take My Breath Away"
06. (08) Jurassic 5 Ft. Mya "Thin Line"
07. (NY) Florence Valentin "Allt dom bygger upp ska vi meja ner"
08. (NY) Hot Hot Heat "Bandages"
09. (07) Timbuktu "Ett brev"
10. (11) Floetry "Floetic"
11. (NY) Randy "A Man In A Uniform"
12. (14) Asian Dub Foundation Ft. Sinead O'Connor "1000 Mirrors"
13. (18) Turbonegro "F**k The World (F.T.W.)"
14. (NY) Sean Paul "Get Busy"
15. (10) The Coral "Don't Think You're The First"
16. (16) Blur "Out Of Time"
17. (NY) Outlandish "Guantanamo"
18. (NY) Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Dark Wave"
19. (09) First Floor Power "Happy Endings"
20. (12) The Concretes "You Can't Hurry Love"

Leaving the chart:
(05) Shout Out Louds "100 Degrees"
(13) Interpol "Obstacle 1"
(15) Isolation Years "Open Those Eyes"
(17) David & The Citizens "New Direction"
(19) The Kills "Fried My Little Brains"
(20) Komeda "Reproduce"

Picked up the guys from KVLR at the airport yesterday. They're a little jet-lagged, but otherwise very excited to head out on tour. Should be a lot of fun! The dates, yet again:

3/7 - Santa Cruz, CA - Drop-in Center w/Science of Yabra, The Yellow Press
3/8 - Redding, CA - Tag Teen Center w/Mercy Mile, The Yellow Press
3/9 - SF, CA - Club Galia w/Low Rise, Century Schoolbook, Fuck the Hope You Gave Me (ex-Fury 66, Audiocrush, Yaphet Kotto), Science of Yabra
3/10 - Huntington Beach, CA - Liquid Den w/, Taint
3/11 - Phoenix, AZ - Red Room
3/12 - Albuquerque, NM - Burt's Tiki Lounge
3/13 - Austin, TX - Momo's TFT/Better Looking Records Showcase w/Mark Gardner of Ride, Jealous Sound + more
3/14 - Flagstaff, AZ - Soul Kitchen
3/15 - Sacramento, CA - 1020 J w/Sputterdoll, No Avail

One of my favorite bands, Katatonia, is heading out across Europe with some help from Finntroll. The dates:

4/16 - Nachtleben/Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany
4/17 - Kiff, Aarau, Switzerland.
4/18 - Terminal Export, Nancy, France
4/19 - Dioxin, Schindellegi/Schwyz,Switzerland
4/20 - Midian Club, Vicenza, Italy
4/21 - Alpheus, Rome, Italy
4/22 - Transilvania Live, Milan, Italy
4/24 - Crockmore, Perpignan, France.
4/25 - K.G.B., Barcelona, Spain
4/26 - Caracol, Madrid, Spain
4/27 - SWR VI, Barroselas, Portugal
4/29 - Republicca II, Valencia, Spain
4/30 - West Rock, Cognac, France
5/01 - Rail Theatre, Lyon, France
5/02 - Splendid, Lille, France.

Some more dates have been announced for the upcoming In Flames/Mudvayne US tour. Here's the current itinerary:

3/08 - Pittsburgh, PA - Metropol
3/10 - Hartford, CT - Webster Theatre
3/11 - Clifton Park, NY - Northern Lights
3/12 - Pittston, PA - The Staircase
3/14 - Norfolk, VA - The NorVa
3/15 - Orlando/ Lake Buena Vista (FL) - House Of Blues
3/17 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's
3/18 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave / Eagles Ballroom
3/19 - Cleveland, OH - Odeon Concert Club
3/21 - Grand Rapids, MI - Orbit Room
3/22 - Indianapolis, IN - Murat Egyptian Room
3/23 - Des Moines, IA - Val Air Ballroom
3/25 - Kansas City, MO - Beaumont Club
3/26 - Oklahoma City, OK - Coca Cola Bricktown Event Center
3/28 - Corpus Christi, TX - Concrete Street Amphitheatre
3/29 - San Antonio, TX - Sunset Station
3/30 - McAllen, TX - Villa Real Conv. Ctr.

Finland's The Rasmus are doing a short Swedish tour in support of their new album "Dead Letters" which comes out March 21. The dates:

4/9 - Stockholm, Klubben
4/10 - Göteborg, Valand
4/11 - Köpenhamn, Lilla Vega
4/12 - Helsingborg, The Tivoli

Here's the top 20 Swedish albums of the week, as reported by Aftonbladet:

01. Emil Sigfridsson - Tillbaka till igår
02. Kent - Vapen & ammunition
03. Cornelis Vreeswijk - Cornelis Vreeswijks bästa
04. The Refreshments - On the rocks
05. The Sounds - Living in America
06. Barbados - Rewind
07. Robyn - Don´t stop the music
08. Kikki Bettan Lotta - Live från Rondo
09. v/a - Fame Factory volym 3 final 2002
10. The Knife - Deep Cuts
11. Melody Club - Music machine
12. Thomas Rusiak - In the sun
13. The Radio Dept. - Lesser matters
14. A Teens - New arrival
15. Magnus Uggla - Klassiska mästerverk
16. Christian Kjellvander - Songs from a two-room chapel
17. Slaptones - Simplify
18. Björn Skifs - Ingen annan
19. The Haunted - One kill wonder
20. Håkan Hellström - Det är så jag säger det

Listen to the new Isolation Years single "Open Your Eyes". Very different from their first record, but still quite good. Can't wait to hear the full album!

This week's Swedish college radio chart (from Dagensskiva):

01. (01) The Donnas "Take It Off"
02. (03) Shout Out Louds "100 Degrees"
03. (02) Placebo "The Bitter End"
04. (04) Missy Elliott Ft. Ludacris "Gossip Folks"
05. (06) Isolation Years "Open Those Eyes"
06. (07) Liam Lynch "United States Of Whatever"
07. (NY) The Flaming Lips "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt.1"
08. (05) Satirnine "Hey No Hell"
09. (12) Whyte Seeds "Slow Motions"
10. (NY) Lil' Kim Ft. Mr Cheeks "The Jump Off"
11. (NY) Franke "Ställs Mot Dig"
12. (10) Christian Kjellvander "Broken Wheels"
13. (NY) David Lindh & Hail Marys "Glad I Found You"
14. (NY) USCB Allstars "Watch Me Roll"
15. (14) Kristofer Åström & Hidden Truck "One Good Moment"
16. (NY) Macy Gray "When I See You"
17. (09) Håkan Hellström "Den fulaste flickan i världen"
18. (NY) Timbuktu "Ett brev"
19. (08) Aimee Mann "Pavlov's Bell"
20. (NY) Brendan Benson "Metarie"

Leaving the chart:
(11) Coldplay "Clocks"
(13) Laakso "Long Beach"
(15) The Dysfunctionals "Payback Time"
(16) Pearl Jam "Love Boat Captain"
(17) Ed Harcourt "All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed"
(18) Caesars Palace "Candy Cane"
(19) Ben Harper "With My Own Two Hands"
(20) Erlend Öje "Sudden Rush"

It's been quite some time since I heard anything about them, but Bad Cash Quartet has now been confirmed for Popaganda fest at Universitetsområdet in Stockholm to take place May 29-31. Other bands confirmed for the fest include The Embassy, Florence Valentin, Crystal Committee, The Junior, The Concretes and Buck.

Melody Club is setting their sites on Germany. Their album will get a release there on May 5 to be followed by a tour:

5/14 - Hamburg (D) Molotow
5/15 - Düsseldorf (D) Unique
5/16 - Weinheim (D) Cafe Central
5/17 - Berlin (D) Bastard
5/18 - Kassel (D) K19
5/19 - Frankfurt (D) Cookys
5/20 - Dresden (D) Downtown
5/21 - München (D) Atomic Cafe