Artist: Grace.Will.Fall

Country: Sweden
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
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Scorched Earth unveil new EP, tour

Two raging tracks from Swedish crust-metallers Scorched Earth, a new band featuring members from Massmord, Future Ruins, Grace.Will.Fall, Glöm Dä!, Reign of Bombs and more, both of which will be appearing on their upcoming 7" EP "Cause and effect" due out soon via /. The band will also be heading out for an extensive European tour and you can get details here:
Very recommended.

The Gatheration - An illusion just to fail (video)

The Gatheration is a new band featuring the four brothers Blomberg, Simon and Daniel from M:40 plus Ulf of Grace.Will.Fall and Jesper who is apparently the black sheep of the family with no notable band resumé. Anyhow, they've come together with the intention of playing straightforward punkrock and, if this song's any indication, I'd say they've succeeded mightily. Look for their debut 7" on / in May with a European tour to follow.

New video, album from Grace.Will.Fall

It's been over a year since Grace.Will.Fall's last album was released, but I suppose that doesn't mean they still can't make a video for a tune off it. Not that watching a hardcore band perform on a big stage with a huge audience barrier is all that exciting, but whatever, I'm not that big on the band in the first place. Anyway, look for their new all-Swedish album "Punkjävlar" to be released on February 25 via .

MP3: Grace.Will.Fall - New song

I like Refused a lot, but let's be honest: "The shape of punk to come" has not aged well. It was an important document for its time, but it also effectively shut the door of an era of hardcore many folks would prefer to forget. Not everything that followed in its wake has been awful, but it is surely responsible for directly influencing a ton of crap. Grace.Will.Fall toe the line. They tone down the sass and nail the "deadly rhythm", but we've heard it all before. What sounded like the future in 1998 sounds like the past in 2009. I don't doubt that their motivations are pure-hearted, but it's time to move on. Newness is not the imperative, it's inspiration.

Grace.Will.Fall - New song

Grace.Will.Fall has parted ways with Guideline Records and is currently seeking a new label to release their sophomore album.

M:40, Exhale and Grace.Will.Fall are keeping a blog of their tour together:

The Demoscenen bands have been confirmed for next year's Popstad festival on February 13-14 in Jönköping, Sweden. Here's the details:

02/13 - Loney Dear, Spunkmusic, Music will kill you, Allyawan och Emil, Brikha
02/14 - Denver Mod, Mustafa et Monique, Valley Days, grace.will.fall, Sordid

More info: