Artist: Haust

Country: Norway
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Reviews: No Christmas (mp3) / Powers of horror / Anti-reproductive (mp3) / Skate rock (mp3) / Ugly fucking Oslo (mp3) / Ride the relapse (mp3)
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Haust - Live @ Last Train, Oslo (video)

Live footage of Haust playing in Oslo last weekend with their new lineup and a guest appearance from AnnK of Dark Times.

The return of Haust

reports that Haust, their first-ever signing, is back in action again after some lineup changes and is currently working on new material:
OG members Vebjørn Møllberg (vocals) and Pål Bredrup (bass, now guitar) remain, while Henrik Myrvold (Evolve, Problems, bass) and Øystein Wyller Odden (Uniforms & Dropouts, drums) are now on board.

Årabrot - Solaranus (video)

Brand new visual stimulation from Norwegian miscreants Årabrot as directed by Fredrik Hana (Haust, Kvelertak and Shining). Don't miss the band on tour in the UK right now.

Top 10s for 2011: It's a Trap!

Top 10s for 2011: It's a Trap!

Black Hole X-mas

It's official: the upcoming Okkultokrati record due out in late November will be an extra-special Christmas-themed split 7" with Haust called "Black Hole X-mas". Haust contribute a new recording of the modern evergreen "No Christmas" which originally premiered during last year's Alternativ Julekalendar and Okkultokrati respond in kind with "All I want for Christmas is glue". Official release is November 25 via . If you're looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite misanthrope, this is it!

Core Values #1: Ugly Fucking Norway

Invisible Oranges is hosting a mixtape of Norwegian metal and hardcore consisting primarily of tunes culled from the catalog of the mighty Black Hole Crew, aka Haust/Okkultokrati/Dark Times/Årabrot/etc.:
Obviously regular IAT! readers should already be well aware of these bands because they are the shit, but if not- this is a decent place to start.

White Juice preview

Upstart Norwegian mysterious guy hardcore act White Juice are streaming their new cassette release at Bandcamp:
Features members of Haust, Okkultokrati and Blackest Woods, so you know it's raging.

Ugly fucking Europe

Haust has a tourblog:

The Quietus investigates Necromantic Norway

The Quietus interviews Årabrot and Haust, two members of Norway's Black Hole Crew, ahead of the former's Ja Ja Ja gig in London tomorrow:
Featured above: Okkultokrati, the third part of the triad that makes up the so-called "Necromantic Norway" scene and still by far my favorite of the bunch.

The Guardian vs the Black Hole Crew

The Guardian reports the new scene of necromantic noise coming out of Norway:
Of course, regular readers should already be well aware that they are talking about Haust, Okkultokrati and Årabrot, three of Norway's best. No idea what those commenters are thinking praising Turbonegro over these dudes as if the last 15 years didn't happen, but whatever. Remain ignorant and enjoy Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult.

Intervalo Banger talks to Haust

Check out the full English text version of an interview that Haust vocalist Vebjørn Guttormsgaard did with Brazilian blog Intervalo Banger:

Haust, Rotten Sound: cursed to tour

Haust, Rotten Sound and The Kandidate will be spending the month of April touring Europe together with Americans Trap Them and Gaza:

04/01 - Stadtmitte, Karlsruhe (GER)
04/02 - Underground, Köln (GER)
04/03 - Juha, Rosswein (GER)
04/04 - Exit Chmelnice, Prague (CZ)
04/05 - Randal, Bratislava (SLO)
04/06 - Feierwerk, München (GER)
04/07 - Rockhouse, Salzburg (AUS)
04/08 - Bloom, Mezzago (ITA)
04/09 - Init, Rome (ITA)
04/10 - Dynamo Werk21, Zürich (CH)
04/11 - Glazart, Paris (FRA)
04/12 - Underworld, London (UK)
04/13 - White Rabbit, Plymouth (UK)
04/14 - Arts Centre, Colchester (UK)
04/15 - Trix, Antwerpen (BEL)
04/16 - Perron55, Venlo (HOL)
04/17 - Hafenklang, Hamburg (GER)
04/18 - Templet, Lyngby (DK)
04/19 - Henriksberg, Gothenburg (SWE)
04/20 - tba
04/21 - Debaser Slussen, Stockholm (SWE)
04/22 - Klubi, Turku (FIN)
04/23 - Lutakko, Jyväskylä (FIN)
04/24 - Nosturi, Helsinki (FIN)

Top tens for 2010: It's a Trap!

Top tens for 2010: It's a Trap!

MP3: Haust - No Christmas

It's not going to displace King Diamond's "No presents for Christmas" as my #1 holiday tune, but Haust's "No Christmas" comes close. Finally, a tune from the Alternativ Julekalender worth reposting!

Haust - No Christmas

Nö Music bears witness to the new necromantics

Nö Music has posted an excellent lengthy review of seeing the unholy trinity of Okkultokrati, Haust and Årabrot live: