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Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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Holmes - Debris (video)

Holmes now have a video for their new single "Debris".

Holmes - Debris

Swedish melancholy alt-country/rock act Holmes are giving away their new single "Debris" as a free download via Bandcamp. Check it out; I especially dig the b-side "Luxury is treachery". You can also preorder their upcoming CD/LP "Burning bridges" here or listen to it in full here.

Holmes - There'll be no Christmas without you

Holmes is giving away "There'll be no Christmas without you" as a free download from now until the 25th:

Holmes offer OOP EP for free download

Swedish melancholy folk act Holmes are now sold out of every physical copy of their 2008 EP "Storm", so they're giving it away as a free download for a limited time:

Holmes - The strangest calm

There's a new single from Holmes available for free download/streaming:
Look for the band's new album "Have I told you lately that I loathe you" to be released on June 18 via .

Lars Ludvig Löfgren offers single for download, tours Germany, more

Swedish indie label Häleri, home to bands such as Holmes and Affordable Hybrid, will be releasing the new album "Heterochromia" from Lars Ludvig Löfgren on September 24. Download the first single "Opportunity knocks" for free via Bandcamp:
Also, check him out on tour later this month:

08/20 - Schokoladen, Berlin (GER)
08/21 - Hasenschaukel, Hamburg (GER)
08/22 - The Living Room Society, Bonn (GER)
08/23 - Norderzoon Festival @ Platformtheater, Groningen (NL)
08/24 - Cafe Schröder, Göttingen (GER)

Black Star Foundation now distributed by Sound Pollution

Malmö-based indie/hardcore label Black Star Foundation (Holmes, Pg.Lost) has signed on with Sound Pollution as their new distributor. Look for new albums from both Abandon ("The dead end" 2CD) and Jesaiah ("Et tu hope") soon.

Holmes to tour Europe

Swedish alt-country act Holmes is heading out on the road next week:

03/25 - Objekt 5, Halle (GER)
03/26 - Paris Syndrom, Leipzig (GER)
03/27 - Kult 41, Bonn (GER)
03/28 - Elfer, Frankfurt (GER)
03/29 - Kohi, Karlsruhe (GER)
03/30 - Fatal, Landau (GER)
03/31 - Channel Zero, Ljubljana (SI)
04/01 - The Office, Graz (AUS)
04/02 - Vorstadt, Wien (AUS)
04/03 - Herbert, Baden (CH)
04/05 - Dimensione, Winterthur (CH)
04/08 - Bar Sartea, Vicenza (IT)
04/09 - Locomotiv, Bologna (IT)
04/10 - Arci Valverde, Forlì (IT)
04/12 - Südstadt, München (GER)
04/13 - Yacht, Brno (CZ)
04/14 - Societätstheater, Dresden (GER)
04/15 - Haus 73, Hamburg (GER)
04/16 - Schokoladen, Berlin (GER)
04/17 - Limes, Köln (GER)
04/18 - tbc, Bielefeld (GER)
04/19 - Loppen, Köpenhamn (DK)

MP3: Holmes - The arms of someone else

At their best Holmes sound like the dour Swedish Americana of Amandine crossed with the poetic melancholy of The Book of Daniel. At their worst, well... that sound can be pretty damn boring and it does get that way after a few songs. But one at a time? All good.
Living like I do in the cold, wet Pacific Northwest, I feel a kinship with the people of Göteborg and their similar grey existence and likewise, I can appreciate the temptation to subsist on music that befits the climate. Art is supposed to reflect your surroundings, is it not? This is the sound of walking down by the water at night in a light drizzle. Of sitting by yourself with a beer in hand, trying to clear your head. True, quiet melancholy; reflective and regretful, but resolved. Honestly, I think it's a beautiful thing and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Though to be sure: moderation is key. A little goes a long, long way.

Holmes - The arms of someone else

Check out the video for "Storm" from Swedish melancholy country act Holmes:

New tourdates for Swedish alt-country act Holmes:

09/ 30 - The Showcase @ MTC, Köln (GER)
10/01 - Falkendom, Bielefeld (GER)
10/02 - Hans Wurst, Berlin (GER)
10/03 - Cafe Panam, Leipzig (GER)
10/05 - Arena, Wien (AUS)
10/06 - The Office, Graz (AUS)
10/07 - Channel Zero, Ljubljana (SLO)
10/08 - MKSC, Koper (SLO)
10/09 - Lego, Cesena (ITA)
10/10 - Condorito, Cuneo (ITA)
10/12 - Dauntaun, Milano (ITA)
10/15 - Bar Sartea, Vicenza (ITA)
10/16 - Holästei, Glarus (CH)
10/17 - Herbert, Baden (CH)
10/18 - Fanhead Festival @ D:qliq, Luxembourg (LUX)
10/19 - tba, Hamburg (GER)
11/13 - Kulturbaren @ Folkets Hus, Trollhättan (SWE)

Black Star Foundation will be releasing two new albums in September. The first is "It's not me, it's you!", the full-length debut of postrockers Pg.Lost and the second is "Wolves" from the band Holmes. Also on the way is a new Tias Carlson record - look for that one around October.

Black Star Foundation has announced the signing of Swedish act Holmes. The band is currently recording their debut album "Wolves" at Kepner Treg in Göteborg with Per-Ola Eriksson (Boy Omega, Björn Kleinheinz, The Book of Daniel) for release later this year. Hear demo tracks at myspace:

Swedish alt-country act Holmes will be touring Germany next week:

06/12 - Subrosa, Kiel
06/13 - JZ Kamp, Bielefeld
06/14 - Schokoladen, Berlin
06/15 - UT Connewitz, Leipzig
06/16 - Krachgarten, Homberg (Kassel)

Listen to samples here:

Johnny Bråttom Records has changed the tracklist a bit on their upcoming "Vintervilla" CDR comp. Here's how it'll run now and it should be available next week:

01. Audrey - Scars in me
02. Ed Greene - Be patient
03. Lo-fi-fnk - Unighted
04. Love is All - Ageing had never been his friend
05. Holmes - Songs of ours
06. The Kid - On a hillside
07. Pete Thompson - Come on down
08. Sin Närmiljö & The Book of Daniel - Tourism