Artist: Insurgent Kid

Country: Sweden
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
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New old music from Insurgent Kid

Swedish hardcore act Insurgent Kid never managed to release the "Bad DNA" EP they recorded back in 2007, so they've posted the whole thing on myspace along with an unnamed and unreleased cover tune:

Insurgent Kid reports that frontman Erik has left the band to concentrate on drum duties with Masshysteri, the new ex-Vicious band. Also, drummer Jonas is currently studying abroad in Beijing and playing with a local hardcore band there called Fanzui Xiangfa (Criminal Minds) that just put out an album and will be touring locally. Otherwise, the band has some material set aside for a potential 10" or 7" EP to be released via Ny Våg, but it's currently delayed. As for the future, the band plans to lay low for awhile until Jonas returns this summer.

Sista Sekunden - Skyll inte på ossSista Sekunden
Skyll inte på oss
Cage Match Federation/Instigate


The cover of "I am not a punk", translated into Swedish ("Jag är inte punk"), by Descendents sums it up pretty damn good. Besides the obvious; the fact that this four piece punk-rock combo from Malmö, Sweden has developed a complete and utter infatuation for American hardcore, it's clear that we're dealing with high quality punk-rock that stands out. And in times like these, the eccentric take of singing in Swedish is also a thing I applaud. 'Cause to be honest; you can easily sort out the quality from the quantity when it comes to punk sung in this native language nowadays. There's not on an ounce of originality to Sista Sekunden's music, I know, but they have the honorable courage to think outside the box sometimes. Furious hardcore in the vein of Adolescents is mixed with melodic punk rock in "Bombplan" reminiscent to early Bad Religion somewhere around "How could hell be any worse?" and that's a typical characteristic of the band and this album. "Skyll inte på oss" ("Don't blame us") is a reckless and rash album similar to a rollercoaster. In a good way, that is. If you're only going to buy one punk album this year, buy this one. Or maybe "Paranoia" by Insurgent Kid, that's how good this one is.
- Jonas Appelqvist

Wasted Sounds has new records (as in vinyl) on the way from Dödsdömd, Insurgent Kid and Blinds before the end of the month. Head to their website for mp3s and details:

Top 10s for 2006: Staff picks

Insurgent Kid
Wasted Sounds

Yet another band from Umeå that delivers! Hell, if you didn't know better, you'd think that the songs featured on "Paranoia" were recorded in the mid-80's, following the likes of Minor Threat and Black Flag. To be honest, this is 25 minutes right up my alley! The Insurgent Kid-members are in no way strangers to the hardcore scene, coming from various successful bands in the past (Abhinanda, D.S. 13 to name a few) and it shows. The performance is flawless with singalongs, raging (and unbelievably tight) drums and guitar-riffs that carry every tune home. The fact that these guys recognize that a song doesn't have to be longer than, say, 2 minutes is admireable as well! This release proves Wasted Sounds to be one of the most interesting labels in Sweden at the moment. Can't wait for the premiere of "American hardcore" in Scandinavia? Get ahold of a copy of "Paranoia" and it'll be worth the wait!
- Jonas Appelqvist