Artist: KTMK

Country: Finland
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Reviews: Kalinka (mp3)
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Here's the playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Familjen - Nu händer det igen
02. TALK 1
03. Murmansk - Pale
04. KTMK - Valaistu risti
05. Lapko - Hugging the phone
06. Hebosagil - Big sun
07. TALK 2
08. Samuraj Cities - Washed up!
09. Sad Day for Puppets - Marble gods
10. Logh - An alliance of hearts
11. Epidemics - Never grow up
12. TALK 3
13. Simon Says No! - Shiver
14. Kornstad - Turkey, Texas
15. Spirits of the Dead - White lady/Black rave
16. TALK 4
17. Laakso - Hang me in the Christmas tree

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MP3: KTMK - Kalinka

If you mistake this track for The Jesus Lizard, I don't blame you. That main riff is awfully similar to "Lady shoes". The thing is though, KTMK (short for Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio, try saying that one five times fast) predates 'em by five full years, having recorded "Kalinka" in 1985 for the "666" album. "Goat", on the other hand, was recorded in 1990 and it's no secret that at least engineer Steve Albini was a big fan of weird Finnish hardcore. The more I dig into the stuff, the more obvious the influence is, regardless of whether it's out in the open or not. So are Chicago and Finland kindred spirits? Maybe? I've never been to either, but I gotta say that I certainly love the music.

KTMK - Kalinka

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Tobias Hellkvist - Besviken
02. TALK 1
03. The Deer Tracks - Yes this is my broken shield
04. The Tallest Man On Earth - Pistol dreams
05. White Knives - Death is king of the dancefloor
06. TALK 2
07. Abcess Exil - Kanske du förstår
08. Sällskapet - Nordlicht
09. KTMK - Kalinka
10. The Kid - Transient dance
11. TALK 3
12. Commando M. Pigg - This thing
13. I Are Droid - Sevenfold
14. Johan Heltne - Din alkoholism är ingen alkoholism
15. TALK 4
16. Zeigeist - Wrecked metal (cello version)
17. CMX - Nainen tanssii tangoa
18. Broder Daniel - Love doesn't last
19. TALK 5

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Dusted reviews the new CD retrospective "Valkenee" from 80s Finnish hardcore act KTMK aka Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio:

An official release date of October 10 has been set for the upcoming Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio (KTMK) discography CD "Valkenee – koko tuotanto". Said CD will contain all of the songs the band has ever recorded, including the "666" LP, "Seitsemäs Pasuuna" EP "Yalta Hi-Life" comp tracks and more. For more info on the cult Finnish band, go here:

Finnish label If Society has announced that they'll be releasing the new Hero Dishonest LP "Let Your Poison Scream" at the end of June. 20 minutes of no bullshit, no posing hardcore including a cover of "Pääni" by classic Finnish punks KTMK. Also in the works from the label is the new album "Szklarska Poreba" from Fun. The sound is described as "classic 80's american indie á la Flipper, Big Black, Minutemen, Fugazi, Butthole Surfers, Saccharine Trust" and it should be ready by the end of July. Download older track "The Rocket Song":
And that's not all - the label also has plans for a 7" from The Protestants, a split 7" with Hero Dishonest and Mukeka Di Rato from Brazil and the follow-up to "8 Hours" from Echo is Your Love.