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Kashmir - Electrified love (preview)

Preview a bit of the new Kashmir single "Electrified love", just released as a single today and due out 11/11/11 as part of the band's previously announced best-of collection "Katalogue".

Kashmir to release best-of collection

Kashmir will taking advantage of the 11/11/11 date to release a career retrospective album entitled "Katalogue". Said collection will include 32 songs including the obligatory new single "Electrified love" as well as a few live recordings from DM i Rock circa '93.

Gaffa DK Music Awards 2010

The nominees for Gaffa's Danish music awards have been announced:

De Eneste To - De eneste to (/)
Efterklang - Magic chairs ()
Kashmir - Trespassers ()
The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Howl at the moon ()
The Rumour Said Fire - The arrogant ()

De Eneste To (/)
Efterklang ()
Kashmir ()
The Floor Is Made Of Lava ()
The Rumour Said Fire ()

Female artist:
Fallulah ()
Henriette Sennenwaldt (

Male artist:
Jacob Bellens (Murder) ()
Jesper Lidang (The Rumour Said Fire) ()
Kasper Eistrup (Kashmir) ()
Søren Huss ()
Tobias Kippenberger (The Floor Is Made Of Lava) ()

De Eneste To (/)
Fallulah ()
Ginger Ninja ()
The Rumour Said Fire ()
Vinnie Who ()

Hit song:
Dúné - Dry lips ()
Dúné - Let go of your love ()
Hej Matematik - Party i Provinsen ()
Nephew Feat. Landsholdet - The Danish way to rock ()
Turboweekend - Trouble is ()

Music video:
Burhan G Feat. Nik & Jay - Tættere på himlen (dir: Michael Sauer Christensen) ()
De Eneste To - Morten (dir: Casper Dalhoff) (/)
Kashmir - Still boy (dir: Jakob Printzlau) ()
The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Leave me now (dir: Casper Balslev) ()
Under Byen - Unoder (dir: Manyar I. Parwani) (

Full list:

Kashmir - Pursuit of misery (video)

Kashmir's new fan-generated video for the song "Pursuit of misery". Direct link:

New Kashmir EP from Hi-Fi Klubben

Danish act Kashmir will be releasing a new 12" EP entitled "Extraordinaire" in cooperation with Hi-Fi Klubben, the same folks who apparently were responsible for the vinyl reissue of the band's entire back-catalogue. Said EP will feature "Zitilites" and "It's ok now" on the a-side with "Danger bear" and "Break of the avalanche" on the flip, the latter being the sole track previously unavailable on a physical format -- it was released as a short-lived digital download for folks who preordered the album "Trespassers". For local folks who are interested, there will be a limited occupancy listening session/meet & greet with the band available to Hi-Fi Klubben customer club members, which can be joined for free right here:

The William Blakes confirm new record

Danish indie act The William Blakes have confirmed that their new album "The way of the warrior", produced by Jon Schumann (Kent, Mew, Kashmir), will be released on September 13.

Kashmir - Mouthful of wasps (video)

Soundvenue has the premiere of the new Kashmir video "Mouthful of wasps":

New Kashmir has a name

Kashmir has revealed that their next album, due out February 1, will be called "Trespassers".

Kashmir - Mouthful of wasps

The new Kashmir single "Mouthful of wasps" is now available as a paid download in high-quality FLAC format via the band's website:
Preview the full track at YouTube:
Look for the band's as-yet-untitled sixth album to be released on February 1, 2010.

Kashmir in the studio (video)

Check out a short video of Kashmir in the studio, recording their next album:

Kashmir will be spending August back in the studio working on their sixth album.

Larsen & Furious Jane - Zen suckerLarsen & Furious Jane
Zen sucker
Morningside Records


Despite the laughable name of both the group and their album, Larsen & Furious Jane are by far one of the best bands I've heard this year. An amalgamation of the melancholic immediacy of fellow countrymen Kashmir and the more contemplative vein of Interpol's register -- though this American influence only extends so far, most notably on "A deathbed conversion". A naming of influences also does little with an act like Larsen & Furious Jane; the majority of the record is difficult to place in this way. "Zen sucker" is a wonderfully luxuriant album -- its various components are in no hurry, despite the rather short length of the songs (only two tracks break the 4-minute mark), taking their time to build off the first moments of a composition and creating a extraordinarily functional mass of instrumentation, the timbre of the voice chosen to appropriately settle into this mixture: an almost Ian Curtis/Paul Banks tone adopted on "A deathbed conversion"; a somber, nearly-spoken register taken with "Snakes in the grass"; a contemporary Brit-pop style utilized within "A car that comes with the job"; a very Scandinavian quality (similar to The Radio Dept.'s approach) imbued into "Fine". In the end, "Zen sucker" is a record painted in almost every despondent, sorrowful hue that we've come to expect from Kashmir's contemporaries, but that somehow fits into these early summer days. There is a fragile sense of a hope intertwined in the beauty of Larsen & Furious Jane's music -- sometimes that's all you need.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

MP3: Little Jimmy Reeves - Romance on drugs

Little Jimmy Reeves is the latest signing of Danish label Play/Rec and "Bring out the dogs" is their debut EP. The group's heavy rock sound doesn't totally jive with the post-hardcore scene I normally think of when I think Play/Rec (Lack, Barra Head, Menfolk), but when I remind myself that they've also put out records from bands like Monoton and Mt. Eerie it starts to make sense. And it's not as if LJR doesn't have an impressive resumé -- frontman Asger Techau plays drums for Kashmir, one of Denmark's biggest bands. Bassist Jan Damage Petersen plays in Gravy, another great Danish band. And drummer Johan Høyer is an accomplished audio engineer who was/is (?) also in Livaventura. Considering that pedigree, the picture gets clearer and the end result less surprising. And what would that result be? In a nutshell, I'd call it mid-tempo melodramatic rock with a rough edge. Melodic enough for curious Kashmir fans, but also imbued with a bluesy heaviness that band lacks. Overall, I'm not blown away by this release, but I do like the title track and this other song that I'm posting today. It's got a bit of those oh so crucial quietLOUDquiet dynamics ala The Pixies and the vocal harmonies in the chorus are a nice touch as well. Wholly unoriginal, but nice enough, y'know? Still, worth keeping an eye on. There's potential.

Little Jimmy Reeves - Romance on drugs

Bahnhof - ReverseBahnhof
Strange Ears


The press release tries to talk things up for this Danish band. The big drum is beaten on when Bahnhof is compared to internationally acknowledged Danish bands like The Raveonettes, Mew and Figurines and the comparison is correct when it comes to their nationalities. It's not correct musically. The band dresses well in the so typically Danish rock costume of today, where the influences are the 80's, Interpol and OMD. And that kind of gives me a feeling of saturation. Fed up with the lack of originality and fed up with the lack of songs. Ah yes, the songs. Sure, there are highlights in "The eyes of Ruby" and the single "Call the police" where the music is highly dominated by synthesizers which give the band a push forward and a reminiscence of Duran Duran! If they had the guts to head that direction, a lot more would have been won. Connecting with the beginning, a comparison with fellow countrymen in Kashmir is a tad more in its place. It's as equally transparent and boring. And anonymous.
- Jonas Appelqvist

A Kid Hereafter is collaborating on a new EP with Little Jimmy Reeves, the sideproject of Asger Techau from Kashmir. Hear samples of older stuff: