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Katharina Nuttall - Turn me onKatharina Nuttall
Turn me on


It's a rare occasion that an album as strong as "Turn me on" comes along -- seemingly out of nowhere -- and presents itself as an almost perfect collection of tunes that showcases the work of a true songwriting genius. I say seemingly out of nowhere because for the sheer productivity of Katharina Nuttall as an artist, composer and producer the Swede has by and large flown under the musical radar in terms of global recognition of the level that she deserves. "Turn me on" is an album brimming with emotion, with Nuttall's beautiful-yet-uneasy vocals perfectly complimenting the haunting music that they accompany. With slight nods toward Neil Young, Mazzy Starr and U2 in places (for examples try "Falling down", "Bricks" and "Play" respectively), Nuttall manages to reference a variety of artists throughout the album, although all brought together in a style unique to herself. That said, "Turn me on" offers a distinct familiarity for those of you who have heard Sweden's Paatos or America's 27 (two sublime bands in their own right) sounding off like a darker amalgam of the two. That Nuttall has created a body of work reminiscent of the best of both of the aforementioned is testimony to just how moving "Turn me on" actually is. The great travesty in all of this is that it probably still won't get the level of recognition that it deserves.
- John Norby

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Katharina Nuttall - Play (video)

Finally, a new video from Katharina Nuttall for her excellent single "Play".

MF/MB/ prep remix collection, offer sample

MF/MB/ will be releasing a remix collection on July 12 called "Altered" mostly featuring reworkings of their tracks by other artists, but also a number of remixes the band themselves have done for others such as The Sounds, Agent Side Grinder, Simian Ghost, Katharina Nuttall and even Americans !!!. Check out the latter here:!!!-Jamie_My_Intention_Are_Bass-MFMB_Remix.mp3

MP3: Katharina Nuttall - Falling down

Reminder! It's a Trap! Clubnights come to Stockholm tonight at Debaser Slussen with Katharina Nuttall! Of course the time difference means I'll probably still be stuck here at work by time you folks start heading out to drink cold beer on outdoor patios or whatever it is you Swedes do on warm summer evenings, but I'm not bitter about it. No, not at all. In the meantime, let us enjoy a darkly satisfying tune from Katharina's latest record "Turn me on", out now via .

Katharina Nuttall - Falling down

It's a Trap! Clubnights come to Stockholm!


Now confirmed for Friday, June 10 at Debaser Slussen in Stockholm capital city: Katharina Nuttall! Even better: it's free! So come on out and see a great artist in a great club! Full details:

Katharina Nuttall - Play

Still not a fan of the gratuitous remix, but I fully back Katharina Nuttall and some of these guys are pretty good too when they're doing their own thing, so here you go. Direct link:

Boeoes Kaelstigen - Thorp (we own the night)

A new tune from Boeoes Kaelstigen featuring NY-based rapper Tonedeff on the mic. Also, check out the new Katharina Nuttall remix they did:

Quarterly report: Q12011

Quarterly report: Q12011

MP3: Katharina Nuttall - Turn me on

How is it that I've never known about Katharina Nuttall until a week ago? With two previously released albums and numerous production credits under her belt (including Ane Brun), I feel like I've been seriously blowing it, especially since her flavor of dark, melancholy rock is exactly what I'm into. "Turn me on" is the lead single and title track from her upcoming album, due out March 23 via , and it sounds like a caustic hybrid of PJ Harvey and the barebone rawness of early Madrugada. Of course I'm way into it, how could I not? On the other hand, I must admit to being a slight more partial to her melodramatic wrist-slitting balladeering side, as evidenced by the older video posted above. But fear not should you be of similar mind! There's bits of that on the new album as well. Definitely a spring release to look forward to.

Katharina Nuttall - Turn me on

Top tens for 2010: Daggan Stamenkovic (Novoton)

Novoton signs 3 new acts

has signed three new bands: Everyday Mistakes, Riddarna and Katharina Nuttall. No news yet as to any releases, but I'll keep you posted.