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Just added a slew of new tunes on the right, including the rest of that Bear Quartet live set. Also got a new Komeda track to check out. Dig it.

Here's some information on the new "Autovision" CD single from CDOASS by way of Dolores Recordings. There will also be a 7" version with a remix of the title track on the b-side as part of the Dolores Singles Club.

Check out the video for "B.L.O.S.S.O.M.", the new track from Komeda right here.

The Barbarella garage/rock'n'roll festival is now set for August 27-28. Bands confirmed so far include Dixie Buzzards, Sons of Cyrus, and Finland's Flaming Sideburns.

Word on the street is that Parasol is currently in negotiations to release the upcoming Moonbabies album "The Orange Billboard" in the US. Details when they're confirmed.

The Haunted have their new website up and running.

Moneybrother has been added to the Roskilde lineup.

Speaking of Roskilde, any of you Swedes thinking of going might consider taking the train where they'll have even more bands playing on the way to the fest. Seriously. So far Como and Little Miss Swede are booked for the occasion. Read more:

Isolation Years have been confirmed for the Västrahamnsfesten/Woody West in Malmö on June 13 along with Woodrock in Bern, Switzerland on August 8.

Via comes word that the upcoming Hultsfred-fest single will indeed be released commercially in Sweden, but no dates have been revealed as of yet. View the cover art here. In related news, Björn Olsson made a few contradictory comments to P3 Musikjounalen about his participation in the upcoming reunion gig. Will he or won't see? No one's saying for sure. Go to the UCP site to read the translated transcript.

The first group of bands have been announced for the upcoming Uppsala Summer Hardcore Festival: Between Us, Regulations, Victims, The Jam Session, Bruce Banner, The 21st Impact, Labour, Second Thought, Rabid Grannies, and One Step Ahead. The event takes place June 23-24 at Ungdomens Hus. More info here:

Webzine Samson & Rourke has posted another slew of demo reviews, this time featuring the likes of Hospital, The Clarks Royale, and Autumn Swing. (in Swedish)

Abba has gone gold yet again in America, this time with the "20th Century Masters - The Best Of ABBA" collection.

Service Records reports that Franke will have a new single "Drunknandets Färg" from their album "Optimismens Hån" out sometime by the end of summer. They also say that The Embassy is currently working on a video as weather permits and Studio is uh, in the studio working on a new album. They also hint that they have signed some new acts, but no details have been revealed yet. I'll let you know. reviews "Trigger", the new EP from In Flames.

It's kinda silly, but here's a contest for the best photoshopped picture featuring someone from Immortal, found via Musique Machine.

Download the mp3 for the song "Dominate" from Project Hate's forthcoming album "Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate", due out in August from Threeman Recordings.

Via Blabbermouth, comes this amazing commercial for Coop Prix, a Norweigan food store. Why is it relevant? Well, that's Masterplan and ex-Yngwie frontman Jorn Lande.

Internet-only label Monotonik's latest release is "Oll Tolk'n' no Ding atcheev'd" from Ernesto Aeroflot aka Teemu Kiiskilä of Raahe, Finland. Their description:

Mr. Aeroflot is a mysterious fellow who's released on net.label Commie and a host of smaller labels under names/groups such as TranceYlvania, Sky Wide Jazz, Oodi & Elegia, High Grade Multi Purpose Intelligent Terminal (!), and more. This 10-track album showcases his unpredictable but riveting style excellently, as '80s bleep sounds and stuttering electro mix up with distorted unrest, sweeping electronica, and a wholly surprising bonus cut to create something truly different.

Read more and download from here:

Thy Primordial has parted ways with vocalist Isidor due to "lack of interest and inspiration" and has already been replaced by Nicke Holstensson of Nominon. The band says "his voice are of course a bit different compared with Isidor's but fits the new material really well!" They are scheduled to go into Abyss Studios later this month to commence work on their sixth album "Pestilence Upon Mankind". Look for it late 2003 from Blackend Records.

Happy Swedish National Day.

Turbonegro are doing an online benefit for the St. Pauli Football Club ("the one with skull & crossbones logo" as they say) in the form of three ebay auctions:

"Scandinavian Leather" deluxe box set #666, autographed by the complete band
"Scandinavian Leather" deluxe box set #1910, autographed by the complete band
St. Pauli player jersey with Hank van Helvete lettering on the back and his autograph

Check 'em out, but keep in mind they also promise "more interesting things to follow."

Here's some pictures from Komeda's video shoot for the track "Cul de Sac".

Nicolai Dunger will be providing guest vocals on an upcoming EP from Calexico for the song "Alone again or", originally done by Love. It comes out June 16.

Labrador Records has announced they will now be distributed in Germany by AL!VE with promotion to be handled by C&D Promotion. Their first release over there will be "Kate 97" from Tribeca. For more info contact or

Paris has signed a publishing contract with Songs & Stories Publishing.

The latest edition of Doomsday Magazine just came out and it includes interviews with Uncurbed, Totalt Jävla Mörker, Burst and more. More info and some back-issue text: (in Swedish)

NRK has posted Amulet's new video for "Breaking News". Check it.

Hedningarna has posted a couple videos on their new website. The band's new retrospective CD is out now in Finland, Spain and the US and should hit Sweden in September. It contains various tracks from 1989-2003 along with two brand new songs. Read more.

The Confusions, Satirnine, Dynamo Chapel, Paola and The Crystal Committee are now confirmed for the Trästock festival in Skellefteå, Sweden on July 17-19.

Kent's big concert at Stockholm Stadium tonight will be recorded for a future album/DVD release. There's also rumors of various special guests showing up, such as Titiyo and Lisa Miskovsky.

Clawfinger has posted the video clip for their new single "Recipe for Hate": Windows / Real
You can also check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot right here.

The Hives, In Flames, and Flint have been added to Hultsfred fest.

Last Days of April's most recent album "Ascend to the Stars" just got a US release on Crank! Records this week and they've put up quite a few samples from the album on this page. Also, in cooperation with Now On Tour, they have an online contest where you can win a copy of said album along with a poster.

In case you didn't know, Entombed's new album "Inferno" has been delayed for August 4. It seems the reason behind the change is that their label Music for Nations's parent company Zomba was bought out by BMG and they had to shift the entire release schedule. Anyhow, they still have a couple gigs this summer and plan to start touring for the record around the same time it gets released. They'll also be filming a video for the track "Retaliation" later this week.

Opeth reports that their upcoming co-headlining tour with Porcupine Tree will feature their more mellow material, as they are supporting the new, mostly-acoustic "Damnation" album. They say they may even bust out the old song "To Bid You Farewell" from "Morningrise" among other ballad-esque tracks. In other touring news, they say they are working on a Scandinavian tour for October and November. Details when I get 'em.

The Ark will be playing Germany next week and their show on June 7 will be webcasted by Rockpalast. You can also participate in a live chat with the band on the same date from right here.

Musicbrigade and Startracks have put up a couple videos for public viewing:

Buck - Dead Time Race
Revolvo - Moscow Mule

JR Ewing has announced they will supporting Mars Volta for two UK gigs:

07/08 - Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth
07/09 - Electric Ballroom, London

Some of the new acts confirmed for the upcoming Accelerator The Big One shows: Christian Kjellvander & Lazy Grace Frontier (Malmö), Franke (Gbg), Mattias Hellberg (Gbg), The Radio Dept. (Sthlm), and Komeda (Sthlm). has put up a bunch of new streaming video channels, including one for Northern Europe.

Also from, here's this week's MTV Up North Nordic video chart:

01. The Rasmus - In The Shadows
02. Turbonegro - Fuck The World
03. Outlandish - Guantanamo
04. A-Teens - Perfect Match
05. C21 - She Cries
06. Kashmir - Rocket Brothers
07. HIM - Funeral of hearts
08. The Cardigans - You´re The Storm
09. Her Majesty - F.U.N.E.R.A.L
10. The Sounds - Rock n´ Roll
11. Dallas Superstars - Fast Driving
12. Darude - Music
13. Equicez - Live From Pass It
14. Melody Club - Cover Girl
15. Jennifer Brown - Weak
16. Mando Diao - Sheepdog
17. Antique - Moro Mou
18. Jon - This Side Up
19. Kwan - Shine
20. Paragon - Försök Förstå

01. The Klerks - Shame
02. Da Buzz - Alive
03. The Narcissists - Fanatik R.I.P
04. De Stijl - Date Times
05. Grand Tone Music - Become Whatever

Go to the site to watch and vote for your favorite.

Here's the top 20 Swedish albums of the week, as reported by Aftonbladet:

01. Carola - Guld platina & passion - det bästa
02. Da Buzz - More than alive
03. Robert Wells - Rhapsody in rock the complete collection
04. The Cardigans - Long gone before daylight
05. Tommy Körberg - Gränslös - det bästa med
06. Alcazar - Alcazarized
07. Style, Sandelin & Ekman, Freestyle - Samlade hits
08. Her Majesty - Happiness
09. Moneybrother - Blood panic
10. v/a - Fame Factory volym 5
11. Glenmark Eriksson Strömstedt - Den andra skivan
12. Timbuktu - The botten is nådd!
13. Fame - Give me your love
14. Kent - Vapen & ammunition
15. Lisa Nilsson - Samlade sånger 1992-2003
16. Lars Winnerbäck och Hovet - Söndermarken
17. Eddie Meduza - Live(s)!
18. Martin Nilsson - En del av mig
19. Cornelis Vreeswijk - Cornelis Vreeswijks bästa
20. Jill Johnson - Discography interviews Burst, who they call "one of the best new bands of 2004." As mentioned here recently, Burst features bassist Jesper Liveröd who just quit Nasum to focus more time on this band. Their second forthcoming album "Prey On Life" apparently was recently picked up by Relapse Records in the US and comes out sometime this fall.

Check out some sample mp3s and video from Bobby's new album "Romantic & Bleeding", out now on Imperial Recordings.

Drummer Henry Ranta has left Soilwork in order to dedicate more time to his personal life. The band's statement:

"After playing in Soilwork for five years, our dear friend and drummer Henry Ranta has decided that he can no longer continue to play in Soilwork. There are no hard feelings between Henry and us in any way, and we will still remain amazing friends, he will always be a true Soilworker. We wish him all the best of luck with his decision and we're sure we'll cross paths again in the future!"

And Henry's own personal statement:

"I guess this is supposed to be a statement of why and when I decided to leave Soilwork, but since this is a well thought out decision (not an easy one though) I will try and keep away from the sentimental 'bullshit' and just focus on the hard facts. Combining my daytime job, rehearsing, recording and touring with Soilwork has basically worn me out. This didn't really make a difference the first couple of years in Soilwork, but as time went on I started digging a black hole for myself. For the past two years I haven't really found any joy playing, and with all the tours coming up this year I felt that it was time for me to leave. Playing in Soilwork has been my life 24/7 for five years now, and at one point last year, I started to open my eyes to a lot of things that has been neglecting, just because I had been to concentrated on one thing only. Basically I'm gonna start investing more time in things that are making me happy right now. I'll take a peek at the other side, and I'm pretty sure that I'll enjoy what I'll find. But you're not gonna get rid of me yet though. It's not like I'm gonna stop playing drums. You will still hear me fucking shit up in The Defaced [his other band w/Darkane guitarist Klas Idebergand] other projects. A really big thanks to all Soilwork fans for amazing support throughout years — Love ya all! Finally I would like to say a big fucking 'hell yeah' to the band for five beautiful years of insanity."

Force of Evil has posted a couple new mp3s online: "Hell on Earth" / "Eye of the Storm". The band features in its ranks ex- and current Mercyful Fate members Michael Denner, Hank Shermann (both on guitar), Bjarne Holm (drums), Hal Patino from King Diamond's band (bass), and Martin Steene from Ironfire (vocals). Their as-yet untitled album is due out later this month on an unspecified label and they promise it will be "loaded with evil-riffing and lots of guitar solos." Dude.

Here's Christian Kjellvander's latest updated tour schedule:

06/05 - Eskilstuna, Strömsholmen
06/14 - Hultsfred, Hultsfredsfestival
06/26-29 - Roskilde (Denmark), Roskildefestival
07/01 - Malmö, Accelerator The Big One
07/19 - Skellefteå, Trästock
07/26 - Ängelholm, Tullakrok (solo)
07/30 - Strömstad, The Cod
08/07 - Emmaboda, Emmaboda-festival
08/09 - Göteborg, Göteborgskalaset

Askil Holm has enlisted Daniel Hovik as a new member for his backing band on keyboards. Daniel used to play with Askil in the band Attack and also currently plays with Hugo, who will be playing at the upcoming Kristiansand show too. The rest of the band's dates going into fall:

06/05 - Tønsberg, Event
06/07 - Isle of Jøa, Faksdal Pub
06/13 - Rockstock, Rakkestad
06/28 - "Agent Cody Banks" Premiere, Fredrikstad
06/30 - Kristiansand, Quart - Kick Off, Markens
07/10 - Høylandet, Høylandet Revyfestival
07/12 - Stavern Festivalen
07/19 - Tjøme, Gamle Ormelet (unplugged)
07/26 - Etne, Fugl Fønix
08/07 - SU Leir, Tvedestrand
08/08 - Steinkjer Martnan, Torget
08/15 - Namsos Martnan, Festplassen
08/27 - Steinkjer, Studenten
09/04 - Bergen, Kvarteret
09/12 - Stjørdal, Hell Bluesfestival
09/19 - Verdal, Catz

Added the rest of those Madrugada live mp3s on the right. Enjoy.

That charming young Norweigan, Sondre Lerche, just posted a new tour diary entry on his website.

Rec90 artists Lorraine are heading to Germany on tour this month with the band Delaware:

06/08 - Berlin, Magnet
06/09 - Hannover, Gig
06/10 - Leipzig - Moritzbastei
06/11 - Hamburg, Tanzhalle
06/12 - Kassel, K19
06/15 - Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei
06/16 - Köln, MTC
06/17 - Frankfurt, Nachtleben

Those of you in Deustchland can look for a track from the band on the sampler CD from the May edition of Zillo magazine, too. They also play the Working Class Hero Festival in Drammen Norway on August 6 and expect to have their debut full-length "The Perfect Cure" out in September.

Some news from Norway's Jester Records, the label of Ulver mainman Garm aka Kristoffer Rygg aka Trickster G:

September 15 marks the day that both Ulver's soundtrack to the film "Svidd Neger" and Virus' new album hit the stores. The other upcoming Ulver release, "A Quick Fix" EP, is now slated for August. Ulver even got a write-up in the Village Voice awhile back, too.
The new single and video "Sleepers" from Kåre João is out and getting spun NRK2 and ZTV. I haven't seen it myself, but they say it was shot on 16mm b&w film and resembles "such fine pieces of art as Jim Jarmusch's "Stranger than Paradise" and Gus Van Sant's "Drugstore Cowboy".
When's new album is due to be mixed in July with a release sometime this winter.
And lastly, the label is in negotiation with Tigerbeat6, the label of Kid606 for licensing of Jester's "cut-cool electronic" catalogue. The other part of their catalogue (or however you want to refer to it) is currently distributed by The End Records in North America.

The Crown has finished the recording of their album "Possessed 13" and is currently taking a three-week break before entering the mixing stage back at Studio Fredman. This release will be the band's sixth album and is the first one back with original vocalist Johan Lindstrand after a one-off with Tomas Lindberg (ex-At the Gates).

Due to singer Maja Ivarsson's bronchitis and over exhaustion, The Sounds have been forced to cancel a number of upcoming gigs. THe following dates are affected:

06/07 - Nuremberg, Germany
06/08 - Eifel, Germany
06/12 - Hultsfred Festival, Sweden
06/13 - Norwegian Wood, Norway
06/14 - Nyköping, Sweden
06/17 - Gothenburg, Sweden
06/18 - Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden
06/20 - Wiesen, Austria
06/21 - Southside, Munich, Germany
06/22 - Hurricane, Hannover/Hamburg, Germany
06/27 - Kiruna Festival, Sweden
06/28 - Skellefteå Festival, Sweden

The band plans to recover at their home in Helsingborg, Sweden before setting back out on the road again.

Amorphis has posted a video interview with vocalist Pasi Koskinen and guitarist Esa Holopainen as part of their electronic press kit.

The UK's XL Recordings (Electric Six, Badly Drawn Boy, White Stripes, The Prodigy, etc) imprint Rex Records will put out the Radio Dept.'s album "Lesser Matters" this coming fall.

All six bands representing Finland's Popcity 2003 will perform at the Provinssirock festival in their own hometown Seinäjoki and takes place June 13-15. They are: Georg Kalliola & JooJoo Miehet, Kayah, Kuolleet intiaanit, Stigma, Trigon and Velvetcut. The Finnish Music Information Centre launched the Popcity project as a way to promote as-yet unknown bands from a different annually chosen town. Read more.

Saami artist Mari Boine has won the 2003 Nordic Council Music Prize of 47k EUR. "Mari Boine is one of the leading lights on the new Saami music scene. Boine's music defies facile attempts at labelling. It is based on joik but the complimentary stylistic ingredients include African rhythms, world music and rock-funk." Read more.

Confirmed bands for Festival Mission Impossible which takes place August 23 at Smedjebacken in Dalarna: The Hellacopters, The Ark, Pugh Rogefeldt, Docenterna and The Mainliners. At total of 16 acts will perform and tickets will cost 200 SEK.

The full lineup for Göteborgskalaset: Looptroop, Fireside, Moneybrother, Raised Fist, Mory Kante, Christian Kjellvander, Franke, Hammerfall, Evergrey, Cult of Luna, Her Majesty, Isolation Years, Florence Valentin, Shout Out Louds, Mando Diao, The Latin Kings, Advance Patrol, Ison & Fille, The Ark, Komeda, Paola, The Concretes, Satirnine, Thomas Rusiak, Dub Sweden, Kajsa Grytt, Kamera and Kristian Anttila.

The Maggots' new album "Do The Maggot" doesn't come out until August 25, but they're already heading out on tour in the UK:

06/12 - Sheffield, Casbah
06/13 - Aberdeen, Dr Drakes
06/14 - Edinburgh, Studio24
06/15 - Day off
06/16 - Newcastle
06/17 - York, Fibbers
06/18 - Nottingham, Junktion7
06/19 - High Wycombe
06/20 - London, Dirty Water
06/22 - Stockholm, Debaser/Gearclub

In case you were unaware, Timbuktu addressed stateminister Göran Persson in his song "Ett Brev" and now Göran is just about ready with his response. Apparently he wrote something together with an unnamed colleague in rap form (!!!) and it will be published in SSU's magazine Frihet on June 18. What comes next is anyone's guess.

The Killers, Gaffaman, Crash, Ziggy Kropp & Karma, Sirqus Alfon and Soul Source have all been added to Hultsfred fest.

Wired for Mono reports they will be heading back over to England in mid-July for a few dates, details to be posted on their website soon. They'll also be back in the studio recording some new material this month along with playing Friday at Debaser in Stockholm.

Okay, I know it's totally goofy, but I posted an mp3 excerpt of the new Weird Al track that parodies The Hives. Download it on the right. has put up a Turbonegro trivia contest to compete for special limited edition copies of the new album.

JR Ewing has two new interviews online, one from and another from punk/porn site And as said before, there's also been another date added on the upcoming Turbonegro/Surferosa Norweigan stadium tour on May 30 in Fredrikstad. Tickets are going fast, so be sure to get yours if you want to attend.

The Cardigans have posted an interview that Magnus did with Amir, Henrik and Mattias, the three gentlemen behind the recent videos. In other news, the band has added a woman named Eva on as their temporary sixth member to play keyboard, guitar and sing back ups on the upcoming summer tour dates. "She is very nice, 163 tall, brunette, a little older than us, very experienced in the Swedish music scene. And she is good looking," they say.

Bergland Productions has announced that Cucumber Slumber (feat. Ståle Storløkken of Supersilent) has started work on a new record and should have it out sometime this coming fall. The band's last album "New Cumber" came out in 2001.

The Sounds will be on David Letterman tonight. Check local listings for airtime. recently did an interview with Swedish hardcore act Misconduct. The band also confirmed a bunch of shows on their upcoming European tour with 25 Ta Life. Go here for the latest.

KVLR has posted a whole bunch of new pictures from their recent time in the studio. They recorded a total of four new songs for their next album and plan to do the rest after they return from tour at the end of the summer. And yeah, like I said before, they've been getting assistance from Marcus and Lena of Komeda. If the rough mix stuff I've heard is any indication, the record is gonna be great. Can't wait.

The buzz-band Radio Dept. will be heading over to the US for a few select west coast dates:

07/10-13 - San Francisco, CA - Pop Holiday Fest at Bottom Of The Hill w/Even As We Speak, Aerospace, Pipas, Evening Lights, more
07/15 - Portland, OR at The Blackbird w/Aerospace, Pipas, Evening Lights, The Frenchmen
07/16 - Seattle, WA at Chop Suey

Håkan Hellström will be releasing a new single for the song "Mitt Gullbergs Kaj Paradis" on June 20 that'll include two new songs for b-sides. Just in time for the Kalas tour, eh?

Neovoid has posted a review of ex-black metal band Manes new album "Vilosophe". The label Code666 describes them as a mix of Katatonia, Radiohead and Aphex Twin, but I'm not sure I'd completely agree with that assesment myself. Katatonia yes, but that's a no-brainer for this sort of pop-infused avant metal. Anyhow, I agree that it's a good album and well worth investigating for people who are into different kinds of heavy music.

Read PopMatter's review of "Sky Pilots", the latest album from Finland's Flaming Sideburns.

The full schedule and set times for Pop Dakar have been published. Check it out. Bands scheduled to appear include Paris, Bear Quartet, First Floor Power, Radio Dept. and more.

Here's a short tour diary with photos and video from the recent Narcissists tour in Germany.

Swedish webzine Samson & Rourke has put up a featured review and contest for Logh.

Big news from Nasum! Bassplayer Jesper has decided to leave as to focus on his other band Burst, which he has been involved with for over 10 years with some of his childhood friends. There's no animosity on anyone's part, the time just came to make a decision between the two projects. Read the full statement from the band on the subject. In other smaller news, Nasum has added Urban Skytt from Regurgitate on 2nd guitar and put up a newly redesigned website. As mentioned before, the band will play a record release show for the new album "Helvete" at Hotel Continental in Örebro on May 24.

I first talked about it way back in March, but here's a new MIC Norway feature on the upcoming 'Midnight Sun' tour featuring Supersilent, DJ Strangefruit, Arve Henriksen and Sidsel Endresen that's coming to the UK later this month. Those dates again:

05/22 - Exeter, Phoenix
05/23 - Bath, Bath International Music Festival Pavillion
05/24 - Belfast, Crescent Arts Centre
05/25 - Salisbury, Salisbury Festival
05/26 - Birmingham, Medicine Bar
05/27 - Liverpool, Unity Theatre
05/28 - London, 93 Feet East sends word that there will indeed be a promo CD from the band available at Hultsfred this year featuring newly remixed versions of the songs "Be Myself Again" and "San Fransisco Boogie". There's also word of a potential commerical release for the single, but nothing's been decided yet. Also by way of, comes this article paying tribute to the band. Check it out.

Expressen reports that Timbuktu will be contributing music to the film "Hip Hop Hora". It was directed by Teresa Fabik and premieres on February 6. Björn Kjellman stars. Read more. (in Swedish)

The new album from The Perishers will come out in September with the first single "Sway" to drop in June.

Jakob Hellman, Helena Bergström, Kjell Höglund & Johan Johansson and Tomas Di Leva have all been added to the roster of the Visfestivalen which takes place in Västervik on July 10-12.

Dates scheduled so far for the upcoming Avrikafest tour, featuring the band Kamera along with various DJs and more:

05/30 - Oslo, So What
05/31 - Fredrikstad, Dis Café
06/01 - Göteborg, Sticky Fingers
06/03 - Malmö
06/04 - Örebro
06/05 - Linköping, Platens Bar
06/06 - Stockholm, Debaser/Ultrachrome
06/07 - Karlstad, Arena

Norway's Moonfog records, the label run by Satyr of Satyricon, has signed the new band Disiplin to their roster. The band was started by Savant M of Myrkskog back in 2000 and will be entering the studio in August to record their debut album. "It´s very rare that a new band on the scene succeeds in catching my interest on the strength of a demo alone," says Satyr, "apart from the obvious fact that I enjoy their music and that I have a great belief in their potential, I think they have that undistinguishable Moonfog sound." And the sound he's talking about? Well, Savant describes the band as "based on old school black metal with inspiration from thrash and death metal." Read a recent interview with the band here. (in Norweigan)

Check out the latest edition of reviews and samples from Brainwashed, including writeups on Scandinavian artists such as Supersilent, Erkki Kurenniemi, the "Arctic Hysteria - Early Finnish Avant-Gardeners" comp, and more.

Here's some new dates from Sunride:

06/12 - Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland w/Endstand
08/16 - Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland w/Sweatmaster, Minus SF
08/30 - FUZZFEST 2, Musikens Hus, Göteborg, Sweden w/Mushroom River Band, Terra Firma, Awesome Machine, more

The new album "Through The Red" comes out today and the band will be playing around Europe later this month.

The Hommos have rescheduled their gig at the Barfly Camden in London from May 26 to the 27th.

Johan Bergqvist has finished up work on the video for the song "Lovelace" and posted it online. Check it: low / high
The track comes from a mini-album that was released last September and is being reissued later this summer as a precursor to the forthcoming full length.

More US press for David & the Citizens: The album "For All Happy Endings" is now reviewed on

Rumor has it that Thirdimension is planning a US tour in the near future.

Another sign things are probably not okay for The (International) Noise Conspiracy? Keyboardist Sara Almgren has been recruited by Marit Bergman to play guitar in her touring band. If you weren't already aware, Sara used to play guitar for the all-girl hardcore/metal act Doughnuts. They released a couple reconds on Victory in the mid-90s. Anyhow, Marit has decided to ditch the guitar on stage so she can, I assume, focus more on her singing. Look for her on the Kalas tour this summer, among other festival dates. In other news, my sources tell me she plans on doing five different cover tunes for her new EP "From Now On" which comes out on June 12. More details when I get 'em.

Laakso will be heading into the studio soon to lay down the tracks for their debut full length. They say to expect a good live sound as evidenced already on their debut EP "Long Beach".

The terminally underappreciated Notre Dame, led by the multitalented Snowy Shaw (Dream Evil, ex-Mercyful Fate, Illwill, etc.), reports that they have completed work on the new album "Creepshow Freakshow Peepshow". Originally titled "Vaudeville le Devil", the album will be the first lacking guitarist Jean-Pierre De Sade and should be out later this year from Osmose Productions.

There's a new message board in town:
I'm still working out some kinks, but it should be up and running just fine for the most part.
UPDATE: Everything is pretty much good-to-go. Whatcha waiting for? Come say hi.

Satirnine has posted their upcoming European tour itinerary:

04/24 - Amsterdam, The MAX - NL
04/25 - Den Bosch, W 2 - NL
04/27 - Cologne, Live music Hall - DE
04/29 - Hamburg, Logo - DE
04/30 - Berlin, Columbia Fritz - DE
05/1 - Hannover, Musikzentrum - DE
05/2 - Schweinfurt, Alte Stadt bahnhof - DE
05/3 - Trier, Exil - DE
05/4 - Munchen, Backstage - DE
05/6 - Dornbin, Condrad Sohm - AUT
05/7 - Vienna, Arene - AUT
05/8 - Graz, Orpheum - AUT
05/10 - Milan, Leoncavallo - IT
05/12 - Zurich - Abart - CH
05/13 - Basel, Kaserne - CH
05/14 - Wil, Remise - CH
05/16 - Lyon, MJC - F
05/17 - Barcelona, Mephisto - E
05/18 - Madrid, Gruta 77 - E
05/20 - Valencia, Roxy - E
05/21 - Vigo, Nashville - E
05/22 - Gijon, Cafe albenitz - E
05/23 - Girona, Atzavara - E
05/24 - La Rouche Sur, Le fuzz - F
05/25 - Rennes, Mondo Bizarro - F
05/26 - Tours, Festival - F
05/28 - Portsmouth, Wedge wood room - UK
05/29 - Birmingham, Academy - UK
05/30 - Leeds, Jospehs Well - UK
05/31 - Glasgow, King Tuts Wah Hut - UK
06/3 - London - Garage – UK
06/12 - Hultsfredsfestivalen
08/2 - Augustibuller

Check out this review and pictures from Logh's show in Köln. (in German)

Pitchfork covers a couple joints from the cold, cold north today. They review both Turbonegro - "Scandinavian Leather" and Jaga Jazzist - "Animal Chin". The latter is a group I've actually been listening to a lot and can definitely recommend. The former, well... the less said the better I think.

Here's a streaming video interview with The Ark in English. It includes some political discussion along with behind-the-scenes footage from an acoustic TV performance.

The Sounds US press onslaught has begun. Are they the 'next big thing'? Can they be stopped? The band reports that they have articles in Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly, FHM, In Style (Dave Grohl Quote), Jane (The Donnas review the album), and W along with the previously mentioned Paper profile. They've also finally confirmed their upcoming dates with the Ravonettes and Vue:

05/24 - Minneapolis, 7th St. Entry
05/25 - Milwaukee, Vnuk's Lounge
05/27 - Chicago, Double Door
05/28 - Cleveland, Beachland Ballroom
05/29 - Detroit, Magic Stick
06/02 - New York, Bowery Ballroom
06/03 - Boston, Paradise Rock Club
06/04 - Philadelphia, North Star
06/05 - Washington DC, 9:30 Club

And don't forget that they're doing other headlining dates in the US, too. Keep your eyes peeled.

KVLR reports they are just about done with six songs for their new album which they have been working on in the studio with Marcus and Lena from Komeda. The material has been described as "poppy." Next up, they plan to hit the road for awhile after which they'll return to the studio to record the second half of the album. Dates confirmed so far:

05/31 - Umeå @ Scharinska Villan w/Logh
06/12 - (D) Trier, Ex House
06/13 - (D) München, Atomic Cafe
06/16 - (D) Frankfurt, Cookys
06/17 - (D) Marburg, Cafe Trauma
06/18 - (D) Hannover, Bei Chez Heinz
06/19 - (D) Berli, Magnet
06/20 - (D) Hamburg, Molotow
06/21 - (D) Kiel, Kieler Woche (Delta Radio Stage)
06/22 - (DK) Fredericia, Kulturmilitzen

The Klerks' new video for the single "Shame" premieres on Wimans ZTV on Monday April 28. They've also got a couple tourdates lined up for the near future:

04/27 - Göteborg, Chalmers Cortegen
04/29 - Örebro, Festivalborg
05/7 - Växjö, Studentkåren
05/8 - Kalmar, Studentkåren
05/9 - Hässleholm, Perrong 23
05/16 - Borlänge, Borlange

Bad Taste Records has posted an mp3 of the title track from Logh's upcoming EP "The Contractor and the Assassin". Check it out. Again, that'll be out May 5.

Check out the Fireside playing live on MTV Morning Glory. The extra guitarist is apparently Calle Olsson.

The lineup for the comp in honor of the Mjuk i Mössan fest in Emmaboda has just been released. Go to for more info. Otherwise, here's the tracklist:

01. Comet Gain - Never die
02. - Introducing the mechanical reindeer
03. Hank - Table 5 (and eating nachos)
04. Laakso - Sunday night
05. Speedmarket Avenue - You set the terms
06. Talking to Teapots - Me, you, Janie and Drew
07. Sagor & Swing - Popkarusellen
08. La Masa - Min megafon
09. Niccokick - I drink to get thrilled
10. Tullycraft - Miss Douglas county
11. The Radio Dept. - Lean back, lean forward
12. Björns Vänner - Tiden (egentligen "Den enda lögn du har kvar")
13. Surrounded - Exit serenade
14. Florence valentin - Haninge punks
15. Her Majesty - Rules to follow
16. Paris - Tonight
17. Bring me the fucking - Red wine riot
18. Sonny Crocket - Suppose
19. Dr. Higgins - Den vanliga människan

Misconduct just came back Studio Phlat Planet in Gothenburg with Fredrik Reinedahl (Passenger, In Flames, more) where they were working on their new album. The working title is "Fight Back" and the label describes it as "the best and most varied record Misconduct ever delivered." Also, if you preorder it now you can get a special limited edition digipack before the release date in May with extra songs, video and more. The first 250 orders also get "a Special Gift from the band," whatever that means. And as mentioned a looooong time ago, the band is heading out on the road this summer with NYC hardcore act 25 Ta Life. The dates so far:

06/12 - (GER) Bremen/Wehrschloss
06/13 - (GER) Hannover/Faust
06/14 - (GER) Chemnitz/Talschock
06/15 - (GER) Berlin/Knaack-Klub
06/16 - (GER) Tba
06/17 - (HOL) Tba
06/18 - (HOL) Leuwarden/Gloppe Festival
06/19 - (BEL) tba/tbc
06/20 - (FRA) Straßbourg/La Laterie
06/21 - (FRA) Paris/Street Fest
06/22 - (ESP) St. Feliu de Guixlos
06/23 - tba
06/24 - (POR) Lisbon/Tba
06/25 - (ESP) Madrid/Tba
06/26 - (ESP) Tba
06/27 - (FRA) Perpignan/Crockmore
06/28 - (FRA) Nantes, Hardcore Fury Fest w/Sick of it All, Suicidal, Madball,
06/29 - (FRA) tba
06/30 - (ITA) tba
07/01 - (AUS) Vienna/Arena
07/02 - (AUS) Dornbirn/Conrad Sohm
07/03 - (GER) Eisenach/Crocodiel
07/04 - (GER) Leipzig/Conne Island

Startracks/V2 has a DVD out entitled "Hidden Scenery". It features the video for "All Lovers Hell" from Kristofer Åström along with "How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me" and "Leaving Song" from a live performance he did in Berlin back in 2002. Other artists on it include Christian Kjellvander, Eskobar plus international acts Grandaddy, Elbow, Mercury Rev and more.

Bear Quartet have been confirmed for the free Pop Dakar music fest May 24 at Gula Villan in Stockholm. Other bands scheduled to play include First Floor Power, Grand Tone Music, Radio Dept., Hell on Wheels, Paris and more.

Here's a track-by-track review of that Finnish psych comp I mentioned yesterday.

Division of Laura Lee has a new CDS coming out May 26 for the track "Trapped In". B-sides will include the song "44" plus a live version of "Need To Get Some". Read more. has posted a review of Mika Vainio's new album "In the Land of the Blind The One-Eyed Is King". For those that don't know, Vainio is one half of the Finnish duo Pan Sonic.

Cult of Luna has unveiled their new website to match the cover art from the new album "The Beyond".

This year's pre-fest activities for Emmaboda have been cancelled due to organization problems. Here's a translated statement from the people behind the scenes at

Unfortunately we have some bad news. Our decision to run a pre festival fest again this year was taken in haste and we have therefore decided to cancel the event. We apolgise for this but we couldn't do anything about it as organisting it was proving more difficult than anticipated and there is not much we can do about it.

Sweden's best band? That's what Aftonbladet says. Check out these recent Fireside 4-star live reviews from the show at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg: Aftonbladet / Expressen (both in Swedish)

Here's the setlist:

Fernandez must die
All you had
Backwards over germany
Follow Follow
Blue Monday (New Order cover)
Throw it away
Problem (to you)
Thing on a spring

The band will also be appearing on MTV Morning Glory this weekend, so check it out when it airs.

Kalas-touring acts Marit Bergman and Her Majesty have now both been confirmed to play the Popaganda fest in Stockholm on May 29-31. The other two new bands confirmed are Midnight Monkeys and Kaada from Norway.

Here's the top 20 Swedish albums of the week, as reported by Aftonbladet:

01. The Cardigans - Long gone before daylight
02. Jill Johnson - Discography
03. Mauro Scocco - Beat hotel
04. Lisa Nilsson - Samlade sånger 1992-2003
05. Lars Winnerbäck och Hovet - Söndermarken
06. Cornelis Vreeswijk - Cornelis Vreeswijks bästa
07. v/a - Fame Factory volym 4
08. The Refreshments - On the rocks
09. Buddaboys - Lost people areas
10. Fireside - Get shot
11. Fernandoz - Vem får din kärlek i natt
12. Roxette - The pop hits
13. Dilba - Revolution
14. Kent - Vapen & ammunition
15. Emil Sigfridsson - Tillbaka till igår
16. The Knife - Deep Cuts
17. Rikard Wolff - Du får mig (om jag får dig)
18. Gloria - People like you and me
19. The Sounds - Living in America
20. Wahlströms - Allt jag vill ha

What are they thinking? Empire Magazine has put out a compilation entitled "Soundtrack of Our Lives" with tracks from artists such as U2, Orbital and Ash. Are they banking on confusion over the name or just totally clueless?

Revolution #9 has announced the creation of a new pop festival to occur this summer on July 18-19 at Bulltoftaparken in Malmö. It will be called the "We & You" fest and they expect to book about 25 bands, though no names have been revealed yet. More details soon.

Here's an interview with Jimmy Tenor in which discusses his new role of fatherhood along with his musical past, present and future. His upcoming tour dates were posted on the 14th.

The good folks at Chalksounds have revealed that they will reissuing Bear Quartet's classic album "Cosy Den" on vinyl this coming September. Keep your eyes peeled.And in even bigger BQ news, the band has announced that will also be putting out a new EP called "All Your Life" in May. Some of the other tracks to be included are"No More School", "Friend Friend" and "Disappearing Act". It was recorded and produced by the ever-so-talented Pelle Gunnerfeldt (Fireside) at his Studio Gröndal. Look for a brand new full length around August.

Denmark's The Alpine will be entering a studio in Sweden shortly to record their second demo. They'll also be playing at Lava/Kulturhuset in Stockholm while over they're there. The band is already receiving regular airplay on Danish P3 radio with the track "Ground Beneath Me" so things are definitely looking up for them. Check em out live, if you are so inclined:

4/18 - Paraplyen, Vejle (DK)
4/26 - Lava/Kulturhuset, Stockholm (S)
5/5 - Stidsholt Ungdomsskole (DK)
5/23 - Skråen, Aalborg (DK)
5/24 - Kulisselageret, Horsens (DK)
5/29-31 - SPOT09 fest, Århus (DK)
6/7 - Cafe' Von Hatten, Randers (DK)
6/25 - Nibe Festival (DK)

This week's Swedish college radio chart (from Dagensskiva):

01. (02) Fireside "All You Had"
02. (01) The White Stripes "7 Nation Army"
03. (06) Her Majesty "F.U.N.E.R.A.L."
04. (03) The Dandy Warhols "We Used To Be Friends"
05. (04) The Knife "You Take My Breath Away"
06. (08) Jurassic 5 Ft. Mya "Thin Line"
07. (NY) Florence Valentin "Allt dom bygger upp ska vi meja ner"
08. (NY) Hot Hot Heat "Bandages"
09. (07) Timbuktu "Ett brev"
10. (11) Floetry "Floetic"
11. (NY) Randy "A Man In A Uniform"
12. (14) Asian Dub Foundation Ft. Sinead O'Connor "1000 Mirrors"
13. (18) Turbonegro "F**k The World (F.T.W.)"
14. (NY) Sean Paul "Get Busy"
15. (10) The Coral "Don't Think You're The First"
16. (16) Blur "Out Of Time"
17. (NY) Outlandish "Guantanamo"
18. (NY) Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Dark Wave"
19. (09) First Floor Power "Happy Endings"
20. (12) The Concretes "You Can't Hurry Love"

Leaving the chart:
(05) Shout Out Louds "100 Degrees"
(13) Interpol "Obstacle 1"
(15) Isolation Years "Open Those Eyes"
(17) David & The Citizens "New Direction"
(19) The Kills "Fried My Little Brains"
(20) Komeda "Reproduce"

Johan Bergqvist reports he has finished up shooting the video for his new single "This Could Be Our Time". And if you look to your right you'll see that you can download an exclusive mp3 of the track right now. But yeah, the video's done and the CD is being sent off to get mastered, so it's on track for its May release. Johan's also got plans for yet another video - on April 26 he's off to shoot one for the song "Lovelace" as he says he "found a nice location with a grand piano." I'll keep you posted.

People in the US - don't forget about Sahara Hotnights on Conan O'Brien tonight along with guest Adam Sandler.

Here's a bunch of pics from the 2001 Avrika fest, including acts such as The Hellacopters, TSOOL, Mustasch, Nasum, and The Haunted.

Problems arose when the grizzly bear appearing in the video went berserk...

Apparently there were some problems onsite at Turbonegro's video shoot for the song "Sell Your Body (To The Night)" which was being filmed in LA with help from the Jackass dudes. Read more at the the band's website.

"Their mesmerising guitar excursions are worthy of early Pink Floyd; the tunes are beyond brilliant; this is, without question, among the most supremely desirable stoner albums you are likely to hear all year" - James Delingpole, Sunday Telegraph, on "Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets Its Wings"

Folks in London get the lucky opportunity to see Logh for free at 93ft East in London on April 14. The show starts at 7:30 and if I was you, I wouldn't miss it.

Been awhile since I heard from these guys, but the Diamond Dogs are going on tour:

4/21 - Monroes, Workingston (UK)
4/22 - Roadmenders, Norhhampton (UK)
4/23 - Markoni Club, Chelmsford (UK)
4/24 - Penningtons Live, Bradford (UK)
4/25 - Baths Hall, Scunthorpe (UK)
4/26 - Cheese and Grain, Frome (UK)
4/27 - Patti Pavilion, Swansea (UK)
4/28 - Camden Underworld, London (UK)
5/02 - Culturen, Västerås
5/08 - El Sol, Madrid (ESP)
5/09 - Stereo, Alicante (ESP)
5/10 - La Casa del Loco, Zaragoza (ESP)
5/13 - University, Granada (ESP)
5/15 - La Nasa, Santiago (ESP)
5/16 - Auditorium Intersecciones, Oviedo (ESP)
5/17 - Azkena, Bilbao (ESP)

Here's the top 20 Swedish albums of the week, as reported by Aftonbladet:

01. The Cardigans - Long gone before daylight
02. v/a - Fame Factory volym 4
03. Lisa Nilsson - Samlade sånger 1992-2003
04. Lars Winnerbäck och Hovet - Söndermarken
05. Mauro Scocco - Beat hotel
06. Cornelis Vreeswijk - Cornelis Vreeswijks bästa
07. Jill Johnson - Discography
08. The Refreshments - On the rocks
09. Dilba - Revolution
10. Emil Sigfridsson - Tillbaka till igår
11. Fernandoz - Vem får din kärlek i natt
12. Roxette - The pop hits
13. Gloria - People like you and me
14. Kent - Vapen & ammunition
15. The Knife - Deep Cuts
16. The Sounds - Living in America
17. Wilmer X - Lyckliga hundar
18. Rikard Wolff - Du får mig (om jag får dig)
19. Anders Widmark featuring Sara Isaksson - s/t
20. Kikki Bettan Lotta - Live från Rondo

This week's Swedish college radio chart (from Dagensskiva):

01. (01) The White Stripes "7 Nation Army"
02. (02) Fireside "All You Had"
03. (08) The Dandy Warhols "We Used To Be Friends"
04. (15) The Knife "You Take My Breath Away"
05. (04) Shout Out Louds "100 Degrees"
06. (09) Her Majesty "F.U.N.E.R.A.L."
07. (03) Timbuktu "Ett brev"
08. (05) Jurassic 5 Ft. Mya "Thin Line"
09. (06) First Floor Power "Happy Endings"
10. (07) The Coral "Don't Think You're The First"
11. (NY) Floetry "Floetic"
12. (14) The Concretes "You Can't Hurry Love"
13. (NY) Interpol "Obstacle 1"
14. (NY) Asian Dub Foundation Ft. Sinead O'Connor "1000 Mirrors"
15. (10) Isolation Years "Open Those Eyes"
16. (11) Blur "Out Of Time"
17. (NY) David & The Citizens "New Direction"
18. (NY) Turbonegro "F**k The World (F.T.W.)"
19. (19) The Kills "Fried My Little Brains"
20. (17) Komeda "Reproduce"

Leaving the chart:
(12) The Donnas "Take It Off"
(13) Melody Club "Covergirl"
(16) Kamera "At Work"
(18) Ron Sexsmith Ft. Chris Martin "Gold In Them Hills"
(20) Lil' Kim Ft. Mr Cheeks "The Jump Off"

ZTV will begin broadcasting a TV version of Hitlisten, Sweden's official sales chart, compiled by IPFI affiliate GLF and published every Thursday.

Magnus Carlson from the Weeping Willows has his new Eggstone-produced solo album coming out July 9. Turns out he's getting even more outside help, this time from film director Lukas Moodysson (Fucking Åmal/Show Me Love, Tillsammans/Together)and Radio Dept. Lukas has reportedly helped out with some lyric writing while Radio Dept. and Magnus played together at their home in Malmö. The first single will be for the song "Jag ber dig", a cover of the Northern Soul-hit "Beggin'" with Swedish lyrics.

Moneybrother is heading on tour in support of his new, forthcoming album "Blood Panic". The dates:

5/21 - Stockholm, Södra Teatern
5/22 - Karlstad, Glada Ankan
5/23 - Oslo, So What
5/30 - Göteborg, Playground @ Pustervik
5/31 - Linköping, Rocksensation
5/27 - Malmö, Trenchtown @ KB

Mobbade Barn Med Automatvapen (MBMA) have a new 12" coming out in May called "Nu Ännu Drygare" with four songs. Breakmecanix and Embee (Loop Troop) handled the production and Timbuktu and Chords make guest appearances.

Here's an interview with Sami Liuski of Rovaniemi, Finland aka 8-Bit Rockers and Bangkok Impact among others. He talks about his upcoming touring activities and the Finnish electronic music scene, among other interesting topics. Those dates:

4/23 - Pianos, NYC, NY
4/24 - Rhode Island
4/25 - Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, PA
4/26 - Touch Supper Club, Cleveland, OH
4/27 - Empty Bottle, Chicago, MI
4/30 - Noise Lab, Seattle
5/01 - Blackbird, Portland, OR
5/02 - Obscura Digital, San Fransisco
5/05 - Knitting Factory, Los Angeles
5/06 - Los Angeles
5/08 - Sin 13, San Antonio
5/09 - The Elysium, Austin, TX
5/10 - Mermaid Lounge, New Orleans
5/11 - Miami
5/13 - Highlight, Chappel Hill, North Carolina
5/14 - Heaven and Hell, Washinton DC
5/16 - Ivy South, NYC, NY, USA

Danish dance duo Junior Senior are heating things up over in Britain. Not only are they in the singles chart at #5 with "Move Your Feet", but they're also planning to do either dates over there in May, starting with Glasgow Barfly on the first and ending with Liverpool Barfly on the 11th.

Division of Laura Lee has lined up a few extra dates around their appearance at the upcoming Coachella fest near LA:

4/21 - Houston, Engine Room
4/22 - Austin, Emos
4/23 - Dallas, Gypsy Tea Room
4/25 - Phoenix, Mason Jar
4/26 - Indio, Coachella

UPDATED: David & the Citizens will be on P3 Pop on April 14 from 10pm till midnight. They'll be playing live and chatting with Hanna in studio. They'll be sure to play the song "Glued to the Light" from the new EP "New Direction" they say, but they'll also be premiering two brand new tracks. As this news implicates, the band is already making plans for their next record - they'll be hitting the studio in May with plans to get it out around September.

In Flames have revealed the details for their forthcoming EP entitled "Trigger". The track listing is as follows:

01. Trigger (single edition)
02. Watch Them Feed (new song)
03. Land Of Confusion (Genesis cover)
04. Cloud Connected (Club Connected Remix)
05. Moonshield (C64 Karoke Version)

Look for it soon on Nuclear Blast. In other news, the band recently returned home from their most recent trek across the US and had this to say on their website:

Hello all, thanx a million for the GREAT support from both old and new fans on In Flames/Mudvayne tour in the US. We had a great time, and as usual we met some really cool people on the road( talking about you, our wonderful fans) and we made some good friends in the other bands- Mudvayne, Grade 8, and Depswa - we really hope to meet up again soon!!!!
On the way home we were forced to make an emergency landing in New Foundland, due to some strange objects on the aircraft that needed closer attention. This of course scared the hell out of us, but luckily it was false alarm, so as we speak we are in Sweden, jet-lagged as hell, but really glad to be on safe ground at home again.
In the end of June we will go back on the road again on a headline spin across the US, bringing some great acts along with us (see soon for official update on this). The tour will take us to places we didn´t hit on the last tour and some that we did play... Hope to see ALL of you out there. Also, watch out for our video/EP for "Trigger" that will be out very soon

Swedish power-metallers Hammerfall have booked themselves a short Czech Republic tour along with the following festival dates:

6/27 - Bang Your Head - Balingen, GER
6/28 - Masters Of Rock, Vizovice, CZ
6/29 - Centre of Town, Jihlava, CZ
6/30 - Hall Lokomotiva, Plzen, CZ
7/04 - Sundsvalls Gatufest - Sundsvall, SWE
7/05 - Töreboda Festival - Töreboda, SWE
7/25 - Karlskoga Stranddagar - Karlskoga, SWE
8/30 - Bloodstock Metalfest - Derby, UK

Transport League has announced that Crash Music Inc. will license their most recent EP "Grand Amputation" for release in the US. It was originally released last year on their own label Hoffa Communications through MNW distribution. In other news, the band reportedly just did some time in the studio with producer J. Reivén (ex-LOK) working on a new demo.

I'm happy to report that the show last night went quite well. The Caesars were a lot of fun and I was glad to finally get a chance to see 'em. The guitars weren't quite as loud as I would've liked, though. And yeah, that Jocke is definitely a nutter on stage. Needless to say, TSOOL rocked the house. Having Martin Hederos back with them (the guy from the Whyte Seeds was subbing last tour) made a huge difference in the sound. Ludwig from t(I)NC did a right and proper job filling in on the drums. Good fun. Someday I'll see the full band together, but until then...

Oh, and The Caesars now have a US website, too. Check it.

And making me even more happy is the fact that I got an exclusive (!!!) mp3 from Johan Bergqvist to offer you. People signed up with the newsletter already got a chance to download the song last week, but now I'm making it available to everyone. The track is called "This Could Be Our Time" and it's from his single due out in May. For more info on Johan, check out his website at

Cobolt, Umeå's kings of sadcore, finally got themselves a website. About time, doncha think? Check it out.

The new Cult of Luna record is reviewed in the May issue of Rolling Stone. Short, but sweet.

Famed Swedish producer/musician/songwriter Dan Swanö has announced plans to reform metal band Edge of Sanity to record a new album via his official message board. Here's his full statement:

Hello Everyone...
Since Black Mark [his record label] have been clever enough to announce a new EDGE OF SANITY release called "CRIMSON II" even though I begged them to keep it a secret, what can I do??? I don't want to lie to my friends.
The first two weeks of May will be dedicated to the writing and recording of an album I have had bubbling inside of me ever since I started the fight for a more "accessible" Bloodbath (Which we all know didn't happen)
I have a bunch of good riffs that sounds SOOO like Edge Of Sanity that it would be ridiculous to start yet another project and sound just like something I invented years ago.
Black Mark have been asking me to re-join the band since the moment I quite and they never really got the fact that I wanted nothing to do with it. After "Evolution" I felt it was all over and went on to do my thing.
Then the "other" Edge Of Sanity split up and let the world "Edge-less"
That's when the ball began rolling. And after a long discussion over a good meal at the Black Mark house I decided to start thinking about the stuff I was writing as a new EOS album.
On the train ride home I started toying around with the idea of a follow up to "Crimson" and when I got home it seemed like the only right thing to do.
I am not in the mood for some "singer songwriter, wanna have a hit single" Metal.
I want Epic-goddamn!!!
So there will be one big piece this time as well, (With track numbers for index, this time!!)
It will be a mind-blowing powerful blend between E.O.S. (duuh..) Pan Thy Monium, Godsend, Karaboudjan, Diabolical Masquerade, Odyssey and maybe even some passages of old Nightingale thrown in. A Massive Swanö-style pomp-death overkill!!!!!
Some of the stuff I have this far is the most classy pomp-death stuff I have ever written and I feel very confident in myself.
The main reason to why I do such a sacred and weird this, as to revive EDGE OF SANITY is...I want this album to be known, to sell, to get through the fucking jungle of albums, to be reviewed everywhere...I know this album will kick ass and I don't want it to drown in some "new project with the guy from EOS" formula..
If it IS called EDGE OF SANITY it will be given a serious listen and trust me..
no one will be disappointed, it will be among the best EOS albums.
August it is..

"Dude, where's my lighter?" - The Venue have put up the first part of their tour diary from their recent US excursion for SXSW.

The guys from Supersilent got a few more gigs lined up at the Molde International Jazz Festival in Norway. First up, Helge will be playing with Norwegian folk singer Unni Løvlid and percussionist Terje Isungset on July 14. Next, Jarle plays the farmer's market on the 17th with festival "artist in residence" Michael Brecker and Ståle will duet with drummer/percussionist Thomas Strønen on the 18th. And finally, the full band will perform on the 19th at Kulturhuset.

In related news, Supersilent-member Arve will play with the combination British/Norweigan quartet Food during a festival tour of Canada:

6/25 - Jazzfest International, Victoria
6/27-28 - Vancouver International Jazz Festival
6/29 - Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

More details available here.

Nightwish will be entering their own home-studio on October 27 to record basic tracks for the follow-up to last year's "Century Child". From there, they'll go over to Finvoxx Studios in Helsinki to track vocals and guitars.

Her Majesty has just signed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV Music. The album "Happiness" comes out in May.

Petter, Doggelito and Daddy Boastin all make guest appearances on the debut Don Diego album "Mitt Liv", due out April 14 on Flava Records.

A-ha has decided not to release their new double live album "How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head" in the UK due to lack of support from their label, Warner Music. The record is doing well in their home of Norway and is poised to do well also in Germany where the band has previously enjoyed healthy sales. No word if another label will step in to take over for a wider release.

Norway's eclectic 10-piece electronic-jazz act Jaga Jazzist will touring Europe in support of the wide release of their first album "The Stix" on Ninja Tune which comes out April 15. The dates:

4/15 - Belgium Brussels Ancienne Belgique
4/16 - France, Rennes Ubu
4/17 - France, Paris New Morning
4/18 - France, Lyon Ninkasi
4/19 - France, Strasbourg Laiterie
4/20 - Switzerland, Martigny Caves Du Manoir
4/23 - Switzerland, Zurich Moods
4/25 - Italy, Verona Interzona
4/26 - Italy, Rome La Palma
4/30 - UK, Brighton Beach Club (tbc)
5/1 - UK, London Ocean
5/2 - Ireland, Dublin The Village
5/3 - UK, Bristol Croft (tbc)
5/5 - Netherlands, Haarlem Bevrijdings Festival
5/6 - Netherlands, Rotterdam Nighttown
5/7 - Netherlands, Amsterdam VPRO (TV recording)
5/8 - Netherlands, Tilburg 13
5/9 - Netherlands, Groningen Vera
5/10 - Netherlands, Utrecht Tivoli
5/12 - France, Montpellier Rockstore
5/14 - Spain, Pamplona (tbc)
5/15 - Spain, San Sebastian Gaeztezena
5/16 - Spain, Madrid Teatro Jacinto
5/17 - Spain, Mieres Jovellanos
5/18 - France, Arles Cargo de Nuit
5/20 - Austria, Vienna Wuk
5/21 - Germany, Dresden(tbc)
5/22 - Germany, Berlin Maria Am Ostbahnhof
5/23 - Poland, Katowice Hipnoza
5/24 - Poland, Warsaw Jazzgot
5/26 - Germany, Halle (tbc)
5/27 - Germany, Cologne (tbc)
5/28 - Germany, Hamburg (tbc)
5/29 - Germany, Hannover (tbc)
5/30 - Denmark, CopenhagenJ azzhaus
5/31 - Denmark, Aarhus SPOT Festival
6/14 - Spain, Barcelona Sonar Festival
7/5 - Norway, Kongsberg Kongsberg Jazz Festival
7/6 - France, Belfort Eurockeennes Festival
7/9 - Switzerland, Montreux Montreux Jazz Festival
7/10 - Luxembourg, Luxembourg Kulturfabrik (tbc)
7/11 - Belgium, Dour Dour Festival
7/12 - Belgium, Bruges Cactus Jazz Festival
7/13 - Netherlands, Hague North Sea Jazz Festival
8/3 - UK, Malvern Big Chill Festival
8/4 - UK, London Jazz Cafe
8/8 - Norway, Oslo Oya Festival

Komeda will release their long-awaited new album "Kokomemedada" on June 2.

Lotta Wenglen plays Tavastia in Helsinki on April 15 in support of the new single "Ambassador of Love". Buddaboys will also perform.

Advance Patrol are hitting the road and now confirmed for Roskilde:

4/12 - Mejeriet, Lund
4/17 - Frölunda Fritisgård, Göteborg
4/18 - Tivoli, Helsingborg
4/25 - KB, Malmö
4/26 - TBA, Uddevalla
5/1 - Första Maj-Fest, Slottsparken, Malmö
5/2 - Culturen, Västerås w/Ison & Fille
5/14 - Rust, Köpenhamn (DK)
5/31 - Universitetet, Stockholm
6/28 - Roskildefestivalen, Roskilde (DK)

Speaking of Roskilde, Norway's Turbonegro and Cato Salsa Experience are now both confirmed to play, too.

Finnish experimental techno label Symptom Records will be putting out their second 12" release on April 22 containing three tracks from artists who will remain anonymous. Preview the music here:

The Haunted are coming back to the US in May with Shai Hulud and Skinless. Darkest Hour and Bleeding Through will also support on select dates. The itinerary so far:

5/08 - Krome - South Amboy, NJ *
5/09 - Rainbow - Montreal, QC, CANADA *
5/10 - Club Rockit - Toronto, ON, CANADA *
5/11 - Majestic - Detroit, MI *
5/12 - Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH +
5/14 - Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA *
5/15 - Bridge Street Music Hall - Syracuse, NY *
5/16 - Club Laga - Pittsburgh, PA *
5/17 - The Palladium/New England Metal and Hardcore Fest - Worcester, MA
5/18 - Jaxx - West Springfield, VA +
5/19 - Ziggy's - Winston-Salem, NC +
5/20 - Uncle Doctor's - West Columbia, SC +
5/21 - State Theatre - St. Petersburg, FL +
5/22 - The Factory - Fort Lauderdale, FL +
5/23 - Masquerade - Atlanta, GA +
5/24 - Tek World - Louisville, KY +
5/25 - Engine Room - Houston, TX +
5/27 - Emo's - Austin, TX +
5/28 - Tree's - Dallas, TX +
5/29 - Launchpad - Albuquerque, NM +
5/30 - Marquee - Tempe, AZ +
5/31 - Huntridge Theatre - Las Vegas, NV +
6/01 - Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA +
6/02 - The Pound - San Francisco, CA +
6/05 - Bluebird Theatre - Denver, CO +
6/06 - The Bottleneck - Lawrence, KS +
6/08 - Agora Ballroom - Cleveland, OH +
* w/Darkest Hour
+ w/Bleeding Through

Amorphis will be honored with a 10-year retrospective collection called "Chapters" coming out June 3 from Relapse Records. Features include rare tracks, extensive liner notes and a DVD. View the cover art here. As mentioned before, Amorphis' new album "Far From The Sun" comes out on Virgin in Finland on May 20.

Marit Bergman has signed with BMG in Sweden making her labelmates with Kent, Sahara Hotnights, and the Backyard Babies. There's obviously been quite a bit of interest in her from the majors since her self-released debut solo album "3.00 A.M. Serenades" did so well and garnered many accolades. Now she's happy she no longer needs to worry herself about promotion, royalties or any of that other behind-the-scenes business and can concentrate 100% on the music.

The buzz is getting louder for Radio Dept. as their "Leibling" 7" was just played recently on the UK's legendary John Peel radio show.

And speaking of John Peel, don't forget to check out The Hellacopters playing live on-air tomorrow.

In Flames reports they are currently in the studio working on a new EP to come out by summertime. No other details yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Silence will reissue the 1983 album from Per Cussion on March 24. Hailed as the first Swedish rap record, the new version will be remastered and will include seven bonus tracks.

Turbonegro presents the Scandinavian Leather Tour 2003 w/JR Ewing, Surferosa, and magician Tore Torell. Jeez, too bad I'm not in Norway to see this for myself. The dates:

5/27 - Siddishallen, Stavanger
5/28 - Haukelandshallen, Bergen
5/29 - Nidarøhallen, Trondheim
5/31 - Oslo Spektrum, Oslo

Hyped band-of-the-moment Radio Dept. are heading out on a Swedish tour to support their new album. The dates:

2/28 - Stockholm Accelerator w/The Legends
3/6 - Linköping Herrgår'n
3/7 - Kalmar Din Kompis/Folkets Park
3/12 - Växjö Musikmuset
3/14 - Göteborg Playground @ Pustervik w/Douglas Heart
3/15 - Malmö KB w/Comet Gain
3/26-29 - Umeå Open
4/9 - Lund Buster @ Mejeriet
4/20 - Göteborg Klubb Himlen
4/25 - Uppsala Kalmar Nation
4/26 - Norrköping Kulturkammaren
5/24 - Stockholm Pop Dakar
8/7-9 - Emmaboda

Sam-E's debut album "Om ni bara wuisste" comes out February 28 from Streetzone. It was produced by themselves, along with help from El Sheriffo, Ken, Sekken Thautz, Moonshine, and Masse, who all also make guest appearances.

Cold Meat Industry will be holding a label-fest in Leipzig Germany on June 8. The scheduled lineup: Arcana, Brighter Death Now, Coph Nia, Deutsch Nepal, In Slaughter Natives, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Raison D'étre, and Fetish23. BDN also plays in Chicago on Friday the 13th of June.

MNW (Music Network) has announced they will start offering cheap singles for the price of ten kroner a song. The first slew of artists to benefit from this plan are De Stijl, Isolation Years, Satirnine, and Johan Borgert.

Komeda has announced they are working on a new album, their first since 1998's "What Makes It Go". The title has been announced as "Kokomemedada" and it should be out in May. The first single will be for the song "Reproduce".

Marko from The Crown recently posted an apology on the band's website for their cancellation of two shows in Slovakia. Here's the story:

We came to the border and were denied getting into the country. The reason was that we didn´t have documents from the Swedish and Italian government saying that we were the owners of our equipment. Let me tell you one thing, we have played in 17 countries (EU and non EU countries) and NEVER had a problem like this before. So we decided to go to a second border. And we were denied again to enter the country. And this time NOT ´cause of the equipment but simply ´cause they didn´t want us to get in. SO... we decided to try a THIRD border. And surprise surprise, they let us in with no problems, they didn´t even want any documents. But then they decided to not let in the opening acts, and all the backline (drums, amplifiers etc.) were in their bus. So we waited 4-5 hours on the border hoping that they would let them in. We asked our tourmanager to contact the Slovenian promotor and beg him to provide some drums and amps for us. At this point we were prepared to do a show with one cymbal only if necessary. But the reply was that the promotor couldn´t get us any kind of instruments. We were REALLY looking forward to do these two sold-out shows. We even planned to record them on video.
The bottomline is, we had to go back to Italy and cancel these two shows. Very fucking frustrating, but what could we do? The border acted like they could do whatever they wanted to.
And the fucked up thing is that we heard that people had traveled from Croatia and Austria to see us perform.Trust me, we are as sorry as you that we couldn´t play.
This cancellation was TOTALLY beyond our control!!!

Zyklon have set "Aeon" as the name of their new album, due in September on Candlelight Records. It's currently being recorded at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio and will be mixed at Studio Fredman by the ever-present Fredrik Nordström. According to a posting on the band's website, The material is more varied and the song writing in general is much stronger. The new material is also said to be way more heavy compared to the debut ("World Ov Worms"), probably not as intense in terms of actual speed, but aggressive no doubt!"

Solefald's new album "In Harmonia Universali" comes out March 24 in Europe on Century Media. No US release has been set, but you can download a preview mp3 here for the track "Mont Blanc Providence Crow". Fans of avant-garde metal such as Ulver (older), Arcturus or maybe even Tool should check 'em out.

I mentioned awhile ago that The Venue was another Swedish band travelling to the US to play SXSW and elsewhere. Well, here's their finalized tour plans:

3/5 – the Casbah San Diego, CA (with Silver Sunshine & The Stereotypes)
3/7 – Fullbrook Art & Cultural Center
3/8 – Spaceland, LA, CA (with The Out Crowd & Brian Jonestown Massacre)
3/9 – Sea Level Records, LA, CA (in-store)
3/10 – the Now Sound, LA, CA
3/11 – the Echo, LA, CA
3/14 – Friends, Austin, TX (SXSW Bella Union showcase)
3/16 – Lee Ann Atherton's Post SXSW Barn Dance, Austin, TX
3/18 – the Stork Club, Oakland, CA (with Pineforest Crunch)
3/19 – The Lost & Found, San Fransisco, CA (with Pineforest Crunch)

The Klerks will be appearing on the MTV Nordic program Morning Glory on February 8, 9 and 11. They will perform the single "She, She, She" and do an interview.

Here's the dates for Opeth's upcoming Australian tour:

4/10 - Brisbane, The Arena
4/11 - Melbourne, The Corner
4/12 - Adelaide, Uni Bar
4/13 - Sydney, The Metro

Seen the video for "By the Grace of God" from The Hellacopters yet? Click here.

The Soundtrack of Our Lives has announced the dates for their upcoming US tour:

3/15 - Orlando FL The Social
3/16 - Ft. Lauderdale FL Culture Room
3/18 - Atlanta GA Cotton Club
3/20 - New York NY Irving Plaza
3/21 - Washington DC 9:30 Club
3/22 - Philadelphia PA Theatre of Living Arts
3/23 - Boston MA Paradise
3/24 - Providence RI Met Cafe
3/26 - Ottawa Barrymore's Music Hall
3/27 - Montreal Cafe Campus
3/28 - Toronto Opera House
3/29 - Columbus OH Little Brother
3/31 - Detroit MI Magic Stick
4/2 - Minneapolis MN 400 Bar
4/5 - Denver CO Bluebird
4/8 - San Francisco CA Bimbo's 365 Club
4/10 - Seattle WA Graceland

In a sign of big things to come, The Sounds have two songs featured in the upcoming movie "Final Destination 2", "Dance With Me" and "Rock'n'Roll". As stated before, James Iha's Scratchie Records will be releasing the album in the states. The movie hits US theatres tomorrow.

The Wannadies's full version of the video for "Little by Little" gets its TV premiere on MTV2 at 6:20. They may not be one of my faves, but the video's greatness is undeniable.

Kristofer Åström reports that Fireside has finished up with nine of the songs for the upcoming album and comments "it's turning out really good. I'm satisfied with how it sounds." Eh, not the boldest statement I've heard, but I'm still quite excited for when it finally comes out. Don't forget to download the new track "Throw it Away" if you haven't already.

Bad Taste Records has kindly put up the video for "Playerin" from Last Days of April. Check it: High / Low (Real Media)
Also, if you haven't already done so, vote for the band's video for "All Will Break" on the MTV Up North Chart or check out that mp3 I put up on the right.

Logh will be on P3 Live tonight at 9pm (12 noon Pacific). I plan on recording it, but you can also listen online at the P3 site. (click the link 'Lyssna' in the upper-right)

Hot on the heels of news of their StarEP release, Moneybrother has revealed they are working on a full length for Burning Heart Records. Mainman Anders Wendin (ex-Monster) says that him and producer Jari Haapalainen (The Bear Quartet) have twelve tracks ready to go for a summer release. He's also got an all-star lineup for the backing band: Fredrik Sandsten (The Soundtrack of Our Lives), Magnus Öström (Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Nicolai Dunger's "Soul Rush"), Björn Yttling (Peter, Björn & John, live keyboards for Ceasars Palace), plus Monster's horn section (Viktor Brobacke, Gustav Bendt and Patrick Andersson). The music is decribed as a mix of soul, reggae, and punk - not far from the sound of his old band.

Soviac reports they are finished with the second part of their new recording. They are working at Pelle Gunnerfeldt's Gröndal Studio with Johan Gustavsson (Randy) and Kalle Ohlsson (The Bear Quartet).

The new album from Crystal Committee is now available from Chalksounds and you can download the preview mp3s for "So Sinister" and the title track "Forever Overhead". Described by the label as "A true indierock masterpiece in the vein of Ride, early Starmarket", the band consists of Fredrik from the aforementioned Starmarket with help from Mattias Norlamder (Blithe, Komeda), Kristoffer Larsson (Cobolt) and Pontus Levahn (also in Starmarket).

Also from Chalksounds comes this mp3 from Carpet People. The track is called "A Road Trip" and it comes from the forthcoming album "More Bad Weather Coming Out of the Rain".

LOK has a live album called "Blästrad Levande" coming out on February 24. The recording is from a show in Göteborg last August 14. Preview the cover art here.