Artist: Kvoteringen

Country: Sweden
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Reviews: Samhällets förrädare
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Presenting: Nervgift

Check out Nervgift, a new metal/punk act featuring members from Coldworker, Kvoteringen and Ond Bråd Död. More at Facebook:
Expect a demo to surface at the end of the month.

Pig Eyes - Bullet with everything

New postpunk/hardcore from Pig Eyes, a new act featuring current and ex-members from bands such as Nitad, In Solitude, Trapdoor Fucking Exit and Kvoteringen. Look for a 12" EP to be released via later this year.

Top 10s for 2011: Larzon (Millencolin/De:Nihil Records/Kvoteringen)

SWEHC talks to De:Nihil

SWEHC interviews Fredrik Larzon of Millencolin/Kvoteringen about his label :

Illegal by Choice: A benefit record for hidden refugees

has confirmed that the upcoming "Illegal By Choice" benefit comp that they are doing for Punk Illegal/No One is Illegal (as hinted at here) will feature previously unreleased tracks from Swedish hardcore acts Victims, Kvoteringen, Meanwhile and Asta Kask plus Euro mainlanders Demenzia Kolektiva (AUS) and Alert! Alert! (POL). I'm not sure of the pressing details, but it's already been sent to the plant and should be ready by the next Punk Illegal fest in Munkedal, Sweden on June 24-25. More info:

Kvoteringen - Hjalmar Wång

Kvoteringen are streaming a new track from the upcoming "Storfinansen" EP, due out soon via /:

De:Nihil says the new Kvoteringen 7" is on for June

reports that the new 5-track Kvoteringen 7" EP "Storfinansen" should be ready for release in June. In other news, the label is also putting together a benefit comp for Punk Illegal/No One is Illegal for release this summer -- expect details to surface shortly.

De:Nihil update

reports that the upcoming Anstalt EP "Altamont Raceway" has been sent to press and will be available shortly, probably around the same time as the new Kvoteringen EP "Storfinansen" they are co-releasing with .

New Kvoteringen 7" coming soon

Kvoteringen has started to record a few tracks for a new 7" to be released via their own in collaboration with fellow DIY-minded Swedes . No other details revealed yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Kvoteringen - Samhällets förrädareKvoteringen
Samhällets förrädare
Feral Ward


Solid B-grade d-beat/käng from a bunch of lifers who are probably having a blast doing it. Can't say it's an essential purchase, nor does it quite have the urgency of contemporaries such asHerätys, but it is well worth a listen if you're a fan of the style or of any of the member's other bands (yes, even you Millencolin listeners).
- Avi Roig

Kvoteringen members launch new label

Larre and Calle from Kvoteringen has started a new label called and are planning on releasing new 7"s from Kvoteringen and Nitad in the near future:

D-takt & Råpunk to release new 7"s from SIsta Kriget, Kvoteringen

reports that they'll be doing new 7"s for both Sista Kriget and Kvoteringen, the former coming out in a month or two and the latter following a bit further down the road. They also say that the upcoming Disarm 2xLP/CD comp is finally coming togther and should be ready in 2-3 weeks.

Fuck your scene, kid vol. 3 gets release date

' latest split 7" in the "Fuck your scene, kid" series (this is #3) featuring Kvoteringen and Nitad will be officially released on March 8.

Various Artists - Skitliv! Fucked up passed out no memories left...Various Artists
Skitliv! Fucked up passed out no memories left...
D-takt & Råpunk


Sarcastic punk zine iconoclasts "Skitliv!" pay tribute to themselves with a double-disc collection of cuts from (almost) every artist they ever interviewed and that adds up to ten issues and 48 tracks of uncompromising Swedish d-beat/käng/råpunk. Most of the big names are represented, from old-timers such as Anti Cimex, Moderat Likvidation and Mob 47 to Wolfbrigade, Disfear, Skitsystem and Victims, as well as up-and-comers like Tortyr, Kvoteringen, Giftgasattack and truckloads more. Of course the quality here runs the gamut, be it related to songwriting or recording, but it kind of doesn't matter in end because it all starts to blend together after 20 minutes or so. On the other hand, as a genre-dabbler, it's a great resource to have because the song selection is so all-encompassing and overwhelming; I'm sure I'll be going back to revisit in smaller doses to pick out new favorites. For everyone else, especially if your only knowledge of Swedish punk is limited to the mediocre "Svenska Punkklassiker" discs, the uncompromising, unrelenting hardcore noise attack of "Skitliv!" is a great overview of a much-heralded underground scene well worth investigating, even it does veer towards overkill.
- Avi Roig

Kvoteringen - Penningmaktens teknokrater

Swedish hardcore act Kvoteringen are streaming a new track off their forthcoming LP "Samhällets förrädare", due out on Feral Ward very soon: