Artist: La Casa Fantom

Country: Norway
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
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New La Casa Fantom album coming via Fysisk Format

will be releasing the new album "Selection by elimination" from Norwegian drum/bass duo La Casa Fantom on March 7. It will be available on both CD and vinyl.

Norwegian hardcore act Dominic has posted the first batch of dates for their summer tour:

06/14 - tba, Copenhagen (DK)
06/15 - tba, Berlin (GER) w/Syn*Error
06/16 - tba (GER) w/Syn*Error
06/17 - tba, Tournai (BEL) w/Dying in Motion
06/18 - need help, Paris (FRA)
06/19 - tba, Lyon (FRA) w/Dying in Motion
06/20 - tba, Geneva (SWI) w/Dying in Motion
06/21 - theoffice, Gossau (SWI) w/Dying in Motion
06/22 - need help
06/23 - need help
06/24 - need help
06/25 - kafekult, Munchen (GER)
06/26 - Movimento, Wien (AUS) w/Dying in Motion
06/27 - Zluty Pez, Pardubice (CZ) w/Dying in Motion
06/28 - tba, Ostrava (CZ) w/Dying in Motion
06/29 - tba, Nymburk (CZ) w/Lakmè, Dying in Motion
06/30 - AZconni, Dresden (GER) w/La Casa Fantom, Dead Silent Days
07/01 - tba, Leipzig (GER)
07/02 - JuZ, Leer (GER) w/Only for the Sake of Aching
07/03 - need help, Versmold (GER)
07/04 - tba, Atwerpen (BEL) w/Autumn Delay
07/05 - tba, Gent (BEL) w/Autumn Delay

The band's new album will hopefully be released in time for tour. The CD version is being put out by Great Northern Records and Dead Letter Records and the LP will be handled by LilacSky, Ape Must Not Kill Ape and some other as-yet-unnamed labels. Listen to a sample: