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New music from Barren Womb (ex-Like Rats from a Sinking Ship)

Bad Sounds brings news of the new band Barren Womb rising from the ashes of Like Rats from a Sinking Ship:
The band's debut release will be a split 7" with crust/grind act Forræderi, due out May 4 via /.

It's a Trap! Clubnights update

It's a Trap! Clubnight update! First, We are the Storm's gig on September 24 has been cancelled, but don't worry -- bigger, better things will be happening for the band to come. Details shortly! Secondly, Like Rats From A Sinking Ship have been forced to cancel our October show, but again, there's no need to worry! Excellent Swedish noiserockers Tennis Bafra will be taking their place! Third, we'll be hosting Deathcrush from Norway in November along with Danish duo Fossils as support! Awesome! Be there!

It's a Trap! Clubnights fall update

It's a Trap! Clubnights for the fall season are starting to be confirmed and we've already got We Are the Storm coming on September 24 and then Kriget + Like Rats from a Sinking Ship on October 1. November is almost confirmed as well with a killer Norwegian act and I'll be sure to fill you in as soon as it's ready for public dissemination. Also, more crucially imminent: Into the Woods, the new band of Sara Wilson (First Floor Power, Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons), has been added to the bill on July 16 with Kajsa Grytt! If you find yourself near Malmö on any of those dates, you know where to go!

Like Rats from a Sinking Ship - Honk if you're a nihilist (video)

Sounds like Like Rats from a Sinking Ship have upped their game. Look for the band's new album "We get along like a house on fire" to be released on April 1 via /.

Like Rats from a Sinking Ship touring Europe

Norway's Like Rats from a Sinking Ship are leaving on a short European tour this week:

04/17 - Fängelset, Göteborg (SWE)
04/18 - Huset i Magestræde, København (DK)
04/22 - Exit, Rotterdam (NL)
04/24 - Vort'n Vis, Ieper (BEL)
04/25 - L'Entract, Tournai (BEL)
04/28 - Le Pixi, Paris (FRA)
04/30 - Elfer, Frankfurt (GER)
05/01 - Lokal, Berlin (GER)

Mishka to release new album thorugh The Perfect Hoax

The Perfect Hoax, the label run by the dudes behind Like Rats from a Sinking Ship, will be releasing the new album "The vulture conspiracy" from fellow Norwegians Mishka on March 15. Samples at myspace:
Expect the two bands to tour together this spring.

MP3: Like Rats From A Sinking Ship - Smash the crystal larynx!

Yesterday's adventure started off nice enough. My hosts and I walked a bit around Malmö in the AM, stopping in at Rundgång to say hello to the Deleted Art crew and such and also stopping to eat some of (what I'm told to be is) Malmö's famous falafel. From there it was off to Copenhagen for a quick trip through the national museum and then a rendezvous with Stytzer from Hits in the Car which meant enjoying a beer on the harbour. See- so far, everything was very, very nice. We even managed to find a decent restaurant for a proper dinner before exploring Christiania and heading to Loppen to see Norwegian act Like Rats From A Sinking Ship. Nothing really bad happened to us I guess, but the other band Haust canceled the show so that meant there were only 18 or so people in attendance. And then there's the Like Rats tour story: robbed twice in 4 days, freaked out and camping in the woods for 3 days, a broken kick pedal. All things considered, they took it in stride and put on a great show, but I think their bad luck rubbed off on us as our train back to Sweden broke down, making our trip home take 3x as long as it should've. Not a nice way to end the evening, y'know? Anyhow, the music of LRFASS is raw, discordant hardcore interspersed with little electronic bits not too unlike "Shape of punk..."-era Refused. Also, the best use of theramin in hardcore I've ever seen. Obviously I haven't had a lot of time to absorb their debut release "Sxy Sxy Gsw EP" yet, but here's a track that I like, especially the slower coda part. Good times!

Like Rats From A Sinking Ship - Smash the crystal larynx!