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Rökkurró - Í annan heimRökkurró
Í annan heim
12 Tónar


When talking about music, the word "Icelandic" has come to mean a lot more than where the band members hail from. With the consistently brilliant works of Sigur Rós, the talents of Mùm, and Björk's wonderfully bizarre offerings, "Icelandic" has come to simultaneously define an ethereal, arctic expanse and an idiosyncratic and otherworldly landscape, with any deviations to one's conception of the term often being easily reconciled and folded into the wide-reaching designation. While "Í annan heim" may lean more towards a more traditional presentation of melancholy pop than their kinsfolk, Rökkurró will not be heralded as the band who broke the Icelandic mold, though this isn't to disparage their talents or sound. "Í annan heim" is home to quite a bit of quality songwriting, though, as a whole, the despondence is not always paired with intrigue -- the compositions, while beautiful, often pass without having convinced us to follow. The album does open up with repeated listening, and closer "Svamur" makes a strong case for one to start the album over, but I wouldn't be surprised if some never make it to those final moments -- those that find themselves wanting another pass through, however, will be happily rewarded.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

Jónsi - GoJónsi


When the album was announced in December, I wondered whether Jónsi's unfettering for his solo debut "Go" could signal a return to the emotive restraint of Sigur Rós' earlier work. At the time it seemed promising: "Go" began as an acoustic album, with kits by demure Múm stickman Samuli and early production by composer Nico Muhly. All of the pre-release teases seemed to indicate that a self-aware Jónsi was distancing himself from the annoyingly percussive bent of Sigur Rós' last half-decade.

And "Go" begins accordingly, with Jónsi's signature coo, studio-chopped into a startling twinkle. Elated, I imagined this reduction of Jónsi's emblematic voice indicative of the stripped, back-to-basics reinvention that this album deserved. I was wrong. It only took seven seconds to bury all hope under four-to-the-floor theatrics, the drum-heavy frenzy that trampled "Agaetis"' depth and subtlety, giving way to latter-day Sigur Rós' canned euphoria.

Even the album's bright spots are marred by Samuli's perplexing choice to lean heavily on Sigur Rós' drum aesthetics. The breathy breakdown on "Animal arithmetic" arrives, beautiful and intimate, but it's almost immediately carried off by a frenetic mess of percussive garbage. And though lead single "Boy lilikoi" has some catchy moments, its melodramatic sense of urgency is stultifying. The drumless tracks, then, are welcome, but they come off more as Sigur Rós retreads than any real change in direction -- fittingly, the album closer "Heniglas" is drone-for-drone the same elegiac statement as SR closers "Heysátan" and "Avalon". On the whole, "Go" is little more than a would-be Sigur Rós long player -- it takes few chances, and those it does take are drowned out by increasingly histrionic arrangements. Am I the only one who remembers the days when Jónsi effortlessly accomplished "epic" without being overly busy or stiflingly melodramatic?

Don't get me wrong. I'm still a Sigur Rós-lifer who will listen to this album on repeat, until the busywork of it starts to seem intricately wrought, my heart full-stop when Jónsi croons "o hjartað" on "Heniglas". But when longtime producer John Best says he hasn't "felt this excited about a project since the time [he] first heard 'Agaetis byrjun', right back in 1999", he's just getting everyone's hopes up. Yeah right, John.
- Nathan Keegan

The Takeaway Show: Múm

There's a new episode of The Takeaway Show featuring Múm:,5170

Múm - Sing along (video)

Stereogum has the premiere of the new Múm video "Sing along":

Pitchfork reviews Múm

Pitchfork reviews the new Múm record "Sing along to songs you don't know":

MP3: The First Miles - In town

I'm about to head out for a three-day jaunt into eastern Oregon to watch some of the world's smartest dogs compete, but before I go, let me cover a few things:

1. Tomorrow night It's a Trap! Clubnights at Debaser Malmö celebrates it's 2-year anniversary (!!!) with a show featuring the excellent acts Pixie Carnation and Rolf Fabian & the Industry of Cool. Download a sample from the former here. I'm sure it's going to be a great time, so head on down! DJs will be playing tunes and hanging out 'till 3.

2. The new CD from "Reader's companion" alums The First Miles is here and ready for purchase. I've also posted the opening number for download below to further entice you.

3. There's a bunch of new feature content worth reading -- new reviews (finally!) of Hello Saferide (live) and Golden Kanine plus an interview with Múm.

4. And don't forget to check out our new netrelease from Hearts No Static! Five tracks of quality ambient rock for free download!

See you next week!

The First Miles - In town

Interview: Múm

Dusted reviews Múm

Dusted reviews the new Múm record "Sing along to songs you don't know":

Sin Fang Bous to support Múm

Sin Fang Bous will be supporting fellow Icelanders Múm on tour in North America this fall, his first time in on these shores. Dates:

10/21 - The Somerville Theatre, Somerville, MA
10/22 - First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA
10/23 - black cat, Washington DC, Washington DC
10/24 - Le Poisson Rouge, New York, NY
10/26 - Le National, Montreal, Quebec
10/27 - Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto, Ontario
10/28 - Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago, IL
10/29 - McGuire Theater, Minneapolis, MN
11/01 - Marquee Room, Calgary, Alberta
11/02 - Richards on Richards, Vancouver BC
11/03 - Showbox at the Market, Seattle, WA
11/04 - Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR
11/05 - The Independent, San Francisco, CA
11/06 - El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
11/07 - Yost Theatre, Santa Ana, CA

Buy Múm mp3s, help refugees

Artist-friendly mp3 marketplace Gogoyoko has an exclusive digital pre-sale of the new Múm album "Sing along to songs you don't know":

Drowned in Sound album rundown with Mum

Drowned in Sound does a track-by-track rundown with Mum of their forthcoming album "Sing along to songs you don't know":

Benni Hemm Hemm/Múm European tour

Icelandic acts Benni Hemm Hemm and Múm are touring Europe together:

08/25 - Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)
08/26 - Exit 07, Luxembourg (LUX)
08/25 - Atomic Cafe, Munich (GER)
08/25 - Beatpol, Dresden (GER)
09/01 - Botanique, Brussels (BEL)
09/02 - Südpol, Lucerne (CH)
09/03 - Salzhaus, Winterthur (CH)
09/05 - Lido, Berlin (GER)
09/06 - Knust, Hamburg (GER)
09/07 - Gebäude 9, Cologne (GER)
09/08 - Maroquinierie, Paris (FRA)
09/09 - La Laiterie, Strasbourg (FRA)
09/10 - Radar Festival, Lille (FRA)

New Múm album in August

FACT Magazine confirms that Icelandic act Múm will release the new album "Sing along to songs you don't know" on August 24 via Morr Music:

Interview: For A Minor Reflection

Interview: Hjaltalín