Artist: Makabert Fynd

Country: Sweden
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
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New Makabert Fynd 7" "Ondskans flint" on D-takt & Råpunk

will be doing a new Makabert Fynd 7" with a special limited edition of 50 to go along with the band on their upcoming European tour; dates and details posted here.

Dissekerad - Undergången är nära

New Swedish råpunk featuring members from Totalitär, Avskum, Makabert Fynd and The Nature. Kinda goes without saying, but yeah, this is raging.

Turist i tillvaron vol. 4 lineup confirmed

Artists are now confirmed for volume 4 of Mikael Sörling's Swedish punk comp "Turist i tillvaron":
A few of the names you may recognize: Makabert Fynd, Burning Kitchen, Asta Kask, Crash Nomada, Gamla Pengar and Desperat.

Makabert Fynd - Tabletterna (video)

An official video from hardcore act Makabert Fynd? Sure, why not?

Still Single reviews Glöm Da!/Makabert Fynd split

Still Single reviews the Glöm Da!/Makabert Fynd split 12" on :

D-Takt & Råpunk 3x7" split now up for preorder

has finalized the artwork and is now taking preorders for the upcoming 3x7" split box featuring Swedish hardcore punk/crusties Anatomi-71, Bombstrike, Desperat, Giftgasattack, Makabert Fynd and Tortyr. :

Two new tunes from Makabert Fynd

is offering up a couple sample tunes from the upcoming Makabert Fynd album, due out next week:
Bummed to say that I'll be out of town on vacation when they tour the West Coast next month, but then again, I won't be too bummed to be hanging out in the redwoods instead.

Makabert Fynd US tour (updated)

Dates for Makabert Fynd's upcoming US tour in July are starting to come together:

Makabert Fynd US tour

I've only seen one confirmed date so far (July 12 in Seattle w/Society Nurse), but it looks like Swedish hardcore act Makabert Fynd is touring the US in July.

D-Takt & Råpunk to do 3x7" split box

will be doing a 3x7" box featuring splits between Anatomi-71 + Bombstrike, Desperat + Giftgasattack and Makabert Fynd + Tortyr. 200 hand-numbered copies only (with "bonus stuff" included) plus 300 standalone copies for those folks that don't want the whole package.

Presenting: Cut-Out Witch

Check out Cut-Out Witch, a brand new band out of Stockholm featuring two members from Sad Day for Puppets:
The band's self-titled debut EP was recorded by a "pretty drunk" Mattis Ruwe (Makabert Fynd) and will be getting a proper digital release in the near future, but it's already available for full streaming at the aforementioned website. If you dig the classic indie sound of bands I've posted before such as Life Before Man, you'll dig this too.

New music from Makabert Fynd

Swedish hardcore act Makabert Fynd have added a few new tracks to their myspace page:

Glöm Dä! - Förnedringskassan

This here's a new song from Glöm Dä! off their forthcoming 7" "I skuggan av eran stia", due out October 1. The band has been pretty busy in the studio as of late and also will be releasing a split 12" with fellow Swedes Makabert Fynd as well as contributing two tracks to ' forthcoming hardcore comp "Dimmorna skingras", alongside bands such as Krimtänk, Sub Alert and The Rats. Hear more at myspace:

New blood for Makabert Fynd

Swedish hardcore act Makabert Fynd has enlisted new members Kalle Persson (Skitsystem) on drums Anders Lundin (Abjekt) on guitar.

Makabert Fynd recording a new LP in April

Swedish hardcore act Makabert Fynd will be going into the studio on April 16 to record a new album. Expect a July release.