Artist: Mandorla

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Heartbeats away from my love (mp3)
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Mandorla - Victim of the sun

Swedish psych act Mandorla has confirmed that "Victim of the sun" is their new single, the second off the still-forthcoming album "...based upon an idea by Mandorla" which is due out May 23 via . Listen here:

MP3: Magenta Skycode - King of the abstract painters

There's quite a few American acts that aim to emulate the lush sound of the Beach Boys, but no one can nail their glorious melancholia quite like the Scandinavians. Magenta Skycode may lack a Hal Blaine to call their own, but that hardly matters when you got everything else required for a pop/rock symphony. Unlike Mandorla, who sound more like a convincing tribute (albeit a very good one, it must be said), these Finns go beyond the cutesy, sunshine pop to mine the darker undercurrents that made "Pet sounds" so unforgettable. Perhaps it's my overactive imagination, but I think there's a profound sadness to that album that oft goes overlooked and unrecognized. Magenta Skycode gives me that same feeling

In other Magenta Skycode news, will be celebrating the band's 5th anniversary on March 15 with the vinyl reissue of their first album "|||||" ("5 bars") on 180g LP + 7" with two extra tracks, packaged in a gatefold sleeve including full lyrics, liner notes and so on. The label will also be reissuing pre-Magenta Skycode act This Empty Flow's 1996 debut "Magenta skycode" (see the connection?) on April 27 in a limited 2xLP edition, the first time the record has ever been released on vinyl.

Magenta Skycode - King of the abstract painters

MP3: Mandorla - Heartbeats away from my love

Mandorla is currently being promoted as "the Swedish equivalent to The Beach Boys" according to some unnamed journalist and it's not too hard to see why once you hear the lush vocal harmonies on "Heartbeats away from my love", the band's new single off the forthcoming album "Based on an idea by...". They're obviously not doing too much to break new ground here, but there is certainly something to be said for the craftsmanship that goes into absolutely nailing it, and nail it they certainly do. No idea exactly when the record will be out, but they are saying sometime in March.

Mandorla - Heartbeats away from my love

Mandorla is working a new album with the tentative title of "Minnesvärda minnes-luckor".

The video for "Bomben" from Mandorla can be downloaded here:

Kite Recordings has signed Mandorla, the new band of Martin Bärjed and Andreas Nyberg (The Mellowmen). The new album "Nattfjärils" comes out May 27 and you can find out more on at the duo's website: