Artist: Marginal Cirkus

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: The Sinding-Larsen project
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Marginal Cirkus
The Sinding-Larsen project

Ah... another band from Gothenburg. The moment I started listening to the quartet, I found myself going through my usual "What the hell does this remind me of?" routine. I was expecting something upbeat from the first sounds of "Marginal Cirkus" but it quickly changed when I listened to the rest of the tracks on this six-song EP. The other tracks, such as "Turn your fist" and "Soul survivor", are sort of trippy rock tunes that remind me of another Gothenburg band called The Soundtrack of Our Lives. I found myself losing track of time when listening to them, which is a good thing. Highly recommended.
- Navy Keophan