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Maribel - Pretty nights (video)

"Pretty nights" is the latest video from Norwegian shoegazers Maribel.

Ja Ja Ja May: Sansa, Maribel, Reptile Youth

Ja Ja Ja's upcoming showcase for May 31 will featuring Reptile Youth, Maribel and Sansa. Full details + sample tunes from each artist:

Reveries preview

is currently streaming the new album "Reveries" from Norwegian shoegazers Maribel in full via SoundCloud.

Maribel - Jezebel jive

The a-side of the new Maribel 7", officially released tomorrow via .

Splendour to release Maribel 7"

will be releasing a new 7" single from Norwegian shoegazers Maribel on November 24. Said record will include the a-side "Jezebel jive" b/w "Reverie" on the flip.

Osloprisen 2009: Årets osloskive

Voting is now open for the Olsoprisen "Album of the Year" award:
Nominees include Montée, Obliteration (my personal choice), Maribel and Chris Lee and the final decision is 50% jury-based, 50% voting.

Presenting: Starving Artist Kokebok

A group of Oslo-based artist expats (2 Australians, 1 Canadian) have put together something called the "Starving Artist Kokebok", or "cookbook" for the Norwegian-impaired, a book and CD package featuring artwork, stories and of course recipes from 37 fellow Oslo-based bands, artists and journalists. Also included is a 19-track CD:

01. Simon Says No! - Sleeping Heart
02. Death is Not Glamorous - Clear Lines
03. Lionheart Brothers - Bring it Down (Kokebok Edit)
04. Maribel - Soothe
05. Pica Pica - The Man with the Magic Hands
06. CCTV - We Belong (Radio Edit)
07. Einar Stray - Arrows
08. Pilemil - Ghost
09. Hiawata! - Valley Boys
10. Happy Dagger - 2012
11. Manhattan Skyline - The Below
12. Spirits of the Dead - White Lady Black Rave
13. Årabrot - The Minute
14. The Bee's Niece - Stolen Bike
15. Norma Sass - Japan
16. The Loch Ness Mouse feat. Stella Mwangi - New Graffiti (Single Edit)
17. Center of the Universe - Sing it Again
18. Rosix Noir - Binden Sie Meine Hnde (Remix)
19. The White Tiger Prepade - Powerful fast forward knowledge pushing scared inprinted gem stones levitating by seemingly apathic sound movement reactions

Other contributors include Benea Reach, Haust, Je Suis Animal, Lydia Laska, My Little Pony, Silver and lots more. There will be a release party on November 18 at Rubber Soul featuring an exhibition of the original artworks followed by a show at Revolver later in the evening. More info:

The Lionheart Brothers/Maribel to release 12" remix split

Norwegian neo-shoegazers The Lionheart Brothers and Maribel will be releasing a split remix 12" eneitled "Alternatives" on August 12 via Sirkel Records. Two tracks each, but I have no idea who does the mixing.

Prelisten to the new Maribel album

Norwegian shoegazers Maribel are now streaming their new album "Aesthetics" at myspace:

Maribel to play London in late May

Maribel are doing a few London gigs at the end of May:

05/25 - The Luminaire, London w/Crystal Stilts
05/26 - Queen of Hoxton, London w/The Telescopes
05/27 - Old Blue Last, London

Maribel confirm debut album

Norwegian shoegazers Maribel will release their debut album "Aesthetics" on April 27 via Oslo Grammofon.

Maribel - Taste the trash 7Maribel
Taste the trash 7"
Oslo Grammofon


Oslo shits out yet another shoegaze band and of course Emil Nikolaisen from Serena Maneesh is in the credits, this time as producer, alongside Bjarne Stensli (Harrys Gym, I Was A King). Hoo-boy, that's quite a lineup of mediocre bands, so why should this be any different? Actually, the a-side ("Taste the trash") isn't all that bad, despite the robotic drumming. I'd even say that the abundant feedback squalls adequately compensate for the overall lack of energy, egged on by by the heavily layered and buried female vocals. Side two ("Spit voyage") aims to repeat the formula by amping things up even higher, but the polyrhythmic arrangement doesn't work at all and subsequently comes across like a huge mess. And again, that damn drummer! I swear, if you told me it was a machine I'd believe you, he's so competently lifeless. Loosen up man! The future of your band depends on it.
- Avi Roig

Eardrums rounds up a few new indie releases out of Norway from the bands Maribel, Sally Suicide and Harrys Gym:

Eardrums profiles Maribel, yet another Norwegian nu-gaze act tapped to be the "next big thing":