Artist: Markovic

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Adoreus
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Wonderland Records is offering up the new single "Lifeache" from Swedish melancholy pop act Markovic as a free download:

Upcoming live dates for Markovic:

02/09 - Loppen, Copenhagen (DK)
02/14 - Kafé 44, Stockholm (SWE)
02/22 - Sticky Fingers Top Floor, Gothenburg (SWE)
02/29 - Lark in the Park, London (UK)
03/02 - The Purple Turtle, Oxford (UK)
03/03 - Whistlebinkies (acoustic show), Edinburgh (UK)
03/04 - Whistlebinkies (electric), Edinburgh (UK)
03/05 - The 13th Note, Glasgow (UK)
03/06 - Wee Red Bar, Edniburgh (UK)

Markovic - AdoreusMarkovic
Wonderland Records


Opening with the ambitious "Lifeache", a track combining the Britpop sensibility of James with the soaring, cinematic approach of bands like Hope of the States and The Boxer Rebellion, Markovic effortlessly combine their melodic leanings with dark arrangements, laying out a thesis-of-sorts for the album to follow. "MakeBeliever" forces its way out of the layered ending of "EMO"; drumming reminiscent of Bloc Party's faster compositions accompanying the wiry, distorted opening, and building to the fuller sound that defines Markovic's "Adoreus". While there is much for anglophiles to rejoice in on the record, Markovic haven't in any way rejected their Scandinavian standing. "Crayons" has an "Isola"-era Kent feel to it, and numerous other songs seem indebted, if only slightly, to the influence of Jettie and Mew, especially the closing pair "Poem" and "Sweet surrender". Markovic's debut almost outlines the organic progression of the melancholy of the mid-90s into the pop music of today, yet "Adoreus" merely reminds us of previous and contemporary efforts, and is in no way hindered by these comparisons. There are echoes of the Britpop scene and 90s Swedish indie rock (and the 'older' feel of the production on "Adoreus" helps augment this nostalgic element), but echoes are all they are - Markovic are very much their own being. If this is what they are capable of on their first record, Markovic has a wonderful career ahead of them.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson