Artist: Maschine Krank

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Maschine Krank - Mine firesMaschine Krank
Mine fires
Stop/Start Records


If there's one word that describes Sweden's Maschine Krank it's "odd". On top of that "odd" there's a heady dose of punk-pop with the slightest tinge of metal in places. If you can imagine a mix of Daisy Chainsaw, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Katzenjammer, Atari Teenage Riot, System Of A Down and Primus you get pretty close to what the Malmö quintet have created in their latest release. That's an eclectic list of bands there, but Maschine Krank nod toward all of them -- and more -- here. It's difficult to honestly say that "Mine fires" is a great album; rather it's an enjoyable album that one only fully appreciates after quite a few listens (although there's an immediate satisfaction to be had on the first go). Where they fall down a little is in their limited use of the elements that really work best; maybe it's from fear of overuse, but if the band has erred on the side of caution they've slipped up this time around. Get dug into those heavy, caustic moments that make "Don't look now" so damn killer and embrace the off-kilter synth moments that give "Sometimes I do good things for you" that unique character. More of that on top of their quirky foundations and there's something big to talk about here. If they jump in with both feet next time rather than simply tread on water they could be on to a serious winner. On a sidenote, "Get yourself an air limit!" is where they have it totally nailed.
- John Norby