Artist: Mesmer

Country: Finland
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: On fire (mp3)
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MP3: Mesmer - On fire

Finnish act Mesmer tends to take a kitchen sink/anything goes approach to their music, but they are definitely at their best when they settle into a motoric Krautrock groove. Or at least at their most comfortable. Regardless, I of course am drawn to the aggro freak-out of songs like "On fire" -- nothing comfortable about it. They still hit that groove though, just at high BPMs and with more of a Suicide-level intensity. Why can't more modern Kraut bands attain this sort of energy level more often? Too much Kraftwerk? That is why they fail and Mesmer does not.

Mesmer - On fire

Look for Finnish shoegazers Murmansk to do a short European tour in October with their friends Mesmer. After that, it's back in the studio to record the follow-up to "Chinese locks", an album we just reviewed earlier this week.

Mesmer has posted their new single "Subutex Willer" on myspace: