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Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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Turist i Tillvaron vol. 1

Mikael Sörling's upcoming "Turist i Tillvaron" Swedish punk comp is now mastered and sent for pressing and you can check out the artwork and tracklist here:
Looks like there's a volume 2 already in the works as well for this fall. Artists confirmed so far include The Baboon Show, Tomma Händer, Kaffekatt, Mimikry, Brottskod 11 and more.

Sirius playlist week #8

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU:

01. Emmon - Secrets & lies
02. TALK 1
03. Marions - Another hour
04. Mimikry - Alderland
05. Culkin - Glow
06. TALK 2
07. Ironville - Roses
08. Silver - The white logic
09. Powersolo - Pirates of the oblivion
10. The Scrags - TV messed up mind
11. TALK 3
12. Kusowsky - Dansa
13. Paper - To her
14. Marit Bergman - Bang bang
15. Trummor & Orgel - Main theme
16. Affordable Hybrid - If you've got a problem with me
17. TALK 4
18. The Fine Arts Showcase - London, my town
19. Hebosagil - The last one
20. Dyno - Don't speak love
21. Knugen Faller - Lugna favoriter
22. TALK 5
23. Jesper Norda - We have the guts

Reminder: my show airs every week on Sundays and Mondays at 11pm ET on Sirius XMU. That's channel 26 on Sirius, 43 on XM and 831 for DirecTV subscribers.

MP3: Mimikry - Alderland

Contributor Nancy Baym forwarded this track to me with no information other than that she got it off a MIDEM sampler and thought it was quite good. My own first impression: maybe a bit more trallpunk than I'd normally go for, but catchy enough to hold my attention. Also, good enough that I went to their myspace page to hear more. Unfortunately, listening to a few more tracks made me want to revise my opinion. As Nancy herself wisely pointed out, there's a "dopey Green Day" thing going on with them and it gives me pause. Not to diss GD though - I'm an unapologetic fan for life - but Mimikry definitely seems to take on some of their lamer, latter-day qualities. However, then I came across this and once again I had to reconsider. Was I being too hasty in judgement? Perhaps I should give them another chance. So I took a few days before going back to relisten. And now my current impression? "Alderland" is an undeniably strong track: anthemic, powerful, well-paced, dramatic. It pulls all the right strings. The other tracks they have up aim to replicate that success, but fall short, though said shortcomings bother me less now. I doubt I'll ever truly love Mimikry through and through, but I can wholeheartedly state that "Alderland" is great I'm happy to recommend it.

Mimikry - Alderland

This week's top 20 Swedish album chart:

01. Bo Kaspers Orkester - 8
02. Jill Johnson - Bbaby blue paper
03. Thorleifs - Förälskade
04. Povel Ramel - Som om inget hade hänt: Povel-pop från förra årt..
05. Agnetha Fältskog - My very best
06. Christer Sjögren - Mitt sköna sextiotal
07. Sonja Aldén - Under mitt tak
08. ABBA - The albums (9CD box set)
09. Sophie Zelmani - The ocean and me
10. Markus Fagervall - Steal my melody
11. Takida - Bury the lies
12. Hello Saferide - More modern short stories from Hello Saferide
13. Smurfarna - Smurfparty
14. Uno Svenningsson - Jag sjunger för dig
15. Fatboy - In my bones
16. Mimikry - Alderland
17. Veronica Maggio - Och vinnaren är...
18. Steve Dobrogosz & Anna Christoffersson - Rivertime
19. E.S.T. - Leucocyte
20. Amanda Jenssen - Killing my darlings

As mentioned in passing on 08/15, Misconduct are planning a Scandinavian tour for this fall. Here's the first set of confirmed dates:

08/23 - Punk NoN Stop, Gislaved (SWE) w/Troublemakers, Köttgrottorna, more
09/05 - Rock För Moc, Finnåker(SWE) w/Mimikry, Dog Almighty, Outbreak, more
09/06 - Club Slacker, Göteborg (Henriksberg) (SWE)
09/10-12 - tba (SWE)
09/13 - UFFA, Trondheim (NOR)

Some of the bands confirmed for the Rock for Moc festival in Bergslagen, Sweden on September 5-7: Mimikry, Different Kinds, Dog Almighty, System Breakdown, Willowtree, Eskju Divine, LEASH, Splicer, Outbreak, Seventribe, Coastline. More info:

I coulda sworn that I posted something about it ages ago, but I guess I missed it. Anyhow, The Virtues pass along the news that they will be recording two tracks for an upcoming Shawn Smith (Brad, Satchel, Pigeonhead) tribute compilation. "The Day Brings" and "I Don't Know" are the songs they're doing.

Arch Enemy will on radio station WNYU's program "Hellhole" in NYC on June 17 at 9pm and will reportedly be premiering new material from their upcoming album "Anthems of Rebellion". WNYU broadcasts at 89.1 FM and can be streamed online from

Nicolai Dunger is currently finishing up recording of his new album with Mercury Rev in Stockholm and it should be out sometime in early 2004. His fan site also reports that there are rumors concerning a "simulated restaurant gig" called "Dunger at the Diner", whatever that means. There's also word that Nicolai will be providing backing music for an album of Edith Södergrans poems. I'll let you know when I find out more. And lastly, it looks like he'll be heading back over to the States for a couple gigs in August:

08/06 - New York, Mercury Lounge
08/07 - Chicago, Schuba's

Trewetha Records reports that they have signed the new bands Midnight Monkeys and Sister Lightyear. Midnight Monkeys is currently recording a two-song single for an August release and Sister Lightyear will have a 4-song EP coming out this fall.

Coming to Club Debaser in Stockholm on June 21-22 is the 2003 Gearfest/Cearclub 2003, presented by Gearhead Records, featuring The Ricochets, Flaming Sideburns, Sahara Hotnights, The Mutants and more. Go here for the full details. reports that the new UCP single will be released commercially on June 23. Chances are your favorite online retailer is already taking pre-orders. Also, the box set has now been set for release in November. Read the press release. And lastly, head on over to the UCP site for a full roundup of reviews for the Hultsfred reunion show.

The latest from Darkthrone, as posted by Nocturno Culto:

"Darkthrone had some successful rehearsals a week ago. Three new songs were in our focus, and Fenriz is finished with four lyrics for the album, so we are well prepared. Currently we are working on even more material, so more rehearsals are on the way."

MIC Norway has put up a profile on up-and-coming singer/songwriter St. Thomas.

For more info about the various Kalas demoscene bands reported on yesterday, check this out. (in Swedish)

Seems that planned live Kent DVD from their stadium concert is a no-go.

Per Gessle is indeed hitting the road this summer in support of his new solo album "Mazarin". I haven't seen the full itinerary yet, but the first show will be at Brottet in Halmstad on July 29. His backing band will include Clarence Öfverman, Anders Herrlin, Jonas Isacsson, Helena Josefsson along with Christoffer Lundqvist and Jens Jansson from Brainpool. Read more. (in Swedish)

Using the American Warped Tour as a template, Burning Heart, Luger and Eventum are bringing the "Playstation 2 - Heart Attack Tour 2003" to Sweden. Along with the various extreme sports and video gaming events, you'll also get a chance to see Moneybrother, Looptroop, Fireside, Raised Fist, Mike Vallely & The Rats and Randy all together in concert. More bands are expected to be announced for the individual dates, too. Dates now confirmed:

08/08 - Göteborg, Göteborgskalaset
08/15 - Örebro, Örebromässan
08/29 - Malmö, Kockums
08/31 - Stockholm, Riddarholmen

New bands for Avrika: Liberator, Södra Åkeriet, Sven Andersson, DJ Montagu & Golkonda, Alpine Those Myriads, Flying Edward, Don Juan Dracula, Garbage Angels and The Belacqua Project feat. KOEFF.

"Sweden's finest deathrockers" Helltrain have signed with Nuclear Blast and is already at Dugout Studio in Uppsala, Sweden with producer Daniel Bergstrand working on their forthcoming album. The band's pedigree is quite strong with members coming from other groups such as The Everdawn, Gates of Ishtar, Defleshed, Raised Fist and more. To listen to a couple demos from the band, go here.

In case you missed the reference yesterday, Reverend Moore was the dance-hating preacher in the movie "Footloose" and was played by John Lithgow.

Listen to The Cardigans cover "Das Model" right here. (requires Flash, by way of The track was originally intended for a Kraftwerk tribute in 2001, but is now available on the "For What It's Worth" maxi-single.

By popular demand, Opeth has added a date in Perch on their upcoming Australian tour: April 14 at The Globe.

Millencolin will be touring the States beginning in April with a West Coast jaunt featuring Rufio and then it's off to the East on 4/30 with American HiFi. The band is also playing the Hurricane and Southside fests in Germany in June. More details soon.

Wow! what a catchy song. It reminds me of all those movies from the 80s about confused teenagers. This is like "Breakfast Club". But in music. Really, really dope! Are they big in Sweden? Doesn't surprise me. They would probably drop like a bomb in the States as well.

That's Pharrell Williams from N.E.R.D discussing "Seven Days a Week" with Aftonbladet, the newest single from The Sounds. I'm not super keen on the band myself, but I totally agree that they'd go over well in the US. Wait and see! Read the article. (in Swedish)

KVLR got themselves a new bassist, a fellow by the name of Joel Borg. Again, be sure to check them out when they tour the US in March. Those dates, yet again:

3/7 - Santa Cruz, CA - Drop-In Center w/Science of Yabra, The Yellow Press
3/8 - Redding, CA - Tag Teen Center w/The Yellow Press, Mercy Mile
3/9 - San Fransisco, CA - Club Galia w/Low Rise, more
3/10 - Huntington Beach, CA - Liquid Den w/The Yellow Press, Taint
3/11 - Phoenix, AZ - Red Room w/The Yellow Press
3/12 - Albuquerque, NM - Burt's Tiki Lounge w/Jelaous Sound
3/13 - Austin, TX - SXSW, TFT Records/Better Looking Records Showcase w/ Mark Gardner of Ride, Jealous Sound, more
3/14 - Flagstaff, AZ - Soul Kitchen
3/15 - Stanford, CA - KZSU (

Those dates are still subject to minor changes, but stop by and say hi if you can. I'll be traveling along with the band and am very excited.

Vintersong reports they are working on their new album. Described as a concept album, they say there will be "a story running through the album's entirety, and with a musical flow that includes small compositions between the "real" songs." The subject is said to concern man's hunger for science and faith. And the music? They say it will range "from mellow prog to extreme metal, to ambient and folky vibes, spiced with a lot of effective contrasts, changing directories but united under a solid musical kingdom."

Soilwork has set "Figure Number Five" as the title for their upcoming album. Look for it in the US on May 5 from Nuclear Blast, April 21 in Europe.

Håkan Hellström has decided to leave Broder Daniel he reveals in an MTVE interview to be broadcast on Monday. I'm really not surprised considering his success with his solo career. "I won't play with them anymore, but we are still very good friends," he says. The Up North Swedish Grammy special will also have interviews with Melody Club, The Sounds, Robyn, The Hives and Caesars Palace plus live performances by Awa, Masayah and Marit Bergman.

BBC's Radio One has chosen DJ Nils Noa to perform on The Essential Mix program in April. He's the third Scandinavian to appear on the program, but the first Norweigan.

Rapper Diaz and black-metallers Dimmu Borgir collaborating? Yes, it's true! Listen to a samples of the track "Smakebit" and hear for yourself. (Windows Media)

Okay, here's the full scoop on those upcoming Export Music Sweden (ExMS) showcase shows in the US in NYC, Austin (SXSW) and LA. The bands scheduled to perform: Lambretta, The $1000 Playboys, Pineforest Crunch, Marit Bergman, The Mo, The Teenage Idols, Prime Sth, Whyte Seeds, The Sounds, and User.

Kent will play Stockholm Stadium on June 6. Tickets go on sale February 28 and will cost 350 kr.

Aftonbladet reports that Ebba Grön is back. Read all about it. (in Swedish) They made an appearance last night at the Joe Strummer tribute at Club Debaser in Stockholm accompanied by ex-Clash member Mick Jones. Pretty cool, eh?

The initial lineup for Augustibuller fest in Lindesberg on August 1-2 has been announced. They are Last Days Of April, The Spitts, Satirnine, Valley Days, JR Ewing, Between Us, Radioaktiva Räker, Mimikry, Spoiler and Piper. More info here.

We're in cold Sweden at the moment making our new record. We've done quite a lot of singles for the album already but we keep changing some things around.

The Hives report that they are working on their new album. In an interview with NME, singer Howlin' Pelle reveals that the new music sounds "like The Sex Pistols meets Detroit Cobras meets Kraftwerk." Look for it around September.

Meshuggah will be doing a Scandinavian tour in March. The dates:

3/17 - Sthlm Göta Källare
3/18 - Malmö KB
3/19 - Göteborg Sticky Fingers
3/20 - Oslo Betong
3/21 - Gävle Nivå
3/22 - Örebro Contan
3/26 - Helsingfors (sf) Nosturi