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Musik med Säkert! and more

PSL's newest correspondent does the live music thing for the video blog site with her band Säkert!:
Very recommended, naturally. Also at PSL today, a new video from Min Stora Sorg and another live session with De Montevert.

Musik med Min Stora Sorg

Check out a new live session with the excellent Min Stora Sorg (and family!) at PSL:

Min Stora Sorg - Svarta ögon (video + mp3)

Min Stora Sorg's video for the excellent tune "Svarta ögon", now streaming at Vimeo. Grab a free mp3 download of the single at the band's website.

Min Stora Sorg - Svarta ögon (video)

PSL has the premiere of the new Min Stora Sorg video "Svarta ögon":
Worth checking out! And keep an eye out for an EP in August.

Musik med Min Stora Sorg

Been awhile since the last PSL live session, but there's now a new one up now from Min Stora Sorg: