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Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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Mist - On high heels EPMist
On high heels EP


Mist consists of 4 girls from Gothenburg and is the kind of band that fall into the category "see them live", since their originality isn't striking when just listening, I need some charisma here! "On high heels" is a self released album, recorded in Peekaboo Studios, an alternative Pop EP consisting of 5 songs with a general impression of moderate beauty. According to me and the fact that they have played together since childhood, they should sound more original and improvisational. I'm saying that it is a bit too unbuoyant; there are intersections between the sound and the lead vocal, the cause of that can be the answer of the difference between track 3: "My baby blue" (which is excellent) to the other songs. Martha Brauer's vocal is on the right spot on this song, the ensemble is faultless from instrument, chorus to style, exactly the jazzy to swinging touch that Mist should concentrate completely on. In "My baby blue" I find the potential of this group and further on I hope they will improvise more to their success. Meanwhile, I might see them live.
- Therese Buxfäldt

I almost forgot, but here's the playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Jesper Norda - Tommorrow you'll be forgiven but tonight you will have your teeth knocked out
02. TALK 1
03. On Volcano - Out of sight
04. Monday Monkey Riot - Go ape
05. Dmitry Fyodorov - Warcollapse!
06. TALK 2
07. Wired for Mono - Don't look down
08. Small - Come around (vs Hippo remix)
09. September Malevolence - ...accidents happen so fasr
10. TALK 3
11. Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Facelessness erase every trace of humanity
12. Napoleon - Send me a woman
13. Rigas Den Andre - I am crane
14. TALK 4
15. Mist - Subjective pop song
16. Ebba Grön - Tyst för fan
17. Neveres - Pause
18. Pascal - Cadillac
19. TALK 5
20. Komeda - Blossom (got to get it out)

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MP3: Mist - Subjective love song

Leaving for Hultsfred today from Stockholm - be sure to check the msgboard for updates.

Jeff Buckley comparisons are so rarely applied to female vocalists even though they are much more capable of scaling the heights he achieved. Gbg-based act Mist earns the label, not just for the light and airy vocals of frontwoman Martha Brauer, but also because they get the music right as well. A little quirky, a little funky, with a touch of jazz and very pop in the end. It's been done enough now by other Buckley wannabees such as Belgium's Arid, but I think this is the first time I've heard it with a female touch and I have to say that I really enjoy it. It does sometimes push the boundaries of histrionics and they definitely lose me the more they lean on the soul/funk tip (see "My baby blue"), but tracks like "Subjective love song" are nothing but nice. All in all, a very pleasant surprise.

Mist - Subjective love song

Bands confirmed for the MegaWakeFestival at Kajen in Fjällbacka on July 4-5: Looptroop, Satirnine, USCB Allstars, Sparks of Seven, Venue Kids, DJ Kaah, Mist, The Orchestra, Cdoass, Gkss, Kitty and the K, and DJ Punky. More info:

Monotone Records reports that Daniel Loefgren is just about to sign with Tenor Records and he's already started recording his debut album for the label "In Where Cold Hands Might Separate Us". Daniel will still continue to release records with Monotone, too. Another Monotone band moving on is In Memory of Me who will be working with Lawnchair Records on their next release, a split CD with Common Effect from the US.

Cdoass should probably considering renewing their domain name before some unscrupulous person steals it.

For more info on that upcoming Burning Heart 'Heart Attack' tour along with the lists of who'll be there, samples from the bands and more, go here:

Darkane guitarist Christofer Malmström recently married his longtime girlfriend Jennie on June 14. Congrats. Check out pictures from the wedding at Chritofer's personal site.

StyleWar has finally got their page up and running with videos for Junior Senior, Whyte Seeds, Looptroop, The Hives, Koop and much more. has posted an interview with Swedish death metal band Grave. In it they reveal that they have plans to work on a new record later this year or early 2004 and will be touring Europe this coming October.

Union Carbide Productions have now been confirmed for Norway's Øya Festival on August 7-9. Those of you who missed the Hultsfred reunion will now get another chance. Magnet, White Birch, and Mormones have been added to the Øyakickstart show at Rockefeller/John Dee. And lastly, Mando Diao, Minor Majority and Furia have been confirmed for the Øya Club Day on July 23. For all the details, go here:

The Sounds recently did a webchat over at Here's the transcript.

"There is a clear lack of skills and knowledge co-ordination within the Nordic music industry. The level musical and artistic skill is very high throughout the Nordic, but this level is not matched by complementary business skill."

"Behind the Music - Profiting from sound: A systems approach to the Dynamics of the Nordic Music Industry" is the title of a comprehensive report on the Scandinavian music scene that offers quite a bit of insight into the workings of the biz. Read this for a good synopsis of the report or go here to read it for yourself.

Jocke Berg of Kent is becoming a father. Read more. (in Swedish)

The Confusions have solidified the schedule for their upcoming jaunt to the UK in celebration of the 10-years anniversary for their first CD-EP releases "Split" and "Forever". The dates:

07/01 - Brixton Windmill w/Ludes
07/02 - Camden Underworld w/Non of the Above/Girlinky & Lux
07/03 - Crown & Two Chairmen, Soho w/tbc

The Confusions' latest album "Trampoline" just came out in Taiwan this last March and will be released in Japan in July, France in late summer.