Artist: Monde Yeux

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Kiss (mp3)
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MP3: Monde Yeux - Kiss

Monde Yeux play off like a male version of Miss Li complete with retro two-step beats, I-IV intervals and near-spastic enthusiasm, but without the come-hither allure that gives the latter her charm. Not that suggestive sexuality is needed to make this sort of music work, but it certainly helps, especially since Monte Yeux are nice to the point of being boring. Letting loose a few expletives during the mid-section breakdown doesn't change my mind either; I'm not actually convinced they're angry at all. In fact, I had to go back and relisten a couple times to make sure I was hearing it right because it sounded so mild. Rose Tattoo laid down the law in 1978: "Nice boys don't play rock'n'roll." This is a far cry from blues-influenced guitar-jams, but the words still ring true.

Monde Yeux - Kiss