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Sunshine Rabbits - Asassynation (video)

No idea how I've never heard of Sunshine Rabbits before, especially considering the names involved -- Cecilia Nordlund (Souls, Monkeystrikes), Lotta Wenglén (Dollykollot), Petra Lilja (Sobsister) and Carolina Carlbom (The Pusjkins) -- but this is incredibly entertaining. The band's new LP "Aiming for the flesh" will be released on May 16.

Cecilia Nordlund - Alla sa att allting var farligt (video)

Swedish indierock mainstay Cecilia Nordlund (Monkeystrikes, Souls) teams up with electropop producer Johan Sigerud and sings in Swedish for the very first time.

MP3: Cilihili - Happy without the boy

"Happy without the boy" directly confronts all old maid/independent woman stereotypes, prejudices and presumptions to say that, yes, a woman can be happy by herself. She does not need a man to complete her, nor does it make her gay or weird or anything else. Absolutely nothing worth fretting over. Of course, people talk and let's not even get into women who decide to forgo children, that's a whole 'nother rat-hole. Cilihili (aka Cecilia Nordlund from Souls/Monkeystrikes, also live w/Fever Ray) has always been a strong, pro-female artist both on and off stage (she also works with Popkollo for instance), but even better that she lays it out in song in no uncertain terms. Better than that, it's by far the highlight of her album "Not listening".

Cilihili - Happy without the boy

Cilihili debut finally out now

Cilihili, the new pseudonym of Cecilia Nordlund (ex-Monkeystrikes, Souls), finally released her debut album "Not listening" and you can preview a few tracks at myspace:

Fever Ray, the solo project of Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife, has revealed that her debut album will be released on March 18 via Rabid Records in Sweden, March 23 in Europe via Cooperative Music and on March 24 via Mute in the US and Etc Etc in Australia/NZ. The album was produced with assistance from Christoffer Berg and Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid and will include a guest appearance from Cecilia Nordlund (Souls, Monkeystrikes, Cilihili). The first single "If I had a heart" will be officially released on December 15 and an Andreas Nilsson-directed video will be ready sometime before the end of the year. Oh, and look for a tour to kick off in Sweden at the end of March as well.

Cecilia Nordlund (ex-Monkeystrikes, Souls) will finally release her debut solo album under the name Cilihili on January 14 via Margit Music. Preview at myspace:

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Pascal - Längtar efter dig
02. TALK 1
03. Division of Laura Lee - Central Park
04. New Decade - While tonight still is
05. Abduktio - Uutisia rintamalta
06. TALK 2
07. Echo Is Your Love - Lion tamer vs tigers
08. Fireside - Silver muscle car
09. Him Kerosene - Ladybugs
10. TALK 3
11. NEI - New morning
12. The Bear Quartet - All your life
13. Park Hotell - Dead ringers
14. KVLR - Spit
15. Electric Retard - Skate girl
16. TALK 4
17. Samuraj Cities - Ugly kids are alright
18. Barra Head - Iron to skin
19. Death By Kite - Himmelfahrtskommando
20. TALK 5
21. Blithe - Haven
22. Starmarket - You can't come
23. Lukestar - White shade
24. Monkeystrikes - Tahonga take away
25. TALK 6
26. Voices Break the Silence - This awful friend

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Marit Bergman's new single "300 slow days in a row" featuring Titiyo is now available to her subscribers. I'd expect it to be streaming on myspace next week maybe with the (very entertaining) Cecilia Nordland (Monkeystrikes) directed video to follow.

MP3: Monkeystrikes - Tahonga take away

Cecilia Nordlund has been a prominent Swedish artist for a long time, dating back to the mid-90s and her bands Souls to Monkeystrikes in 2005 and (hopefully) her upcoming solo album. There's also that one song she did with Marit Bergman that ending up as sort of a minor international indie hit, but in leiu of new material to share, I'd rather focus on Monkeystikes. The band only released one record, but it's a great one. Songs such as opener "Tahonga take away" build on the heavier alt-rock sound of her previous act (think: Pixies, Breeders, etc.), tempering it with a more sophisticated lyrical approach. It's a busy song and they manage to fit a lot in these two short minutes. Surprisingly dynamic too- listen for the small nuances that differentiate the verses, taking it beyond the typical verse-chorus/soft-loud approach. Obviously, that aspect is still present, but it's less obvious/clichéd. Every time I hear this I think, "why don't I listen to Monkeystrikes more often?" So far the best answer I can come up with is that I'm a fool.

Monkeystrikes - Tahonga take away

Somehow I almost forgot to post this week's radio show playlist:

01. Bloodbath - Blasting the virginborn
02. TALK 1
03. Håkan Hellström - Långa vägar
04. Montys Loco - Farewell Mr. Happy
05. Victims - Bomben har fallit
06. TALK 2
07. Death By Kite - Sweet M
08. Ef - Thrills
09. The Bombhappies - Nothing at all
10. TALK 3
11. Motorpsycho - The alchemyst
12. Marybell Katastrophy - Hidden agenda
13. TALK 4
14. In Flames - Moonshield
15. Maskinen - Alla som inte dansar (100dirty remix)
16. The Social Services - Baltic Sea
17. TALK 5
18. Peter Morén - Social competence
19. Lack - Bombing the moon
20. Dmitry Fydorov - Signal
21. TALK 6
22. Looptroop Rockers - The building
23. Six Guns - Think positive
24. Nybakat! - Limu limu lima
25. TALK 7
26. Saft - Sizzling
27. Electric Retard - Greenvalley High
28. Lukestar - The shade you hide
29. Samtidigt Som - Constant in motion
30. TALK 8
31. Bad Cash Quartet - Monday morning
32. Monkeystrikes - I'm sorry, but I'm very dramatic
33. Commando M Pigg - Shoeshine boy
34. Weeping Willows - Touch me
35. TALK 9
36. Pistol Disco - Beat of the tune

Hey look, ex-members of Monkeystrikes (among other bands) performing Death in June songs:

The playlist for this week's radio show on Sirius:

01. TALK 1
02. Fattaru - Stila upp din skit
03. Samuraj Cities - Thxa1000000
04. The Fine Arts Showcase - I don't worry
05. TALK 2
06. Imagine I Had Hands - Captive
07. Scraps of Tape - Pickpockets vow
08. FAP - Jag drar till sjöss en sväng jag
09. TALK 3
10. Hello Saferide - I was definitely made for these times
11. Mainliners - Good storm
12. Breach - Gheeá
13. TALK 4
14. Him Kerosene - Neutrino
15. Familjen - Nu händer det igen
16. Sista Sekunden - D.I.We
17. Nine - Time has come
18. TALK 5
19. Emperor - Towards the pantheon
20. September - Can't get over (Long disco mix)
21. Kornstad - Turkey, Texas
22. TALK 6
23. Camouflage - Syster sol
24. Lolita Pop - Salta diamanter
25. Leather Nun - Gimme gimme gimme
26. TALK 7
27. Superfamily - I could be a real winner
28. Juvelen - Hanna
29. The Book of Daniel - Death caps and moonshine
30. Monkeystrikes - Serial faller in lover
31. TALK 8
32. Torpedo - Hang me high
33. Erik Enocksson - The lingering procession
34. Hederos & Hellberg - No fun
35. TALK 9
36. Death By Kite - Himmelfahrtskommando
37. The Tough Alliance - Something special
38. Seance - Controlled bleeding
39. TALK 10
40. Shout Out Louds - Hard rain

The Knife are sponsoring a new single to benefit the woman of Ystad Penitentiary. Contributing artists include Cecilia Nordlund (Monkeystrikes, Souls) and Lotta Wenglen as well as producer Oskar Ling (Promoe, Hans Appelqvist) who will mix the project. Read more:,2789,1006940,00.html

Check out Angels in Jail, the new project of ex-Monkeystrikes/Souls frontwoman Cecilia Nordlund:
I've been wondering what she's been up to - it's been awhile since we've heard anything new and that last (well, only) Monkeystrikes album was so good.

Monkeystrikes appears to have broken up: