Monostrip - The grand youthMonostrip
The grand youth
Wonderland Records


"The grand youth" is a mixed bag, not only in terms of quality, but in focus: opener "Too many hearts" feels like an electronica-tinged post-punk revivalist anthem; "Miami" is a jumble of '80s pop influences; "Monostripper" oscillates uncomfortably between a quieter, spoken verse and a louder chorus; "Brooklyn Bridge" succeeds, yet its songwriting and production leave it feeling out of place; and so it continues. There is a lot to like on this record -- with "Drowning" featuring Emmon being one of the highlights -- and a lot that is too easily forgotten or skipped over. It's a bit too par for the course to be truly excited about, especially from an act that boasts members of I'm from Barcelona.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

Wonderland confirms Monostrip album

has confirmed that the debut album from recent signees Monostrip (featuring five folks from I'm From Barcelona) will be called "The grand youth" and will be released on October 6. Check out a couple sample tunes here:

Monostrip to Wonderland

has signed Monostrip, the indie/electro act with 5 members from I'm From Barcelona. Look for their debut single "Like a drug" to be released on March 4. In the meantime, preview here:

Presenting: Monostrip (feat. members from I'm From Barcelona)

Mattias Johansson, Daniel Lindlöf and Martin Alfredsson from I'm From Barcelona have a new synthpop act together called Monostrip and you can stream a bunch of tracks at myspace: