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Manifestgalen 2010 nominees are go

The nominees for the 2010 Manifest Awards, Sweden's alternative Grammy, have been announced:

En Svensk Tiger - Versace style ()
Troublemakers - Made in Sweden ()
Tysta Mari - Sveriges Casino ()
The Clichés - Monkey see, monkey do ()

Minilogue - Samlad årsproduktion
Samuel L Session - The man with the case ()
The Field - Yesterday and Today ()
Tomas Andersson - Stiff Disco ()

Bengt Berger - Beches Brew ()
Jonas Kullhammar Quartet - The Half Naked Truth 1998-2008 ()
The Opposite - Intertwined ()
Plunge With Bobo Stenson - Origo ()

Calle Real - Me Lo Gané ()
Jaqee - Kokoo Girl ()
Music is the weapon - Music is the weapon ()
Syster Sol - Dömd att bli bedömd ()

Florence Valentin - Spring Ricco ()
Makeouts - In A Strange Land ()
Murder by guitar - Murder by guitar ()
Skriet - Skriet ()

Anna Järvinen - Man var bland molnen ()
El Perro Del Mar - Love Is Not Pop ()
JJ - JJ n° 2 ()
Jonathan Johansson - En hand i himlen ()

Abandon - The Dead End ()
Candlemass - Death Magic Doom ()
Katatonia - Night Is The New Day ()
Tribulation - The Horror ()

Arvid - Andetag ()
Dupont - Entering The Ice Age ()
Emmon - Closet Wanderings ()
Rupesh Cartel - Anchor Baby ()

Ane Brun - Live at Stockholm Concert Hall ()
David Åhlen - We Sprout In Thy Soil ()
Jonna Lee - This Is Jonna Lee ()
Kristofer Åström And The Rainaways - Sinkadus ()

Taken By Trees - East of Eden ()
Miriam Aida - Letras au Brasil ()
Tore Berger - I huset långt på landet ()
Esbjörn Hazelius - Blunda och du ska få se ()

Mohammed Ali - Processen ()
Organismen - Om Gud vill och vädret tillåter ()
Promoe - Kråksången ()
Stor - Nya skolans ledare ()

Best live:
Frida Hyvönen ()
Jenny Wilson ()
Fever Ray ()
Florence Valentin ()

Best unsigned:
Den Svenska Björnstammen
Extended Heads

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The nominees for this year's Manifest Awards, Sweden's alternative Grammy, have been announced:

Kapten röd - Stjärnorna finns här (SwingKids/Border)
Million stylez - From a far (Bonnier Music/Bonnier Amigo)
Governor Andy – Underhållningsmaskinen (KBC Music/Border)
Livelihood - Sagans Sånger (SwingKids/Border)

Jens Lekman - Night Falls Over Kortedala (Service/Border)
The Honeydrips - Here Comes The Future (Sincerely Yours/Playground Music)
Erik de Vahl - Oh! My Spine
The Mary Onettes - The Mary Onettes (Labrador/Border)

Murder by Guitar - On Parade (Human audio recordings/Sounds of Subterrania)
Maharajas - In Pure Spite (Low Impact Recordings/Sound Pollution)
Alex Face - Smell Like A Woman (Alleycat/Sound Pollution)
High Hats - Too Much Is Never Enough (Alleycat/Sound Pollution)

Arch Enemy - Rise of the tyrant (Century Media/EMI)
Dark Tranquillity - Fiction (Century Media/EMI)
Hardcore Superstar - Dreamin' in a casket (Gain/Sony BMG)
Watain - Sworn to the dark (Season Of Mist/Sound Pollution)

Timbuktu - Oberoendeframkallande (Juju Records/Playground Music)
Adam Tensta - It's A Tensta Thing (K-Werks/Border)
Ken - Äntligen hemma (Pope/Playground Music)
Basutbudet - Startpaketet/Pluspaketet (Devrim/V2/Bonnier Amigo)

Jean-Louis Huhta - Halfway Between the World and Death (Slottet Records/
Mårten Falk - Eclectric Guitar Experience (dB Productions/CDA)
Rolf Enström - Quarks (Caprice Records/CDA)
Tape & Minamo - Birds of a Feather (Headz/

Mikael Stavöstrand - Various productions 2007
The Field - From here we go sublime (Kompakt)
Minilogue – Orglar (Minilogue Rec)
Hug - Heroes (Kompakt)

Ale Möller Band - Djef Djel (Amigo/Bonnier Amigo)
Various Artists - Poem, ballader och lite blues - Återbesöket (Amigo/Bonnier Amigo)
Lisa Rydberg och Gunnar Idenstam - Bach på svenska (Gazell Records AB/Bonnier Amigo)
Sofia Karlsson - Visor från vinden (Amigo/Bonnier Amigo)

Ludvig Berghe Trio - An unplayed venue (Moserobie Music Production/Bonnier Amigo)
e.s.t. (Esbjörn Svensson Trio) - e.s.t Live in Hamburg (ACT/Bonnier Amigo)
Adåker, Milder, Stenson, Danielsson, Öström - Miles by Five (Touché Music AB/CDA)
Lennart Åberg & Norrbotten Big Band - Up north (Caprice Records/CDA)

Emmon - The art and the evil (Wonderland records)
Endless Shame - Price of Devotion (KTOWN Records/Misty Music)
Mr Jones Machine – Återvändsgränd (Progress Productions/Border Music)
Terror Punk Syndicate - Extended Playtime (Progress Productions/Border Music)

Wolfbrigade - Prey to the world (Agipunk/Unrest/MCR/Sound Pollution)
The Accidents - Summer dreams (Burning Heart/Epitaph/Bonnier Amigo)
Auktion - Spader ess (Cage Match Federation/Border)
The Mockingbirds - Always late and not even close (HepTown Records/Sound Pollution)

Christian Kjellvander - I Saw Her From Here/I Saw Here From Her (Startracks/V2/Bonnier Amigo)
Kristofer Åström - Rainaway Town (Startracks/V2/Bonnier Amigo)
José González - In Our Nature (Imperial/Playground Music)
Mattias Bärjed - Originalmusiken till Upp till kamp! (Razzia/Bonnier Amigo)

Best Live Artist:
Maia Hirashawa

Digfi-prize (unsigned act):
Cocoanut Groove (Umeå)
Emily McWilliam's Desert Soul (Stockholm)
Cartwall (Piteå)
Knivderby (Jönköping)

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Murder by Guitar
On parade
Human Audio


Swedish rock and rollers Murder By Guitar sound like The Ramones, Kings of Leon, Randy and The Clash, albeit not all at the same time. Most of these tracks are pretty decent, although I can't stand the bluesy "See it in your eyes". There are about three songs on "On parade" that are of very high quality, "Ain't no surfer" being the best one with a chorus that sounds very much like The Ramones and goes "I ain't no surfer, but I hope you can love me anyway". Ahh - how sweet! It's not rocket science but it works very well for me (I'm pretty much a sucker for anything that sounds like The Ramones). You can purchase the album from the band's website for the cheap price of €8, and if you're into sweet and simple rock'n'roll it might be worth doing just that.
- Simon Tagestam