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Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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mylittlepony now Making Marks

Norwegian indie act mylittlepony (nee My Little Pony) has changed names once again and shall henceforth be known as Making Marks, the title of their sophomore album. They'll break in the new name with a few dates in Italy:

04/18 - Black Market, Roma
04/19 - Spazzio Mavv, Vittorio Veneto
04/20 - Carmen Town, Brescia
04/21 - La Mela di Newton, Padova
04/22 - odelay!, Bologna

18 Norwegian acts now confirmed for SXSW

Listen to Norway runs down the 18 Norwegian acts now confirmed for SXSW 2011:
The list: Altaar, Benea Reach, Casiokids, Datarock, Death Crush, Forza, Harry`s Gym, DE Håker Flaten, Kvelertak, Marit Larsen, The Megaphonic Thrift, My Little Pony, Nico D & Admiral P, Serpentine, Simon Says No!, Sondre Lerche, Tôg and Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson.

Mylittlepony - A miracle

is giving away a new track from Norwegian indiepop act mylittlepony (nee My Little Pony) from the band's new album "Making marks", due out January 17:
The label will also be posting live acoustic clips of songs from the record every week throughout the month, as you can also see at the above link.

My Little Pony - Hard to be good (video)

This is Norwegian indiepop act My Little Pony's new single "Hard to be good", officially released on October 4 via . Too twee for my tastes, but don't let that stop you:

Eardrums presents "Between two waves"

Music blog Eardrums Music netlabel is now, at long last, done with their new compilation and have posted it for free download:
The title of the collection is "Between two waves", an allusion to the theme: every single track, every illustration is a collaboration between two artists. Many many Scandinavian artists took part, including Boy Omega, My Little Pony, The Honeydrips, Dylan Mondegreen, Solander, We Are Soldiers We Have Guns and lots more.

Presenting: Starving Artist Kokebok

A group of Oslo-based artist expats (2 Australians, 1 Canadian) have put together something called the "Starving Artist Kokebok", or "cookbook" for the Norwegian-impaired, a book and CD package featuring artwork, stories and of course recipes from 37 fellow Oslo-based bands, artists and journalists. Also included is a 19-track CD:

01. Simon Says No! - Sleeping Heart
02. Death is Not Glamorous - Clear Lines
03. Lionheart Brothers - Bring it Down (Kokebok Edit)
04. Maribel - Soothe
05. Pica Pica - The Man with the Magic Hands
06. CCTV - We Belong (Radio Edit)
07. Einar Stray - Arrows
08. Pilemil - Ghost
09. Hiawata! - Valley Boys
10. Happy Dagger - 2012
11. Manhattan Skyline - The Below
12. Spirits of the Dead - White Lady Black Rave
13. Årabrot - The Minute
14. The Bee's Niece - Stolen Bike
15. Norma Sass - Japan
16. The Loch Ness Mouse feat. Stella Mwangi - New Graffiti (Single Edit)
17. Center of the Universe - Sing it Again
18. Rosix Noir - Binden Sie Meine Hnde (Remix)
19. The White Tiger Prepade - Powerful fast forward knowledge pushing scared inprinted gem stones levitating by seemingly apathic sound movement reactions

Other contributors include Benea Reach, Haust, Je Suis Animal, Lydia Laska, My Little Pony, Silver and lots more. There will be a release party on November 18 at Rubber Soul featuring an exhibition of the original artworks followed by a show at Revolver later in the evening. More info:

MP3: My Little Pony - Capital of Norway

My in-laws are in town, so I'm taking the day off to hang with them. Lucky for you, contributor Vasilis Panagiotopoulos sent me an mp3 to share so your Friday won't go empty-handed...

This is the first sample of new material from Oslo's twee-popsters My Little Pony after the brilliant "Think too much" of 2008. Their influences remain very close to Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura, but the Norwegian ponies are developing their sound even further by keeping the girl/boy dynamics and adding well-arranged strings, good hooks, and a much better production. This track will appear on the "Oslo 2" compilation, set to be released on November 2 via Spoon Train Audio.

My Little Pony - Capital of Norway

Festival report: by:Larm 2009 - Day 3

Festival report: by:Larm 2009 - Day 1

Download the new Hiawata single 'Vally boys' plus b-sides

As promised, the new Hiawata single "Valley boys" is now available as a free download along with b-side covers by Harrys Gym/I Was a King, Monzano, Dylan Mondegreen, My Little Pony and more. Get it right here:

My Little Pony - Think too muchMy Little Pony
Think too much
Spoon Train Audio


I am still wondering whether choosing such a name for your band works in your interest or against you. It sets the tone for something not that ambitious. Don't be fooled though, "Think too much" is a sensitive and sincere album from one of the front-runner bands on the new Oslo indiepop scene. My Little Pony's music creates a sometimes bright and euphoric, sometimes down-tempo and mellow soundtrack, packed with trombones, saxophones, banjos and slide guitars; reminding me of The Magic Numbers and Belle and Sebastian. Lyrically, they are funny and inventive and make some amusing TV series references ("MacGyver", "The West Wing" and "The Mighty Boosh"). And, as always, what counts the most is that this album has proven itself by managing to stay on my playlist for quite a while now.
- Vasilis Panagiotopoulos

Hiawata! to release new single + cover treatments

The new Hiawata! single "Valley boys" will be given away as a free download along with b-side covers from fellow Norwegians Monzano, My Little Pony and Harrys Gym. The exact release date is still tba however.

Check out the cute video for "Skipping down the street" from Norwegian act My Little Pony:

Spoon Train Audio is releasing a new compilation entitled "Oslo!" featuring 15 various Oslo-based indie/pop acts showcasing their local scene. Here's the tracklist:

01. The Little Hands of Asphalt - Oslo
02. Nomber 5s - You Know
03. Truls and the Trees - Upside Journey
04. Ingeborg Selnes - The Blow
05. Je Suis Animal - Labyrinth Game
06. Campfire Kansas - Everything After
07. Harmonica - Princess
08. Lukestar - Peregrin
09. Jim Protector - Finally! A Flicker of Hope!
10. Yoyoyo Acapulco - Kamasutra Tsunami
11. Lofiman - The Music's There To..
12. My Little Pony - MacGyver Blues
13. Cold Mailman - The Great Escape
14. Monzano - Poster Boy
15. Hiawata! - Dylan McKay

Preview a few tracks at myspace: