Artist: New City

Country: Denmark
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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New City

With all the bands influenced by post-punk these days you would expect more bands taking cues from New Order and Depeche Mode than there are. The type of electro-pop these pioneers did in the eighties produced some pretty good singles over the years. New City play in that same area with this full length filled with catchy melodies, dark ambiance and slow rhythms. The most important parts of the mix are that it is never too corny and has the same dark humor the British were displaying.
- Simon Thibaudeau

Some upcoming shows for the Moonbabies:

08/13 - Hansa Sail, Lohro Buhne, Rostock (GER)
09/02 - Studenterhuset (X-fest), Copenhagen (DK) w/Erwin Thomas
09/23 - Loppen (Quartermain Evening), Copenhagen (DK) w/New City, Flying Virgins
10/07 - Gimle (Quartermain Evening), Roskilde (DK) w/New City, Flying Virgins
11/10 - Rust, Copenhagen (DK)