Artist: Nice Idiot

Country: Sweden
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
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Nice Idiot confirm debut album

Swedish punks Nice Idiot report that their debut album "This is no party" is done and will contain 15 songs, all recorded "mostly live" in the studio. will release the CD version in March/early April and the vinyl edition (with bonux track) is still being worked on.

Makabert Fynd/Nice Idiot - Fuck your scene, kid volume 1Makabert Fynd/Nice Idiot
Fuck your scene, kid volume 1


"Fuck your scene, kid," emphasis on kid. This split 7" pairs up two sort of new-ish Swedish hardcore acts composed of long-time scene vets that attempts to teach the youngsters of this world how it's done. Come to think of it, it's actually kind of amazing how much of modern hardcore has turned into an old man's game -- young upstarts continue to flail and pose while the jaded bastards remain the ones who consistently deliver the goods. The pessimism and defeat of age has its benefits! As for the music, Makabert Fynd deliver four ragers in as many minutes with a fierce, dual-vocal attack and a Missbrukarna cover. On the flip, Nice Idiot does a similar fast and furious thing with the main differences being lyrics på engelska, a slightly longer attention span and a touch of crossover thrash. The get in/get out/wipe your hands approach of the former wins for me in the end, but both sides rage effectively. 447 copies, hand-numbered, dark purple vinyl; shame that the original screened covers got botched as Kranium's graphic design is almost reason enough to pick this up, though the offset print does the job fine. Also nice to know that "Volume 2" featuring Dobermann Cult and Fredag den 13:e is already out, so no waiting to see whether this series will take off or not. Respect your elders!
- Avi Roig

Massgrav gets a new drummer, Sayyadina tours the East Coast

Swedish crusties Massgrav have enlisted Ove Wiksten (Sayyadina, Nice Idiot) as their new drummer. And speaking of Sayyadina, here are some US tourdates:

05/16 - Club Europa, Brooklyn, NY
05/18 - O'Brien's, Boston, MA
05/19 - AS220, Providence, RI
05/20 - The Bug Jar, Rochester, NY
05/21 - tba
05/22 - Sonar, Baltimore, MD

'Fuck your scene' 7" delayed

450 of the hand-screened covers for Kranium Records' Makabert Fynd/Nice Idiot split 7" got irreparably messed up during trimming, but new ones are on the way and the record will finally be officially released on April 14. If you were one of the lucky folks to snag an early copy at the Makabert Fynd gig last week, you got yourself a collector's item - those are the only 50 in existence. The new ones won't be hand-screened.

Fuck your scene, kid volume 1

Kranium Records (Nitad) is putting out a split 7" featuring Swedish crusties Makabert Fynd (ex-Doberman Cult) and Stockholm oldsters Nice Idiot under the banner "Fuck your scene, kid volume 1". No release date as far as I know, but there will only be 250 copies so keep your eyes peeled and be on the lookout for further volumes in the series.