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Blšnk + Noonie Bao - Do this thing (video)

Also at PSL, a new video from Blšnk prominently featuring vocals from up-and-comer Noonie Bao as well as a key line sampled from Peter Bjorn and John:

Noonie Bao - Do you still care? (video)

New stuff from Swedish pop artist Noonie Bao, filmed on location in Vrindavan and New Dehli, India.

Noonie Bao - About to tell (video)

PSL has the premiere of the new single "About to tell" from recent signee Noonie Bao:

Hybris signs Noonie Bao

Yet another new signing to , here's Noonie Bao. Look for her album "About to tell" to be released on January 27.

Swedish live streaming video site Arena Grande will be hosting a special "La Vida Locash Label Night" on May 2 featuring performances from Kocky, Alexis Weak, Noonie Bao and Adrian Lux. Go here for more details: