Artist: Oceano da Cruz

Country: Denmark
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Rocksploitation/No more oceanomania / Mr. Beerbourineman (mp3)
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Morningside Records is saying that the Oceano Da Cruz album "No more oeanomania/Rocksploitation" might see release in Canada next spring.

Oceano da Cruz
Rocksploitation/No more oceanomania
Morningside Records

I always enjoy to some extent getting new music I am unfamiliar with and it can end up in one of three ways: good, mediocre or bad. Unfortunately, the new Oceano da Cruz album falls into the latter category. And why is it unfortunate one may ask? Well, it's because evoking the emotion of indifference is one of the most frustrating, and it's hard to gauge what to do to different the next time; also, it's an emotion that is without passion. Whilst I cannot deny that the musicianship is excellent, the genre it falls into (novelty music) has just been done better before (see: They Might Be Giants, Ween, Nerf Herder); and at twenty-one tracks, it's quite a long record, and tough to get straight through. However, whenver a song would come on random it would sound better, so I have taken the view of this as more of a "singles" (used loosely) collection and would advise you to listen to a track sporadically. You'll find it much more enjoyable.
- Matt Giordano

MP3: Oceano da Cruz - Mr. Beerbourineman

Like labelmates Figurines, Oceano da Cruz plays the kind of by-the-numbers indierock that'll probably remind you of so many other artists. But also like Figurines, Oceano da Cruz does it with a certain level of finesse that makes them far superior to most of other dreck out there. So while it's not terribly original, it's charming, well-played and well-written. What more do you need? The new CD "Rocksploitation/No more Oceanomania..." is actually a double-album, so it runs a bit long for a single sitting, but if you break it up either by using the convoluted directions in the hard-to-read liner notes or splitting it in half down the middle, it's quite satisfying. Usually I'm all about artists trying to push boundaries and expand musical horizons, but there's something to be said for someone that can make well-tread territory sound fresh. Actually, that's often far more difficult.

Oceano da Cruz - Mr. Beerbourineman

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